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Catching The Wave

There will be a wave that sweeps over the planet and bathes everything in transformative light energy much stronger than has ever been experienced on this planet. It is not far off, in fact it is very close now. Like leaves turning to the light or flower petals opening to the sun, everything, including all humans will be exposed to this wave and have the opportunity to be lifted up. If you can match the frequency of this wave then you will remain up.

Each human is born with a very efficient energy collection system which cannot be detected by science. This system is known as the energy body and there are seven major centers in the human body. During human life on earth, just as the body ages and blood flow is restricted in the veins and arteries, so this energy body begins to suffer from blockages. Food and beverages which are not healthy for the body contribute to the blockages in the physical body just like attitudes and beliefs contribute to the blockages in the energy body.

Human doctors have been able to remove the build up of plaque that builds up over a lifetime and blocks blood flow in the physical body, but only the individual person himself, can remove the blockages from the energy body. The optimum situation is to unblock all the energy centers so that when this wave washes over the planet, the energy body is able to draw into itself enough of the love-light energy to match the frequency of the wave.

The main areas where the energy body gets restrictions and blockages are in the throat area, the heart area, the solar plexus, the sacral area and the root near the base of the spine. The natural state for humans is that of harmony and peace, acceptance and love for self and others. Medical science has long known that beliefs play a major role in both disease and healing. A child taught he should be afraid to speak his mind can become blocked in the area of the throat where there is a major energy center.
Learning how to speak up for oneself gives a feeling of release which is not imaginary. The mind can bind one or loosen one and is a powerful tool. Even those who have carried these distortions for decades can unblock their energy centers and allow the free flow of energy to continue it’s pathway through the body.

A heart cannot open if the three lower centers are jammed up so to speak. The human heart must be open to others about halfway to welcome in this wave of energy enough to match the vibration of the wave, but also the heart must accept one’s own distortions and be at peace with the self, and see one’s own worthiness and value.

Those who have spent a lifetime allowing others to guide their decisions can then become blocked in the solar plexus which is the personal power center. Power and the abuse of power are often confused. Abuse is attempting to control others. Personal power is granted to each human being so he or she can steer their own life and make their own decisions.

Relationships and family groups and sexual relationships affect the sacral area. Blockages in this area are very common. When we say fear is at the root of things we mean that also quite literally since fear of every kind is the biggest distortion and restrictor of energy flow. The lower spine is sometimes called the root and those who grow up with, or live with fear, are very often blocked at the base of the spine.

Every teacher of cosmic truth has taught ways to unblock the energy body. This is because they knew centuries in advance that humanity would be experiencing this wave in it’s future and they wished to show humans how to lift themselves up by unblocking their own energy bodies in preparation for this wave.

Fear, stress, worry, grudges, resentment, jealousy, hate, envy, and feelings of being worthless block the energy body. Releasing of judgment, fear, worry and replacing them with forgiveness, allowance, acceptance and self appreciation opens up the energy body to the flood of living life waters in the form of love-light energy.

What would you think if I were to tell you that the pattern Christ displayed in his thinking and conduct was not conceived on planet earth, nor is it new. It is offered to all planetary populations prior to this wave, and in this case it was two thousand years ago. The messenger Jesus never meant for a giant religion to spring up which taught that he was the only savior. What he taught and left behind were instructions; optimum specifications for opening the blocked energy body. Examine his teachings without the religiosity attached and without the fear of punishment that religious teachers have themselves attached. The term Christ is known through the universe as The Kristed or Kristaic pattern and also the same as the right thinking, right action Buddha taught. This is why all earth religions seem to have a common theme of love since love is the pathway to the open heart and the open energy body.

Imagine, for a moment, attempting to explain the energy body to individuals thousands of years ago. This would not have been acceptable then, so terms were used which could be accepted. The written works of so many cultures mentions “The Great Purification” and so this term means different things to different people. The Bible mentions in many places this purification. Now if we consider distortions and blockages from negative thought patterns as a form of spiritual pollution, much as debris and refuse clogs up waterways preventing the free flow of water, then this cleansing and purification becomes toxic thoughts forms that each individual must deal with if they wish to lift themselves to the frequency of this wave of energy. Those who do not know or care are not bad, dirty, evil or lost as religions would have us think, instead these individuals are very seriously blocked so that they have reduced the free flow of energy down to a trickle. This will not be their only chance to lift themselves up, but they may have to wait sometime for the next one.

This wave has been slowly building for many years, as more and more intelligent energy has been entering the minds and hearts of those who have gotten the message they need to work on their spiritual clearing. The most accurate depiction of this process was mentioned as described by the Hopi who say that all humanity is standing in front of a large mirror. A mirror of course reveals what the internal personal really is since this is a spiritual mirror. This energy reveals things that are hidden on a global, national and personal level. The feeling of change is in the air, so to speak. Lies are less to be tolerated and not just in others. The main idea of this energy is to examine the self for all those clogged spiritual arteries. It feels so good to drop a grudge one has been holding and forgive. It also feels good to accept oneself with one’s flaws as loved and worthy by the Creator. It lifts a burden to just accept family members as they are and not try to change them since this is not the way change comes about.

It is all so freeing to speak one’s truth, to drop fear of the future, fear of not having enough material goods and fear of death. It is a relief to find one’s own power and untangle the strings of obligation and voluntary servitude by just walking away from situations in which one feels like a slave.

And especially it feels so good to open the heart to life and the world and just accept that all things that happen are for a reason, even if we do not see the immediate reasons. It is the best feeling just to trust the good mind of the Mother/Father God in all things and release all cares and worries.


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