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Colloidal silver, a cure for all disease, natural and question

I have been researching on the internet on the cure that has been hidden from the world platform by the pharmaceutical cartels. This is the Colloidal Silver. I have come up with quite a deal of information of how I can make mine at home. Here are a few things I know:

1. That all you need will be 3 nine volt batteries connected in a series
2. That the silver must be pure and which is refered to as .999 silver
3. That only distilled water should be used and nothing should be added in the water, not even salt.
4. That one can take any amount that pleases the heart as long as the colloid is done in the right way.
5. That colloidal silver will kill all bugs ie bacteria, viruses and fungus that are not supposed to be in your body. That as opposed to the antibiotics which only kill about a dozen types of bugs, colloical silver kills 650 strong different bugs. Waooo, delish!!

Now to what I cannot be able to make out which I would ask any expert on this topic to help with as we help illuminate the world via this community network. Ok things I don't know:

1. For how long should my machine run to make the right amount of colloidal silver?
2. How many glasses should be taken in a day, say glass, the normal waterglass.
3. Do different diseases take longer to cure than others with the Colloidal silver? I wonder because I know that it kills any of the pathogens in like six minutes on contact
4. Is there a standard amount of colloid per a glass of distilled water anyway that one should make sure they achieve before taking it in
5. What else should one know before injesting this medicament?

I have a feeling this will be of alot of help and I encourage the rest of us to just check out this information wherever one can get...especially with the determination of the cabal that they are demonstrating with the flu. Cheers pples.

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Hi EaRtH117,

I've made a pictoral doc for a couple of non-profit orgs who wanted to release this info due to the Swine Flu outbreak.


The following was the Q&A that was sent to one of the non-profit orgs based on Q's of above doc.:

1. Where did you get your distilled water, silver wire, nebulizer and glass stirrer?

You could get high grade distilled water at stores which sell lab chemical supplies.
Silver Electrodes are being sold by Colloidal Silver maker Apparatus / unit manufacturers under spares in Europe & US.
Nebulizer can be picked up at Pharmacies
Glass stirrers should be available with Lab supplies where you get glass flasks, measuring beakers, etc

2. If people do not have access to a nebuliser or ultrasonic device, what would be the alternative?

Those are the only two ways that I know of with which you can cure lung related issues.. but theyre available easily.

Ultrasonic Misters: - Single crystal / cell mister is enough like the one shown here.

3. How much CS should be inhaled and how often should the nebulizer be used?

6 to 7 minutes of inhaling is sufficient.


1. Inhale alternately through mouth and nose, fill up your lungs hold and exhale.

This method works wonders for smokers!!! but they should not smoke for the next 12 hours atleast for best results and definitely not before a couple of hours as this totally nullifies the efficacy.

2. When ingesting CS the most effective way is to hold the CS in your mouth for atleast a minute and twirl it around and gulp it. The CS gets easily absorbed into your system as the skin thickness on the insides of your mouth is extremely thin and this disinfects your mouth completely.

3. How long can the CS mix be kept before another batch needs to be made?

As long as you store in a dark cool place in an amber bottle its fine. If the CS changes colour to grey or blackish grey it has oxidized and cannot be used. You can make fresh batches in less than 10 minutes and its would be preferable to make fresh batches just before use as the charge would be at its peak in the colloidal solution.

5. Does the separation of the silver wires not matter during the preparation process?

The farther away the Silver Electrode wires the better as you need to dissipate by stirring it into the rest of the water before it reaches the other electrode.

6. Do you think that CS produced in this way has any chance of overcoming the present bio-weapon 'flu after a person has become infected?

This CS can cure Terminally ill cancer patients!! At the moment CS would neutralize all known viruses and harmful bacteria to man including the AIDS virus... this was proven in lab trials!!

and yes im totally confident that it would cure any sort of bacterial, fungal or viral infection... as for me I havent used any allopathic drugs in the last three years.. I use CS for everything including common colds.. use the inhalation method and the cold vanishes within an hour at the most! and they say theres no cure for common cold!!!

7. VERY briefly, what other health problems are likely to be dealt with by CS?

I have no idea ... it seems to be curing everything as of now.. from my side of it cured very serious lung infections for six people including me and two of them were even hospitalized (one case for a week and the other was 12 days) and after CS usage the were as good as new within 24 hours flat!! I've given this for sinusitis, esnophelia, chest congestion including chest pains, Diabetes where the patients could come off insulin injections to half a tablet of medication a day (my Dad), Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) completely normalized (my Mom), Cuts or burns heal in half the time when cotton wool dipped in CS is used, ... these are some i can recollect off hand but there seems to be a lot of CS cure claims over the web for a lot of issues..

Let me know if you need more info.

Hope this helps.

Namaste, L&L, R.

EaRtH117 said:
i want one but dont hav the money to buy 1 and have no clue how to make =(
this is like that other posting that said to stare at the sun for a few minutes each day?

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