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Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene

Dear Ones of the Love Corps and light servers everywhere,

Once again it is my privilege and joy to offer a sacred connection with each of you today and to embrace your spiritual, emotional and physical body with the healing balm of heaven’s embrace. My comments may seem like mere words, dear ones, but I assure you that in these days when your consciousness is able to approach the higher realms more easily, you can actually feel the love and caring of all who serve you as teachers, angels and guides.

Some people may actually feel little quivers of energy, while others receive a deep sense of peace and comfort that is palpable. However you experience our love, I invite you to pause a moment now and breathe into whatever response you can personally identify. Breathe 3 times to calm your busy thoughts and then focus your attention on a silver and gold radiance descending all around you, filling your awareness with peace and joy.

Pause and breathe again. Then breathe once more. Relax as this breathing automatically calms you and you begin to feel a greater portion of yourself expand into the descending radiance.

Breathe with me, beloveds. Breathe into heaven’s peace, wisdom and love.
Be still and know.

In this busy holiday season with Thanksgiving—celebrated in America—followed by what many call Christmas in various parts of the world, too many of you are already becoming stressed. That is why I will be sharing some thoughts with you about Christmas, especially, since it is considered by many to be a celebration of my birth as Lord Jesus.
However, as some of you have heard me explain before, December 25th was not my actual birth date but a date the early church chose because there had already been so many winter rituals and celebrations among the common people during that season of the year due to the fact that December 21st is usually the longest, darkest night of the year.

Over a period of years, the church simply took what was already a popular time for rituals and celebrations and added me to that event. If you are a new reader I hope this will not be disturbing news to you, but I was actually born in the springtime. However, I am very content and totally willing to assist in any celebration during the longest, darkest day and night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This longest day of darkness is quite depressing to people even today when you have easy access to various lighting systems that earlier peoples lacked.

Now let me return to the subject of JOY which I chose to discuss in this issue because it is so essential to each and every one of you on planet earth today.

As I so frequently remind you, each of you is a spiritual being living in a physical body suit that still contains aspects of the mammalian species’ nature to live by “fight or flight” instinct. In a less compulsory way you still have the ability to become angry, violent and harmful even as you have the opposite capability of using your spiritual nature to express love, peace and joy. We do not say it is easy to elevate your consciousness so high that you are not ruled by those “fight or flight” emotions yourself—yet we always come to help you release any tendencies to express those negative emotional responses yourself and aid your commitment in learning how to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”—good advice from a former popular song’s lyrics.

Because you are an eternal energy essence presently inhabiting a dense, material world body suit with limited sensory capabilities, it is vital you learn to spend as much time as possible in positive emotional feelings, not negative ones. And you must do this even when you may not be able to see the energies of your angels, teachers and helpers when they visit you in person.

In the same way your physical eyesight is limited; your sense of hearing is also limited ascompared with other mammals. For example, many of you have animal pets whose hearing is quite superior to your own. So it is very frustrating to humans when we speak to you and most cannot hear us...or we visit and you cannot see us.

The good news is that these limitations of sight and hearing will gradually be improving as your consciousness utilizes the higher frequency levels you call JOY. Why? because JOY is an energy state with enormous power to help you create what you want to experience in your life. Joy’s energy frequency clears out other less desirable energies so you can move into the heart—the place of your eternal love identity from which creation occurs.


Since spiritual power lies in your heart’s energies, it is imperative that your thoughts not be filled with negativity which will induce negative actions but remain focused on joy and harmony that express positive thoughts and intentions. So, dear ones, your question becomes—how can I be joyful when such horrible things are happening these days? Perhaps it almost seems irreverent to be joyful in the midst of such negativity? However, I come to assure you that JOY is a wonderful state of energy to be encouraged and experienced—especially in the worst of times.

If you look in the dictionary to find the word joy, you discover it can mean: happiness, delight, euphoria, high spirits, gladness, bliss, glee, blithe, elation, cheer, jubilance, etc. versus its antonym which includes.....................Misery, depression, desolation, despair.

Or under joyful you will find: happy, delightful, euphoric, elated, glad, blissful, gleeful, cheerful, jubilant, high, ecstatic, and joyous................. While its antonyms include miserable, depressed, despondent, dejected, and downhearted.

You could continue your search by looking up jubilant and other of the positive meanings of joy and take quite a while acquainting yourself with the various emotions connected with both the word joy and/or joyous.

In other words, joy has many aspects and it is this broader definition of the word that we encourage you to use in your life, especially during these challenging times when many negative energies abound.

If I could give you an assignment, I would request that you write down joy’s many related meanings just to remind yourself that you might describe your feelings more specifically than just “being happy.” We would encourage you to notice that you can be elated one day, cheerful another, jubilant another, and so forth. While there are distinguishing linguistic nuances among the related words, the important thing is to remember that they all hold higher frequencies compared to the negative attitudes and moods indicated by the words miserable, depressed, despondent, dejected, downhearted, etc.

You always have a free will choice at every moment, with every thought and mood, to shift your consciousness above life events that are truly challenging and more difficult to rise above than others. Indeed, beloveds, each of your energy responses to unpleasant events will create either a positive light vibration—or negative one—which is then registered within your physical body. Obviously, if you allow the negative emotions to remain present in your sub consciousness—and unreleased within your physical body—the potential for leaving them there unexamined for any length of time is not in your body’s best interest. Since the body runs on positive energy, it is like your automobile’s need for clean gas and oil. If your body’s energy is constantly challenged and its health condition drops too low, it cannot cleanse the areas where it has had to store the negative energies you have not released or cleared.

Do you understand what this means? It means that if you think and feel negatively too long, you can actually cause unhealthy experiences in your physical body. Beyond creating unhealthy—even life-threatening—conditions in the body—you can also create negative events in the body of your daily life experiences. Negative thinking and feeling makes it harder to have those wonderful synchronistic events, to meet new and interesting people, to find support for jobs and housing, and to enjoy the meaningful relationships that you desire. I have often outlined ways to cleanse yourself of negative emotions in many other newsletters but have not specifically shared the ways joy can be especially helpful during these challenging days at this holiday season.

So I ask you to seriously ponder and meditate about what kinds of circumstances actually give you joy. When are you joyful? What are the situations and circumstances in which you truly feel joyful?

Many people are hard pressed to describe what makes them joyful, and that is a great sadness for humans...for only in identifying your process of feeling joy and focusing on it can you choose to more fully integrate its frequencies into a consistent life pattern.

Kindly pause for a moment now and simply ask yourself—when and where am I happy and joyful? Now breathe several breaths, relax, and notice what comes to mind? What comes into your awareness? Do you recall people, places and circumstances which give you the uplifting feeling of joy in your daily life? Or is it possible to simply create a feeling of joy within yourself upon command?

Beloveds, while I cannot do more than request you make a serious evaluation of what gives you joy, we seriously recommend that you frequently pause throughout the day to notice when you are really being joyful. Be aware of your circumstances. Are you alone or with other people? What is your state of awareness? How do you know when you feel joy? What are the circumstances that allow the feeling of joy to permeate your energy field?

For some humans, joy comes from their personal relationships...their pets and animals...being in the beauty of nature, playing/ listening to music, becoming educated in topics of interest, and various other concerns. While some individuals are very narrow, even limited, in their feelings of how they attain joy, and could therefore be more vulnerable to losing their joy if that specific interest cannot be sustained—others find a balance using many facets to keep the joyful feelings alive.

As you become willing to notice and appreciate your experience of joy as a more constant companion in your life, you may choose to realize its value and want to emphasis it even further on a daily basis—and even be open to new experiences as yet untried that could be joyful. When you become intimate with the feeling of joy, love is only a vibration away. So in choosing joy as an ongoing aspect in your personal life experience, you are developing love’s deeper relationship with your soul. Indeed, to help you become a healthy and loving person, joy is a dear and necessary energy companion in this cycle of your earthly life.

Now, in addition to the various antonyms for the word joy I previously mentioned, I would also like to recommend the word humorous for your consideration since many people use humour as an “upbeat” experience when life gets a little bit too serious. There are many kinds of response to humour depending upon a person’s cultural background, age and maturity, intelligence, level of education, geographical location, the context, etc.

Humorous can mean funny, comical, laughable, hilarious, “side-splitting”, amusing, whimsical, or droll, etc. and is the opposite of grave, somber, and serious.

Humour assists humanity in noticing the incongruities, ironies and paradoxes of life and gives you a reason to laugh and deal with the seemingly crazy things that can happen. In truth, HUMANS NEED LAUGHTER TO STAY EMOTIONALLY BALANCED IN LIFE!!!!!!!! So whether you giggle, screech belly laugh, snigger, chuckle, snicker, guffaw, squeal, roar, or howl. the body is positively affected. Even babies can giggle and coo when being tickled so it seems humans have been given a rare and wondrous gift to assist them during their bodily life adventure.

I am deliberately having the word humour NOT spelled as humor for a very specific reason. You see, the ancient Greeks used what they called humoral medicine that identified how fluids controlled human health and emotions. So even thousands of years ago the need for releasing unhealthy emotions was understood. Today’s medicine understands that laughter actually increases the heart rate and respiration because laughing actually moves the diaphragm. Sometime when you are really laughing, put your hands over your mid-chest area and notice what your body is doing. It will be moving your diaphragm and abdominal walls. Since laughter actually increases the heart rate and respiration, it stimulates circulation and oxygenates the blood which bolsters the immune system and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks. It also positively affects the brain and hormonal substances.

For these reasons, laughter increases tolerance to pain and allows the lower areas of the body below the waist line to free up negative energies that may be stored there so a more positive condition of lightheartedness can occur. Genuine laughter of a positive nature is very important to the human race and is to be encouraged. It might interest you to know that many of your most famous comedians have lived a very long life. Both the ones you call George Burns and Bob Hope lived to be 100 years old.

Today I want to assure the very serious Christians on earth who do not believe in showing humorous emotions—especially in church or where religious people are gathered, not to become self-righteous about using humour for fear it will offend me, or God. That unwarranted righteousness occurs because humor is disarming. Since humor is so disarming, some very religious people hardly ever laugh because they think that would not be acceptable to heaven, yet I tell you being too serious is not constructive to your health, and therefore a disservice to spirit. In your Bible, Proverbs says that “A merry heart doeth good like medicine.” And I, myself, frequently used humorous remarks in my own teachings though few of them were ever recorded.

In the Bible it also states that one should “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,” and I assure you that your joyfulness, along with your love, is always well-received and greatly appreciated by all realms of glory...including myself.

At the same time, beloveds, remember that when you make a joyful noise unto the Lord, that Lord is not just me, or other servants of the light. No, it must include your own great soul which knows the joys of heaven and would have you experience those joys while embodied in your physical body here on earth. Please believe that it is your own sacred soul to whom you also make a joyful noise for guiding you during this present incarnate with its ever encouraging support and comfort. Indeed, for nearly every human, the more intimately you feel the joy of your immortal soul in your physical heart, the happier and healthier you will be.

You had a famous person in America who was dying of something that doctors could not cure, so he turned to his vitamins, good food and watching humorous movies. After fully recovering, he wrote a book describing that after just ten minutes of watching funny movies he could sleep pain free for several hours. Subsequent medical studies proved that when humans laugh, it releases endorphins which are natural pain killers and also lowers blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to dilate.

In addition to the individual health improvements that laughter can create, I also remind you how your positive humorous relationships in families, in business, and in every known human endeavor can increase the possibility of wisdom and love to prevail as an antidote to anger and fear. For lurking behind fear, anger, and hostility in the individual personality is the heavenly potential of community cooperation and group power of the soul seeking its family of divine expression here on earth. On the one hand, life is serious but if it is based on bridled and rigid attitudes, joy cannot flow and love and peace are frozen in limited, unexamined perceptions.

Kindly remember that only ego personalities judge, assume the worst, worry, hate, become insulted, and make war. They do this by being too serious! By assuming they know all the answers and refusing to release their limited judgments, they are not open to the creative flow of divine wisdom and love which exists beyond the judgments of human personality limitations. By standing back to take a good look at yourself and letting life flow more pleasantly, you can more easily smile and count on your spirit and your own creative capabilities to take care of your life’s upcoming adventures. That is why I frequently write to you about your emotional limitations beginning at birth when you were born into a garden of misinformation that was taught by the family and societal environment around you. Indeed, most people still contain some of the recordings of that misinformation until they carefully weed out its negative limitations and then plant and nurture new seeds that will harvest life’s most beautiful blossoms.

Laughing and living joyfully in constructive ways as frequently as you can, dear ones, can assist in weeding out the limitation you no longer desire, for LAUGHTER OPENS THE DOOR TO TRUSTING YOUR SOUL’S CONNECTION...and to receiving the increasing value of these vital new space/time energies of spiritual power your soul brings.

Indeed, beloveds, being able to put your problems in the perspective of laughter and its subsequent relief, even when major challenges appear, will be one of your hall mark accomplishments during this present energy shift out of 3rd dimensional consciousness. In recent issues I reminded you of what the materialistic frame of mind and its selfish, wasteful expression has produced in your consciousness—and what you need to do to move through the greed and negativity it has produced in citizens within various western technological nations. That is why I am recommending this process of laughter and joy for the Christmas season—and beyond—to assist you with that much-needed healing process humanity needs. Sensitive and heartfelt book and programs, music and nature have always helped humanity, so use your body’s gift of responding to laughter and joy more fervently than ever.

Many humans are constantly craving entertainment on TV or in movies, etc., that too frequently focus on crime and mystery programs, many with bloody close-ups of murdered bodies and ugly violence just for the sake of violence. Do you not realize that continuing to focus on all types of violence is what has caused a drop in moral values? So kindly consider that during such programs, your energies are lowered below the heart frequency of love BY YOUR CHOICE. Violence is rampant in America and other countries and is becoming an all too common daily diet. This is no time to be filling your adult energy fields with anything but the highest thoughts and the best entertainment—and it is essential for the children not to keep watching violent material. Humanity is making a thought-by-thought decision about what it values. Kindly look at your interests and be certain they are balanced with more joy and laughter than violence and negativity. Think of your brain and body contents as a “piggy bank” and only invest in what will bank the positive goals you seek on your path to higher consciousness.

So be vigilant about what you put in your mind, please, and treat its content with respect. You are becoming what you focus on more quickly these days and we suggest your entertainment be more frequently based on media programs that give joy and positive emotional content. Watching old light-hearted movies with laughter and joy which have no violence, and finding the few current healthy/positive offerings available now, are especially recommended.

By January I will have Virginia make a web site list of programs that bring laughter and joy, or that give positive values of some kind, at least. Books and other positive web and printed materials, recorded music and humorous material that improve your heart energy, may also be included.

I also want to remind those Christians who may be opening their calendar this year to experience what has been termed “Advent” (or the coming or arrival of something)—to remember that while you are honoring my birth and teachings to humanity—and perhaps my expected return—it is you and your own soul who is to be honored and expected, also. In prior years I have insisted that if Christmas is about the birth of an innocent child; so it is your own birth as the Christmas babe that you truly deserve to remember and claim this year. Yes, it is time to honor your original essence and creative abilities in this moment on planet earth!! Time to consider that in awaiting my own return you may have forgotten to develop and honor your own advent—your own return into higher consciousness as part of the living Christ family.

In one sense, beloveds, we are adventing together, so to speak. Indeed, the future you may be expecting and anticipating regarding my physical arrival is already here in the hearts of humans who choose it. And for those of you listening to my heart message today, it is happening NOW in each of you who will acknowledge it and be willing to seriously apply it from this moment on. Yes, an advent—your coming—can be part of your human/spiritual experience and expression simply by your recognition and willingness to accept and share it. Until you remember more fully who you really are and deliberately move toward exploring that potential consciousness by your willingness, I and many other helpmates and angels are constantly with you. Since physical birth onward you have been surrounded by caring from many levels and dimensions of love. So it is time now to sing and laugh joyously together this Christmas as the innocent children who can enter the kingdom of God, something I once mentioned in the Bible. You are the wisdom and love energy presently personified on planet earth that is beginning to remember the joyful promise of your Creator. There is no further waiting needed. Join your hearts with mine. Let the holiday season, and the coming year fill your heart with joy, light and love so completely and so frequently that you begin to feel a massive shift of balance within your emotions even during challenging moments!

Until you can remember your creative powers, your essential wisdom and love, I will remember them for you, ever honoring and calling you forth to that precious wisdom and love until you can claim your own sacred essence more fully.

Please accept this final energy embrace from your loving elder brother and remember that who I was in prior centuries remains with you still—with the additional gift of current information relevant to your present incarnation where the message of LOVE & FORGIVENESS is still most essentially required.

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LONG LOVING READ :):):) filled me with Joy. ..Thanks Christ Jesus.
................Much love to you Madelaine,lovely lady.Namaste & Hugs.


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