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Greetings all,

Please excuse my straightforwardness here, but i think i need other people's personal truth to help my own. Im going to describe something thats been happening the last few weeks to me, ill try and leave my own analysis and feelings out of the description so you all can provide me your own resonance unhindered by mine. Obviously there will be some things symbolic to me that i will need to explain to make ANY sense ... however... here we go.

I awoke this morning yet again with cold chills, in a mass sweat.
This has happened the last 3 nights, i keep waking up in cold chills and sweat with certain chakras buzzing like an engine. I have noticed they seem to be spinning in different directions at different times. Its not exactly uncomfortable, just strange... And it makes my body feel like im in a swimming pool - its weird cuz im sweating as well right - its hard to tell if im actually swimming or just sweating. It seems my chakras are going through some kind of change, which involves activation, and spinning in different directions. The biggest one was this morning, where my Sacral was buzzing and spinning anti-clockwise, Solar was just buzzing, and third eye was buzzing ad spinning clockwise. This has been linking in with a reoccuring dream iv been having as well.

Now in this dream, im never sure how it starts out ... however i always become 'awake' in my dream when im travelling across this thin rail type thing (kinda like a monorail). Its not exactly lucid dreaming, but its very similar. Ok, well this rail is like cloud level ... (ie: F___ing high up above the 'ground') - the ground looks like water... though i know it is not. It is blue in colour and my mind even seems to try and make it look like its moving like water.

When im going across this rail, i am floating, not walking, and im not 'connected' to the rail - ie: i can fall off. Now i 'used' to have some negative engrams (things burnt into the mind that form into your ego) based around hights .. although through ego destruction i have lost alot of this negativity (and now im not so scared of hights). In this dream, im REALLY scared on the hight (it IS VERY high ... )

Now for some reason, the journey i take across this rail ... is really really long. I go in and out of conscious awareness during the trip ... however i am always aware i need to make it to the other end.
I never seem to make it to the other end though, i drift out of conscious awareness and snap back when im falling. This is one long fall too... by the time im reaching the 'water' im bored of being scared (the scaredness of the height is gone) - however is replaced by a fear of this water.
I hit the water... and as soon as i go under its total black. Whispy white/grey lines are visible and start taring me to shreds. Not in a bad way, it feels the same as ego destruction...

Only takes a few seconds once i fall in before i wake up, sweating like a puddle of water, and my chakras buzzing like they are about to explode (they arnt, its just how it feels).

Now i have my own personal truth regarding this, but i got a feeling to type all this up today as i want to see what you all think of it all. Talk about following feelings... wow i should get back to work lol

Live the Love!

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You will get there.

Don't follow the rail, your path is yours. Spread your wings and fly.
cool dream, very interesting, maybe your seeing another dimensional view of something in the 3rd dimension

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