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I feel i have a bit of a tale to tell...

for the past 6 months i have been working for a company called Arcspace. We are a community and environmentally concious organisation focused mainly on recycling (computer recycling) and peer to peer learning. 
Any way, my boss (more a friend really) is this amazing lady who does great things with raiki healing, channelling, crystals and more.
She comes into work today saying how she has come from a meeting with high ups from the E.U. and World Bank!
She says that they are all talking about the end of capitalism, and they sound excited to see it come.
She also says they are trying to design a replacement system right now.
She then mentioned how the concept of what our company 'Arcspace' stands for, could be considered as a design for a new system.

This is our website if you would like to take a look.

Dare i say that my point here is, that through this lady i know, and the high ups she knows, we here at SOE could have a little say of our own ideas.

If this is what it seems it could be a great opportunity. Please post your thoughts and ideas and I shall be happy to pass on the information.

Much love as always :)

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Seems like a tall tale to me. Almost too good to be true. A small company in Manchester talking to the elite ruling class, who think we are all cattle. I want to call bullshit on this one. But for the benefit of the doubt lets say you where for real. Abolish money, With the fewest casualties couldn't be done over night. You need to Make the technology to take the jobs out of our hands so the world can continue turning. Im sure youve watched the Venus Project. If not shame on you.
For instance if you cut off money over night, you would create immense chaos. I think we need the chaos but that's a different debate.
Fact us you want a world without money, you have give everyone a way to create an abundant and fulfilling life for themselves.
ooo thanks Simone!

I know what you guys are getting at, this, even to me is a little out there lolz! and i was a little gob smacked when she told me too haha

Will keep you all posted with any updates :)
Great projects going on with your company Bishop!
About this new global system... I'm usually very sceptical with this sort of things coming from this sort of people (bankers, politicians, etc), but I believe in YOU. So, when you know a bit more, please let us know.
I would actually recommend Zietgiest Addendum. It explains how not logical our current systems is and how it promotes corruption. Then it goes on to show you about the Venus Project, A new idea for living. Its pretty much, No borders, no separation, Cities are designed around people and NOT the automobile. All of Earths resources are cataloged and shared where needed most. When designing intelligently, we can feed cloth and house every being on the planet no exceptions. There was never scarcity, It was something made up to drive the stock markets. WE have always had what we have needed to live rich abundant lives full of joy.

Our way of life would be gone. No more companies, only human expression at its best. Change the name humans to creators, cause exploring ourselves, and others will be our new reality.
Sweet love Bishop :):):) ..nice of You to share Your well-intented Job,with us.
...I guess ,sweet sparks of SoE here,took all the words away, ... .
But ,I appreciate a lot your share ,and look forward to hear more,from You.

. NAMASTE Great guy.Love.
This is realy great, I like what you are doing Bishop, for the people by the people,I know it is welknown used quote but if its intend with integrety it is the best quote ever !!!

I wonder if there is such a company like yours in Holland?

Thanks dear Bishop for sharing :)))
Thank you all greatly for your input and kind words :D
I know we really can create a great society!!!

Yeah it has been a good job and i have really enjoyed my time there. but regrettably, i was only on a 6month contract there :( So unfortunately, as of last friday, im not really employed there any more. im hoping to do at least a few hours here or there which hopefully there will be some funding for, or at least a little bit of volunteering, as it would beat doing nothing all day on the dole again.
Im a little worried at the moment to be honest cos we have the new 'condemned' government here in the uk, and im not sure right now how this might affect benefits, if i cant find a new job that suits me right away.
im thinking self employment could be a good idea. but i will be looking for another job too. ideally, i want to do product design, as this is what i have a degree in and enjoy very much too. Unfortunately finding a job in engineering, or any decent job to be honest is haarrrd. but i must keep my chin up :)
What i would really love is to get in to design on green ideas and for innovations for energy saving and things for helping people in some way haha
Time to pull out my citrine crystal to see what i can manifest lol!

much love everyone :D

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