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Colloidal silver, a cure for all disease, natural and question

I have been researching on the internet on the cure that has been hidden from the world platform by the pharmaceutical cartels. This is the Colloidal Silver. I have come up with quite a deal of information of how I can make mine at home. Here are a few things I know:

1. That all you need will be 3 nine volt batteries connected in a series
2. That the silver must be pure and which is refered to as .999 silver
3. That only distilled water should be used and nothing should be added in the water, not even salt.
4. That one can take any amount that pleases the heart as long as the colloid is done in the right way.
5. That colloidal silver will kill all bugs ie bacteria, viruses and fungus that are not supposed to be in your body. That as opposed to the antibiotics which only kill about a dozen types of bugs, colloical silver kills 650 strong different bugs. Waooo, delish!!

Now to what I cannot be able to make out which I would ask any expert on this topic to help with as we help illuminate the world via this community network. Ok things I don't know:

1. For how long should my machine run to make the right amount of colloidal silver?
2. How many glasses should be taken in a day, say glass, the normal waterglass.
3. Do different diseases take longer to cure than others with the Colloidal silver? I wonder because I know that it kills any of the pathogens in like six minutes on contact
4. Is there a standard amount of colloid per a glass of distilled water anyway that one should make sure they achieve before taking it in
5. What else should one know before injesting this medicament?

I have a feeling this will be of alot of help and I encourage the rest of us to just check out this information wherever one can get...especially with the determination of the cabal that they are demonstrating with the flu. Cheers pples.

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Here is a link maybe the explanation they give is a solution for you...
Lovely thanks guys. It's really something.
Guys anything you need to know about Colloidal Silver let me know!!

I know it works and that its very very safe as I have been using it for years and so is my family! I make my own stuff from 99.99% pure silver and three 9V batteries. I've cured people with problems which were diagnosed as impossible cases in allopathy! My mom was on Hypertension medication for three years and even with the medication it was never normal.. but once she had used CS that I made for a throat infection and at the same time she had run out of her medication.. when she checked her BP at that time it had come down to normal!! and since she never used medication and uses CS once a week and no Hypertension!! i've cured common colds to lung infections when people were hospitalized for a few days!! its a miracle cure and I think its time people are made aware of it!! I started using it when I had a lung infection due to smoking and wouldnt go with the strongest of antibiotics and innumerous hospital visits.. CS cured me in two days flat and no recurrence since the last three years!!

but you need to know how to use for what ailment... example: for lung infections drinking CS would be of no use.. the best and the quickest way to make this work would be to bring the infected area in contact with CS with the shortest possible route!...

The best way to do this would be to inhale CS mist generated through a nebulizer or an ultrasonic mister and you would be as good and shiny as a freshly minted coin within two days flat!.. ultrasonic mister works better than the nebulizer in this case.

Never use metal or plastics which hold a charge along with CS.. best would be to use glassware right from generation to storage and final use! even when you generate use a glass stirrer... this is due to the fact that the colloid is in a charged state and you would want it that way for it to be most effective.

Namaste, L&L, R.
Hi erv,

The blue man syndrome or Agraria is due to excessive use of silver or colloidal silver (CS)... how do you think the words "Blue Bloods" for the affluent families came across?? it due to this by the use of silver ware for cooking and serving!!

when I mean excess usage of CS.. it has to be in round abouts of a half a lite to a liter a day for months to turn blue! I would call that madness :) but people do use stuff in excess... they dont need to use it if theyre not sick!! simple as that.... you need to know that this is a medicine and needs to be used in small quantities and should not be consumed like beer ;)

... and most of all this is the only affect thats used by a lot of people to scare the others from staying away from it! c'mon guys if some medicine works you dont chew on it like mints.. there needs to be moderation and needs to be used when youre ill and not otherwise.


Namaste, L&L, R.

erv said:
Colloidal Silver is the real deal, guys!!! The FDA has been trying to shut down sites and misinform people, or scare them with stories of Agraria. First of all, the grey tinge to the skin is purely cosmetic, it is caused by making and drinking gallons and gallons of CS made with tap water (Instead of Distilled) and drinking it for years. I'm ready to bet my left lung that this man is as healthy as ever! I make my own, I've been taking it orally for six months, and I'm not "blue!" LOL!!! Give it a try and see for yourself! ;)
hey bro, I'm not drinking any metal. I'm not ending up like Ronald Reagan
Another method to rid your body of parasites/virii is to zap yourself with a hulda clark zapper. You can read about how they work here:

I recently purchased one from

Just another route to choose i suppose instead of colloidal silver even though im thinking of grabbing a bottle just to have around.

The other remedies you might have found might not work for swine flu virus!!

Keep this in mind if someone close by or in your town gets affected.. this could be the only life saver!

and about the ebay part people could be selling CS which they might have made.. you can purchase a CS maker over the net and start off a tidy little business ;)

Mark Glaser:

Have you ever wondered why Gold and Silver are called noble metals?? they are those metals in the periodic table which actually do not have adverse reactions with your body.. oh and by the way... if you've come across any deserts that are made in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or probably sold all over the west in Indian outlets.. you have a thin gold or silver foil thats used on top them!! this has been going on for centuries and people out here are fine and definitely not blue! In case you have any Indian friend you could ask them about the gold & silver foils used in sweet / dessert shop products.

and if youre looking at alternate methods to cure all ailments google Rife Frequencies and Rife Frequency Generator... an old suppressed invention which could cure everything with radio frequencies.. this was proven even in clinical trials aswell and then they (Pharma cos.) slammed it down by bribing !! .. google about it and you'll know.. it had 100% success rate of curing terminally ill cancer patients who were sent from hospitals for human trials... they expected all the patients to have died within a few weeks but all of them were cured!!

Namaste, L&L, R.
Hello Dear Sister. I am with you on this as well. This seem like folk cure more than real cure. Many promise but no real proof from doctors that it work. If it work as well as people that sell it claim then big companies would sell. Look at iodine for example of simple product that help very much and now sold by big companies because it proven to work. Much love to you.

Simone said:
Yes, Colloidal silver is toxic when taken in excess, I prefer not to take it myself, since I have found other remedies that work fine.

This seems to be a good website explaining colloidal silver:
i want one but dont hav the money to buy 1 and have no clue how to make =(
This below should give you the step by step easy process. Have fun EaRtH117.

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