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Back in October of 2008, Colin Powell, on National Television, said that on January 21st or 22nd of 2009, there would be a generated crisis, but he didn't know what. How can he simply know the exact date, three months in advance almost, and not know what it will possibly be. Later that day in an exclusive twenty five thousand dollar dinner, Joe Biden said that within the first six months of Obama's inauguration, a generated crisis would fall upon Barack to "test the mettle of this guy". Within 72 hours of each other, six globalist leaders all announced of a coming crisis that would be coming in the near future.
In the beginning of October, the first live unit of troops was deployed inside of the United States for the first time ever. This is in total violation of Possi Comitatus in our Constitution where the military must not interact with civilians. Northcom, who is in control of this platoon, denied its existence for several months until it finally announced that it was to maintain order and deal with "civil unrest". Since this enactment, military mobilization, check points, and regular "urban warfare practices" have been conducted in America, Mexico, and Canada. Every time these militarized personnel interact with civilians, they are violating this amendment and thus should be charged with a felony. These Zionists have engineered a depression, just like the Great Depression in the 1950's, and expect no one to rise up against it? They have another thing coming....
Back in April of 2008, Congress had an entirely secret meeting, where most people from congress nor the press were in attendance (Please note, the United States has only had four of these secret meetings since its creation). In this meeting, they discussed the coming economic crisis and collapse of the monetary system, the bailouts, the use of Rex 84 camps (concentration / death camps with crematoriums and gas chambers) and the live platoons of soldiers ready to contain "civil unrest" or riots. Our leaders knew about this failed economy months in advance and just sat there and didn't do anything to prevent it, which is an obvious indication that they are only worrying about their own "agendas".. This meeting was not announced to the public until late December by which most of this information was even then kept secret. Most of the presidential directives have striped the American Congress and the Senate of most of its power in the event of a crisis where the President can now declare whenever he sees fit, regardless of position on the Earth, if it somehow poses a threat to the US (Presidential Directive 51; same exact name and almost exactly like Hitler's).
Below are several video links containing an interview with Colin Powell, along with quotes from the six globalist leaders. An important discovery was made in 2008 that showed how all of the terrorist attacks in America have all been perfectly linked together as if they were mapping out a, you guessed it, a pentagram. The only target that has not been hit yet to complete this star is Miami. Why would the United States create a false flag and attack itself? Simple, to nuke Iran, get World War Three started, and begin their agenda for a "New World Order", which many have been calling on for over twenty years now. A document that was just released on December 13, but dated February 14, 2008 was a part of the SPP, and was signed by the US and Canada, stating that either, nuclear or chemical biological attack, or even property damage could be the cause as a way for each of these countries to use foreign troops on its soil. To pass the bailouts alone, these Zionists threatened America with physical marshal law, or rule by a military state, unless it was passed. Also note, Obama has said that he plans to increase troops, aid Israel with a "nuclear umbrella", more than likely reinstate the draft, and will force all Americas to accept the RFID chip, or radio frequency identification chip, in order to get his universal health care and other benefits that he has promised during his campaign.
On January 21 or the 22nd, the day or two right after the Presidents inauguration, the United States will either witness another 9/11 false flag attack on itself as a pretext to invade another country like it did for Iraq, simply nuke Iran and blame another country, or the economy may collapse. Other possible targets for a possible attack inside of the United States include Texas, California, or Chicago.

Colin Powell announces January 21st or 22 -
6 Globalists Confirmed -
"Shit Has Hit the Fan" -
"Terrorist Attacks" *Must Watch* -

Everything that I have just explained in this paragraph, I have researched and monitored closely since its announcement, and it seems to only become more plausible. If anything does happen though, I know for a fact that it was a false flag attack or else I would not possess this kind of knowledge.These deceptive psychological attacks on the human mind have worked for thousands of years in the past and I hope that humanity can now stop and finally overcome this evil. I pray for you all....May peace be upon you all and may your inner conscious guide you in these difficult times of uncertainty

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Greg said:
Countless times has there been something like this "predicted". I'm pretty amazed they're still claiming there's the threat of terrorist attacks and what not considering just not too long ago they were exposing morgan-stanley as funding and pretty much running all global terrorism. As we've been told by channeled messages from ascended masters and other beings that there is nothing to fear anymore. Their game has been exposed but it's up to you if you choose to play it with them or not like brad stated. I choose to ignore this nonsense and go on with my happy life :)

Hha i could not say it better brother..
Well if what is said is true, we only have 5 days left....but as Brad correctly said, we create our reality, but sitting around and praying will not save us. It's time we wrestled the power off this tyrants and put some common sense back into running our countries the proper way.

Only the collective consciousness of humanity will decide the fate of America and it's people, looks like the word needs to get out, and fast...
I'm sure nothing will happen, but everything happens for a reason and even if something did happen, then something good will come out of it, Also it will awake alot more people up so if the dark cabal try to do anything to us, then they are just contributing to this grand awakening and making it faster.

I know for one thing whether we like it or not there will be major earth changes, i'm sure most people will be ok and get through these major storms and earth changes this year. It will change alot of lives and bring us much closer than what we are now. Earth must go through it's transformation and that is going to pick up more this year and the next 3 years.
I know meditation does have an effect on calming storms and doing many different things, but It's not going to stop Earth from Ascending and stop all this transformation that must take place for the new earth to surface. We can also help ofcourse in many ways.

I believe everything will be as it is.

We actually need to say thankyou to the Global elite, Dark cabal, and corrupted ceo's for all they're hard work for waking everyone up spiritually, if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be where we are at now.
teddycool said:
just like the test on john f kennedy. that test was russia and the cuban missle crisis. most frightening time back than and not an small test. It almost led to an nuclear war.

Yes, but then JFK revealed in his speech about secret societies covertly taking over the world right before our eyes. JFK was murdered in an impossible way because one bullet entered through his back and the other entered through the side of his face. Not even the best riflemen in the Marines can pull that off because its two completely different angles. He tried to expose the Illuminati and their agenda on a national or worldwide scale and because of this, he was killed.

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