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Okay now, I keep hearing a word... a word that I have been trying to look up but it seems it does not exist. The word is Chronogic/Chronoghic. This is not the first time I hear words that I have never heard of.
But for some reason this word keeps popping in my mind along with other words which are moon, turning and energy. I need some insight on this. Anyone out there that can help? Thank you,

Love and Light

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maybe u mean chronologic. which means 'ordered by time'
I had thought of that but I still hear it as chronogic/chronoghic. I know that Chrono means time. The pronunciation I hear for the word is kron-o-gick. Go figure lol But what does the moon have to do with this? And energy? Might have to meditate on this one. Thanks for replying.

tranceman said:
maybe u mean chronologic. which means 'ordered by time'
Thank you!!! You had more luck than I did! I now understand why I was hearing the word chronogic. As I meditated earlier I heard the word chronogic once again and then heard 'The moon is returning' 'The energy is strong' Must have been relating to the eclipses that we had. Duh!! Guides work in mysterious ways LOL Thank you once again.

Simone said:
'Chronogic' seems to sometimes be used when referring to the age of something or someone.
for example, here are google hits I got when I put in 'chronogic': "The medicine wheel was not from the same chronogic era as the hohokam, from a different cultiral groups and different geographic area. ."

"... slipping through their defences, and killing them, to blasting out a wave of super-chronogic energy that accelerates the lifespans and decay rates of .."
oh wow I have had a word to that I can not find in the dictionary... it is ( I tried different spellings for it)

Iso/semetric or Isyosymetric iceosymetric ? lol have no idea but this word is perssitant:-)
Are you sure it isn't isometric? And is there another word after that?
Hi, no it is not isometric, in fact I saw that one when i was doing research , but the word is and was very clear "isosymetric"
and no it was just that one word... why do you ask? have you heard of this word

Starsue said:
Are you sure it isn't isometric? And is there another word after that?
How did you find that, I googled that word for ever and nothing came up for me lol

Thankyou Simone...... although I sure am glad I won't be tested on it :-))

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