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[6:09:09 AM] enterlightainment says: 5/27/09 9:42:02 PM

Official Correspondence from the Galactic Federation

Greetings from the Galactic Federation. It has come to our attention through previous channelings by other channels, and through yourself, that there are matters of great concern that need immediate attention at this time.

Greetings Jeremiah and Jen, at this time WE would like to inform you of a few changes that are occurring.

The first matter that we wish to speak with you on, is the discrediting factions at work VERY energetically on your planet. These factions are mainly comprised of EX-brethren that previously held ranks within The Galactic Federation. For reasons we wish not to disclose, for the misinterpretation of spreading fear instead of Unconditional Love. However, these Fallen brethren are very heavily at “work” against US at this time. They are many in number, and we do not wish to impose the number for the sake of continuing in the manners in which WE see fit, Unconditional Love, not fear.

We have warned in the past, to little avail, about the intent to discredit. It can now be seen on your own website that these matters are in Truth and Light, and Unconditional Love, and were not intended to cause fear, but to promote awareness.

The misleading events are occurring exponentially throughout your planet, through many means of communication – newspaper, television, Internet, and radio, among the methods of communication. We are knowing of these matters, and we are requiring those of us who have been chosen as channels for our Guidance to spread these words of Love and Light, and to spread their channelings to as many as can read them. For, there are many among you who wish to cause war and discredit us.

There are now gatherings of other races among you that you do not even notice. You may look at them twice or three times, and recognize that something is “off”, however, your “human” eyes do not realize that you are speaking with those of us, and others, that are merely in dis-guise for means of travelling upon your planet, and intermingling with the masses in as many ways as possible.

We tell you now, as we have told you before, we come only in Peace, Love, Light, and in the heart-set of Unconditional Love. Please understand, that although we are many, there are many more that wish you or your planet harm, and we wish you to be aware of these things before they become mass hysteria and riots upon our arrival.

You have knowledge of the ships that are coming, however, many of you even who are channels lack the truth faith that we are indeed on our way.

Next, WE have the matter of a non-peaceful reception. In the event that WE are not received peacefully, we will have no choice but to take a course of action that is appropriate. This transformation will result in peace, by any means necessary. It is not our intentions to harm anyone or any being. WE have stated many times again, that WE wish not war. WE will have no other options available but to defend ourselves to insure the safety of the beings, and Children, that may be in grave danger at this time.

WE will have transformations centers available to all who choose the Light and Unconditional Love. If you make the decision to leave the planet Gaia, for not wanting to be involved for the process of Healing Gaia, you may do so. For this to manifest for you, your physical body has to be prepared to leave the planet. This preparation is out of necessity for the physical vessel will not be able to safely handle the intended means of transportation.

However, it has been made known to us that many of you are aware of the Nibiru, and the events that are intended to come with them. We are in wishing that you are aware that we are making all attempts to prevent this “coming”, as it will be a disaster once again, if allowed to arrive.

Many of you are being called to Duty as we speak, being told of your places within our ranks, or the ranks of other Councils, Federations, Planetary Alliances, and more. Many are being awakened faster than was expected out of necessity for Peaceful Interactions with your planet. We have called two such as this on this day and we are proud to place them in our ranks.

During this calling, we have said to these:

The Galactic Federation and the Great Brotherhood of Light, meet with us, on the 27th of May 2009, at approximately 13:50 hours (EST).

We were summoned from daily activities to a meeting with said channeled beings in order for them to convey large amounts of information at this time. We intend to come together as friends and with common goals. It is at this time I am being given the exact wording they wish used for the entry of this data.

Greetings from the Galactic Federation and The Great Brotherhood of Light, as to which you refer to us, Jeremiah. You and Jen are welcomed among the ranks of the Federation as of this date in your time space continuum known as the 27th of May 2009. It is for All to know that at this time we are speaking to you as a brethren in arms, and not as Jeremiah or Jen, our friends and companions. For those others who channel, we encourage you to confirm this guidance with your channel-mates in order to verify for your own mind-set and heart-set that we speak only words of wisdom and Unconditional Love in this matter.

Welcome to the ranks, Jeremiah and Jen. I, Shalgoth, have come personally to announce this new turn of events. I am not remaining for the rest of this conversation, as she is not my preferred channel, however WE wish you congratulations.


Greetings Jeremiah and Jen. This is Lissa, come only to welcome you and your channel, and mate, to our ranks on this date time space continuum. We will speak solely soon. We wish you the best in your tasks ahead, as they will not be easy nor will they be for the weak-willed.


Blessings and LIGHT Jeremiah and Jen. This is Bettye. We wish to inform you that you have been chosen among few who are to join the ranks at this time. There will be others joining you, however those names are yet to be revealed to you at this time, for reasons of Free Will and personal enlightenment on the parts of those otherwise chosen, as they may yet not succeed. Congratulations on allowing yourself to “See” your abilities again, which allowed us to join you this day.


Jeremiah, this is Michkael. I come with mixed feelings and good tidings. I welcome you personally to the ranks, located on Gaia, of the Galactic Federation, and specifically the Great Brotherhood of Light. I wish to inform you at this time, that these duties will not be looked upon lightly as they carry much weight in the bigger picture of things. You will be placed under rigorous training, which will require great amounts of channeling from your mate. This too is part of your training, as it will require great amounts of awareness on many levels. This is to prepare you for greater responsibilities in that area in the future. If you doubt yourself, then you will not perform well. It is a test of self-faith on many levels. WE say this with much Unconditional Love and with positive intentions. There is meant to be no fear in these matters, however enlightenment of responsibility. WE do not wish there to be any mistake in our intention.

It is at this time that many of you will be receiving such messages from those that work with you. We wish you all many blessings and Unconditional Love as you embark on these new ventures in life. It is our deepest wish that we will meet you All soon under a bright sky of hope and Light.

For, at this time, the focus should be primarily on Relationship Harmony in self, among selves, and within partnerships or pairs, as well as the healing of your planet, Gaia, from within herself, removing the darkness near her core and allowing her to help heal herself with greater ease.

These changes will call many to the “field of battle”, but not as warriors seeking bloodshed, but Peaceful Warriors, who are “armed for battle” as Peacekeepers, and Spiritual Warriors, who seek Peace and LOVE above all else, even before duty. There are many who will be called as Sacred Channels, who will speak for us and with us until the time of our arrival, and even then will continue to do so, in order to reach the masses. There are those of you who will be called to Speak, and will be guided to speaking to the masses through various forms of communication, including books, television, public speaking, and more. There will be those that will be called as Healers. There will be those that are called as Visionaries. There will be many positions to fill, and many parts to play, and it is your Free Will if you accept the Callings.

To those of you who are Peaceful Warriors, this is the time to report for Duty, as the time is upon US to act appropriately. Your mates are also called to Duty. This is the time that you will need to prepare yourselves to be ready for the “Coming”.

All other personnel, please report to your “Contacts”, as it is time to be briefed for Duty.

ALL other beings that adhere to the Calling, Validate the source of the Calling for it may not truly be the Light which you are being called to.

We ask only that you take caution in whom you are taking the calling from, for there are those that would deceive you, and have you believe they are of Love and Light, and are wallowing in the Shadows, or living in the Darkness, and many of those by choice, such as this Illuminati. Our words of caution are out of Love for you, and that which you hold dear, your planet Gaia. We wish only to enlighten you to the coming events that are progressing much more rapidly than were expected, due to the loss of brethren to the “other side”.

Many of these are now working behind the scenes, or in the forefront, with your governments, news agencies, policy and rule makers, in your schools, and in your religious organizations. This is said not to bring you fear, but Truth in consciousness and awareness to many hidden things that are progressing around you.

We too work among you, attempting to enlighten your masses through whichever means are available, depending on the persons we are working with at the time. We too work behind the scenes in these same organizations, attempting to calm the masses, and bring greater Truth to All.

It is at this time that we call all who work with the Galactic Federation to speak with your “companions” within our ranks. We wish you to only know Truth. In this we are open to you, trustworthy, and honest, and we thank you All for the work you have done in attempting to pass on our words to as many as you could reach.

Many blessings and Unconditional Love.

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