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Im sure I have not seen a chemtrail since around mid October! The sky over Manchester UK has seemed clear for some time now.
With all these new articles claiming defeat of NWO, i think the sudden stop of chemtrails is evidence to us all that this really is true.
Please, if you still have chemtrails in your area, let us know. If its clear for us all, then i think we can undeniably declare that this is it!!

Lets get ready for a great adventure!


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Yes, Alc, it makes sense that they believe in "the cause" so much that they don't see that it is also affecting them and their loved ones...

Alc said:
Also here in Slovenia was good weather for four days no chemtrails good quality air sun... like in good odl days...
but now is cold cloudy feel tired headache and sure regular flights i can hear (it is cloudy so cannot see them).
Simmy I guess those who works with this stuff they are brainwashed and I guess they belive that this all is good. U know like fluroide in schools (it is good for ur teeth - they said to us) and doctors think medicines are good because they regualry go on free seminars orgasnized by farmacy corp. to (brain wash) teach them about this all new medicines...
everyone belives what he wants...
also there are many who reather put their head into sand than face reality...
Several days ago I saw something realy strang in the sky. There was a dark straight line in the sky, and a plane flew right over that dark line leaving a fat chemtrail ...

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