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Lord Sananda

‘A Call to all Light Workers to Action’

message channeled through Judith K. Moore (USA) (July20, 2009)

Ascended Masters are holding Earth's ascension pathway: three powerful
cosmic rays that are moving into our field at
different angles, from different parts of cosmic consciousness, which is the
mind of master form. The Earth experienced these rays before at the end
of the age of the dinosaurs..

explains that these three cosmic rays are intersecting in the Earth. I am being
shown a triangle, the points of which intersect in different places on the
planet. Two rays intersect and go through the planet and a third
intersects the two on the other side of the planet, forming a triangle.
The cosmic force of these rays is
unprecedented with a vibration that has already begun to affect our ionic
balance. I am told that through the ray of the Seventh Ray of Sananda, we
are able to support the Earth through what is about to occur.

of the energy grids, that have been empowered through the work of
light-workers, serve to create a mantle of negative ions, crystal light,
healing light and now the Ninth Octave is viable. I, Lord Sananda,
speak to you now through my
messenger. It is the love that you generate through your hearts, the
faith that you have, that creates a new potential for Earth at this time.
It is the capacity to move beyond the impact of the hologram when the
cosmic rays intersect the planet. You are capable now of moving beyond
cataclysm. This refers to the possible end of much of the Earth's
ecosystem, a time of complete change in the atmosphere of the planet.
This is your understanding of the end of the age of the dinosaurs when the
planet lost its ability to be viable and most of the bio-systems were

formation of consciousness, through Sananda and the Ascended Masters, is now
sufficient enough to activate a mantle of energy from the heart matrix and
create a holographic heart. The point of intersection is through
England. The first two rays
intersect in England. Then if you draw an imaginary
line, at an angle through the planet, the intersection points, for the second
two rays, can easily be located and when the third ray comes through the core
of the planet, through the mantle of the planet.
third ray has the potential of tearing the earth's mantle. It's the
third ray that can have such an impact. The intersection points can
trigger the tectonic plates into massive Earth changes. This is avoidable
but we, the Ascended Masters, must work with all humans who can connect to us.
There are many off-planet, extra-terrestrial intelligences that will
assist you in creating a time gap. Earth must be moved beyond space and
time for a short duration. The recent intensities over this past week
that have been observed are ionic, affected by the ionic changes as these first
two cosmic rays enter Earth's planes. They have not yet intersected, but
are expected to do so on the planet on August 7th.

The harmony of the dove, the harmony of peace, is viable now. The
Ninth Octave is essential so that the community of light-workers may
focus on the Grandmothers so as to establish a heart matrix, a mantle.
This is to stabilize the Earth's dynamic energy, to prepare to
transcend space and time so as to avoid the place, in the space-time
continuum, where the rift would tear the mantle of the Earth. The 13
Grandmothers have prepared a time for global peace prayer. We, the
Ascended Masters and your benevolent cosmic family, will connect to
you at that time. It is essential that everyone form a heart,
holographic heart. This holographic heart will sustain the impact of
the August 7th intersection in Englandand ultimately the Earth will be
moved beyond space-time on August 7th and be returned into this
timeline after the cataclysm.

Some of you may have seen this occur in car accidents where time is
spliced and passengers are moved beyond the damage of that accident.
We must now do this for Earth.. We must move Earth beyond the time
frame of cataclysm when the cosmic rays enter the mantle of the
planet. This can be done through the opening of a holographic heart on
August 5th and we continue to focus on peace.. Those days of August
5th, 6th and 7th are the final days for the manifestation of new
consciousness, harmonic polarities and interactions between your mind
and the Mind of God, the Heart of Creation.

It is essential that you maintain your own personal balance, staying
in the peaceful centre so as not to allow extreme energies of
unresolved fears or any chaos factor to create dysfunction or
disharmony. It is essential, after the 5-7 August, that you pray for
peace during your daily movements and activities. The community of
faith on this planet is a powerful force of creation now.

You who receive this message will be the transducers for the
collective and as you work with this field, try to visualise, through
the Ray of Sananda, that the Earth becomes the holographic heart. The
heart chakra on the planet will be supported by the cosmic spiral and
by all other chakra systems. All other chakra systems support the
heart chakra and the Earth will be absorbed in the energy of the heart
chakra. This is a time which calls upon your compassion, when your
love is to be the force of creation that will transcend physical
potential reality and create a different reality through the
holographic heart, the Ray of Sananda. This will, in turn, trigger the
heart response over these three days that will be felt by all humans,
on one level or another. You are asked to feel love, and to feel it
powerfully. These three days are essential to the experience of loving
communication, loving exchange from the heart source of your God Self.
This will
trigger waves of the vibration of Sananda throughout the global
collective experience.

We are not asking you to meditate for three days. You are being asked,
instead, to be conscious of your actions, thoughts, words and deeds
over these three days with a total focus on the heart and on positive
thought. Your energy fields generate powerful ionic forces. When you
think positively it sustains the Earth through its changes and
challenges. When you allow your minds to become occupied with
old-paradigm thinking, the ionic field of the planet is actually
affected. You are the Bringers of the Dawn. You have stepped forward
to be agents of harmony for the polar opposites that create discord
through dense vibrations. You must now hold every mind, every human on
this planet in thoughts of compassion and support. Lift up your fellow
humans, lift them up into the light, lift them up into the heart of
Sananda, lift them up into the Ray of Sananda. The whole planet's
vibration, through the Ray of the Dove, through the ray of peace,
the Ninth Octave must sustain a harmony you will have accomplished
during your world peace prayers.

This harmony must be sustained through the 5th, 6th and 7th of August.
This is to be accomplished, not just by your prayers and meditations,
but by the way you live, for that is the greatest prayer and
meditation. Your daily compassion are the greatest prayer and
meditation: your daily focus on peaceful communication, on conflict
resolution, on dreaming. This will be a powerful time to dream of
things which bring harmony to the Earth - the plans that you have for
global-renovation projects. This is the time to focus on the
manifestation aspect of peace projects, education projects, healing
projects. Focus! If you are a healer, focus on your healing during
those days. Use your gifts, use your skills. If you are an artist,
focus on art. If you are a mother focus on your child. Whatever your
vocation and activity, bring your every energy to fruition, through
your ability to manifest peace, create beauty and sustain the harmony
for these
three days. This is the assistance that we, the Ascended Masters,
need. A total focus for three days.

The ionic dissonance has already begun. This transmission advises you
of the essential field that you may participate in, together with us
and with your cosmic brothers, the cosmic Christ Council, the Brethren
of Light, through your cosmic light family, the Cosmic Christ. This
message is to be sent into the world web from Lord Sananda. When you
receive this message, know with confidence that you have already
transcended this challenge. You have nothing to fear. This cataclysm
will not be, but your participation is an absolutely essential element
of the pattern that will carry you in the transformative sense. This
pattern, once the cosmic rays enter Gaia's Trinity Gate, will open to
the cosmic force. But this entrance will have a great impact and you
will be able to help avoid any catastrophic effects on the Earth's
mantle and the Earth's changes.

We bring this message to your heart and you, the family of light, who
are the tools for the Ascension energies. Many of you are already
living in ascension patterns, you are living on new timelines. You are
to think of yourselves as if in a boat, the Ascension ship, the
lightship similar to those which served in the ascension of the
Anasazi (or Anastasi) Native American people. You are on that
ascension plane now and you can form a life raft for the Earth with
the holographic heart of Sananda, the Ray of Sananda. We, the Ascended
Masters, will be with you. Your Cosmic Christ Light family supports
you and works through you; your masters and guides will work through
you. All is in order, all is in Divine and perfect harmony. Your
awareness that you truly have the opportunity to transcend this
massive cataclysm, creates a pattern for the transformation of your
hologram of the planet.

Once the Gaia gate and the trinity rays are in place in the Earth
heart matrix, it will be a powerful cosmic force to facilitate the
transformation of the old hologram. It will facilitate into manifest
form the new hologram.. The Eagle Count Calendar is the time calendar,
the rhythm for you to transcend and go beyond all physical potential
and no longer be limited by the perception of physical challenges.
This has been shown to you, for example, by miraculous cures from
cancer. You are no longer limited by the physical body and the Earth
which is no longer limited by her historical physical limitations that
created Earth changes in the past and during great cycles of change.

But this is an absolute and ultimate moment for co-operation among the
groups of light-beings despite apparent differences. Now is the time
for unity, for Sananda's holographic heart, to sustain the planet and
transcend any physical limitations.

I, Sananda, bring you this message in full confidence, that you have
already prepared yourselves. You have surrendered to peace, you have
surrendered to faith, and you have prepared yourselves. But these
three days will be the ones that open the greatest potential and the
greatest opportunity for you. And on August 8, you will reach the
Infinity Gate.

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Sebayot
Yod Hey Vod Hey, Yahweh
As above, so below, As the spirit, so the soul
As without, so within, as within so without.
Blessed be. So be it, and so it is. Amen.

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I consider this message to be valuable too. When Jose V. posted it as blog "Sananda: Join in Opening Earth's Holographic Heart 8/5 - 8/7 To Reach The Infinity Gate on 8/8", immediately I was drawn to it.

Also Drunvalo Melchizedek spoke about "BIG" changes in energy happening in August. See point 5 of this week's posted summary by Marie, of Drunvalo's Live Broadcast on the 29 July last.

Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth

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