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Holly crap!

Is Norris, 73, going through a first-quarter-life crisis? Can Chuck still intimidate man, woman, and inanimate object without his world-famous facial hair? Well, of course he can. He's Chuck Norris. But one shouldn't discount the beard's contribution to the man’s success.

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well well well well ... can you believe it, no no I can't believe it..oh is it true he shaved his beard..oh no really??? did he really??? OMG this is big news how on earth is it  possible that he shaved his beard at the age of 73..REALLY??? I still can't believe wow I'm impressed how could he do it, this great man this Chuck Norris wow unbelievable wow yes yes this is major unbelievable, I am amazed really wow such a great great man, he did so much for the community really he shaved his beard..I can't believe this Chuckie is beardless,  no facial hair anymore who could ever think he would do that..I am impressed..     really!!!                   sigh ..

This is important, better recognize. 

?!?!?! OMG wow this is earth changing looooool, the pope, the queen of Holland abdicated and now the big one Chuck Norris shaved his beard off... what a great year this is!!! but one thing we know after Chuck Norris nothing bits him loooool so the next events are small ones... ;)

Fa Kin Su Pa !


Fa Kin Su Pa !


ian said:

This is important, better recognize. 

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