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Im sure I have not seen a chemtrail since around mid October! The sky over Manchester UK has seemed clear for some time now.
With all these new articles claiming defeat of NWO, i think the sudden stop of chemtrails is evidence to us all that this really is true.
Please, if you still have chemtrails in your area, let us know. If its clear for us all, then i think we can undeniably declare that this is it!!

Lets get ready for a great adventure!


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Wish I could say the same. We had them pretty heavy last Saturday and Sunday in the Atlanta area .

Love and Respect
i just flew to cancun from chicago and on the way there above the clouds chemtrails still resided thousands of feet above the plane... pretty amazing tho since they are much larger up close.
still seeing them in mississippi on a daily basis u can even see them on cloudy days.
criss crossing of chemtrails behind the puffy clouds today, nov 22
Ya I'm in Florida and they have been spraying the heaviest I've ever seen in the past several months EVERYDAY! I always point it out to people and no one can really deny that someone is trying to slowly kill us. It's not even cloudseeding because it never rains here. The sun sets to a hazy cloud that covers the whole sky everyday. How can I not be scared of that. I need to move out of here but it's hard to come by money when you're 20 years old in this economy. Just menial slave labor. It just seems more and more like we're fucked...unless anyone can tell me otherwise. Seeing UFOs made me think we were saved but I don't know what to think now
chem trails like crazy all over New Jersey last two weeks
I had them spraying all day in SW WASHINGTON .. I know the sky over my house how ever was clear thanks to my new orgonite chembuster . I only made a single pipe cannon all I could afford . It was so cool to see that device start disolving them into nothing in less than 2 minutes and for the rest of the day there,was easily 30 plane that was spraying the shit out of the area , but above my place about 1/2 mile diameter it was pure blue sky ..There is no doubt what so evetr that device disolved them it just amazes me to see a little 50.00 dollar thing completely disrupt there hight tech billion dollar projet .. I know for sure I will definately going to build a few more to realy put the boot to those bastards ...
damb, im dreaming chemtrails now! still haven't seen in any tho in waking life for a wile :)
i dont recall having ever dreamed about them .L better not dream about chemtrails now that you said that bishop..LOL
Bishop said:
damb, im dreaming chemtrails now! still haven't seen in any tho in waking life for a wile :)
I must say I have not seen any chemtrails for around 3 days now here in SW Washington state
I have not seen any chemtrails know for 7 days I do believe that is a sign of hope.. Has anybody been seeing any spraying as of lately taking place?????????THANKS SOE
Daily still alas....

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