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Can anyone find the book on the net: Conversation with God.

Because paradoxically it is completely not about the God. This book is not about It, that's why it is so good. I have it in another language, but would be better in English and I offer it to everyone. In it a guy speaks or channels directly the Source, and in the beginning he thinks that it is the God who speaks with him, but this "'God" explains that such a term God doesn't exist, it is Source, All that is, Universe, The One etc. Very good conversation in an automatic writing manner. I loved this book so much, I have it in electronic form, but not English. A very useful tool for development, because its language is a chattering or a very warm speech between the two (or the person and the Infinite :) thus it is more than 2). So enjoy it if you find it. Namaste

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Thank you, do you like it? Actually he mention in the third book the aliens as well and what there life is.

Dusty said:
Here you go. Enjoy. And thanks for the indirect recomandation. I will start reading it too.
Which one of the Conversation with God are you looking for?
Volume I, II or III ?
I'll attach all three and enjoy them.
Ciao. Love & Light.
In what language do you have it? I love reading in foreign languages because it helps me learn more, so if you have it in German or French in particular, I would be curious to read your non-English version.

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