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Tsionics is the use of energy to effect the inner and outer realities you live in.
To do this you need to have a good knowledge and practical experience in moving energy through your chakras. The chakras are primarily your layers of consciousness, however you can use these as directional nodes to move energy through your meridians, and direct it to your whim.

We will begin with some basic exercises to start awakening your aura, this will get your etheral body used to conscious energy movement. Practice of Tai Chi, Chi Gong and other eastern pranic traditions are helpful, start researching and trying as many different things as possible, but remember in the end YOU have to create your own unique 'style' to make it work the best for you.

Pranic Breathing
Close your eyes, and relax all your body. Start a breathing pattern of 4-4-4-4 - In for 4, hold 4, out 4, hold 4. On each breathe in, imagine yourself breathing in a thick cloud of bright golden energy from the universe. Breathe this in to your heart chakra and hold. As you are holding this golden energy expands filling up your entire being. Breath it out, and push it up out of your crown chakra. When you breathe out feel all the negativity in you being released with it.
Do this breathing into the heart chakra, then the base chakra until you get a feel for these.

Charging using the hands
Close your eyes, relax body. Get yourself into a light meditation, and then start to draw bright golden energy in using your hands until they are both glowing brightly. To get the motion flowing, imagine energy moving down about a foot above your hands, and going into your hands and into your arms. This should get some motion going. This may need to be practiced a bit in order to feel what you are doing - however you will be charging with golden energy - even if you dont quite feel it yet. You need to get used to energy - if you are already there, disregard the previous statement.

It is important to spend time to get to know you chakras, what makes them them, and how they work and breathe. They will become clogged from time to time, and in the next post i will discuss how to open and cleanse chakras. I will be attaching a document with instructions on how to open up all the 7 main chakras. This is vital and cannot be 'sped up', there is no shortcut. The end result should entail you being able to move energy around your body at will, eyes open or closed and to be able to feel it. I can say it IS possible.. And it makes life alot more fun :)

Do as thou wilt,
Love is the law,
Love under will.


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