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Everyday now i see chemtrials all over all day!! Is the situation as bad everywhere else?!? wtf is goin on!

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I'm wondering if this will be their new way to spread Avian Flu viruses or God knows what else... Still tons here. Wouldn't surprise me if there's a huge pandemic soon. Buy or make your own colloidal silver generators, it's easy and cheap and will save you and your family's life when there's an outbreak.

Ever since the dead birds falling from the sky and Avian Flu in vaccine incidents, I'm pretty much certain that's what's coming to us.
There is alot of this here too in (st-jerome) quebec-canada.. i dont know what shit they spread! or they wanna block the skie for something else coz maby there is something they dont want us to see ! exemple yesturday the skie was crystal clear and at 1pm i start to se these SOB speading shit all over the place and like at 4 pm the skie was covered with clouds these SOB block our skie for a reason.. i dont know what it is but there is verry evil souls on this planet
i sure am getting concerned...
There is a way that we can knock these chemtrails out of the sky with a device that you build The first device is just to let you see how anyone can build a device so simply and at very little cost for materials and 5 minutes to assemble and when you point it at a plane that is laying out a chemtrail and a few seconds after you turn it on it just disapears and please read all info on this device before operating it..Here IS THE ADRESS Once you realize we have the ability to to eliminate these chemtrails you will want to build a long range covrage unit that cost anywheres from 60 to 150 you can buy them complete for around 250.00 GO TO YOU TUBR and type in search box to build a chembuster or cloud buster ... This IS A WAY WE CAN REALY DO SOMETHING THAT REALY DOES WORK WE JUST NEED A FEW HUNDRED OF THESE DEVICES POINETED TO THE SKIES THERE BILLION DOLLAR PLAN WILL BE UPROOTED BY A CHEAP BUT HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DEVICE
Yes Tony indeed it was a busy traffic up there in the sky yesterday above the Maas and Waal area where I live..
thick chemtrails were plotted over our area and the wind drove it to Nijmegen while they were growing wider..
Those were my thoughts exactly WTF??. I live in Leuven and the amount of chemtrails i saw yesterday was seriously over the top! Was wondering if it had anything to do with it being earthday? Are they somehow trying to suppress all the good work being done through group meditations on earth healing?
i just purchased a cloudbuster so i will be taking pics or vids of it when i get it assembled and how it eliminates chemtrails =]
When the humidity is right, jets leave trails, when it is not, they dissipate almost immediately. Are there chemicals in the trails or is it a plot to make you live in fear? Please understand that if you live in fear of what might or might not be in the trails, you are only hurting yourself by lowering your vibration. If you raise your vibration it won't matter if there's anything in them or not, it will have no effect on you anyway.
When a jet leaves a trail its called a contrail which is nothing more than steam which will dissapear with in one minutes time but when you see these jet trails that do not dissapear but slowly spread out and remain visible many hours then this is not harmless steam..Yhere is one thing that must be accepted as it is being done as a secret operation the reason for this secrecy is the people of the planet would not agree with what ever reason they have for spraying chemicals into our atmosphere that we and all animal life eventualy breath in. Our government leaders dont think we the people deserve to know the truth they always justify the reaason they dont tell the the truth so as not to cause mass panic.. What ever reason it must not be one we would accept!!
Greg said:
i just purchased a cloudbuster so i will be taking pics or vids of it when i get it assembled and how it eliminates chemtrails =]
I am looking forward to hearing how it turns out ..GOOD LUCK !
Maybe you are right, there may or may not be something in the trails, but my point is this. We've been hearing about chemtrails for many years now, and I went through my own period of fearing them in '04. I know what this fear got me, nuthin' - living with this little bit of fear reduced my vibration and left me susceptible to believing hogwash I found on the net after that point and going even further into fear, thus sinking me even lower. Did the "chemtrails" do anything to me physically? No, I never even got a cold. Did worrying about them cause me to do something to myself vibrationally? Oh yes. If a person stops fearing what's in the sky, they can maintain a higher vibration, and spend more time concentrating on trying to Be Love All the Time. Just sayin'.

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