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Channelling exercises -meeting your soul and spiritual teacher part II

After the first part of the exercise, please continue the visualization process with this next exercise.
With these process it will be easier for who might find some difficulties to meditate and channel.
You may use after this process the Channelling lessons that Clinton gave a few weeks ago.

"Now you move upwards more quickly, gliding up and up, higher and higher,and you see that there is a bright,white light at the top of the column,so bright and clear it touches your heart deeply and you move with joy towards it.See the bright,white,sparkling light that calls you and moves you.
You move up and up into the bright light.You are floating high in this bright white light of the source.
You are cradled in the light of the source.You feel so large.You expand.Breathe deeply now,drawing in the bright light,filling yourself with the loving withe light.Now you see again that you have five golden nails in one hand and a beautiful golden hammer in the other hand and again these are the symbols of your commitment to the source and to the light.
With the strength of your commitment of light,drive these golden nails right into the top of the column of light so that in your imagination you can see that they are strongly anchoring this column of light into the heart of the source level,making a strong and powerful connection that will always be there for you.

When this is complete, begin to glide gently down,down the column of light,floating,gliding in the light,gently now,looking arround,see the beautiful column,strong and bright and clear and your heart fills with the joy of this light and its power.
Now you look down and you see your physical body sitting in the column of light.
You see the crown chakra is open like the great flower and you feel yourself gently sliding through the opening at the top of your head and settling comfortably into your body again.
you feel now the bright light you have brought with you filling that body, making it feel expanded and alive, full of light.

Hope this helps.

Find yourself on your heart.there is the palce where your truth rests.

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