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Clean drinking water .. we may already know of its scarcity, but what have we done about it ... ??

Water ... worth more than gold and necessary for survival above all other resources on earth. And yet, over one billion men, women, and children do not have safe water to drink and therefore cannot live a healthy life.

Who are these people?

They are the innocent children and desperate families living in overcrowded urban ghettos, in refugee encampments, and in towns and villages too numerous to count in rural areas of developing countries. Here, less than 50% of the population have access to safe drinking water and only 25% have access to sanitary systems.

They are unfortunate victims of drought and ever-changing environmental conditions. When drought occurs, their countryside is transformed into an arid wasteland where every living thing seems to cry out for lack of water.

These precious people do not have enough water to grow and harvest food, enough water to keep their livestock alive, enough clean water to protect themselves and their children from hunger and disease. Simply put - they do not have enough water to live.

Links to Learn More and How You Can Help:

Africa and the Quest for Drinking Water


Global Water.Org

Space Mart

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