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              Published on Jan 13, 2014






Welcome to the Project Avalon Forum interview with contactee and experiencer Simon Parkes — who himself is a longstanding and highly respected Avalon member.
The interview, which took place at Simon's home on 15 December 2013, was facilitated by Avalon moderator Karelia.
Questions were prepared and supplied by Avalon Forum members, and were re-ordered for clarity in the final editing. Avalon founder Bill Ryan, on Skype, asked a few of his own questions at the end.
Simon discusses and expands on the future of Earth, the Mantid and Reptilian influences, his own role as one of many arbiters on the planet, our free will, our individual responsibility and the opportunities that lie before us, the part played by the Illuminati and the other Global Controllers, the history of our planet, and much, much more. He is very active on the Avalon Forum in a members-only area, and regularly answers questions there.
An audio-only version can be downloaded here:
A Spanish-subtitled version is here:
The mantra over the opening and closing credits is Re Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamao, by Snatam Kaur.
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My deep appreciation to Simon Parkes, Karelia, and to every Avalon member.
Bill Ryan, January 2014


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