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Written by: Adam DeGray

Today I have an important message to share. I am writing this message two days after Barack Obama became President of the United States of America. January 20th marked a monumental day for the entire world. It placed this planet on a certain distinct future path. But one question remains: is it one for the better, or for the worse?

*Barack Obama – Possibilities of Truth and Light?*

Signing an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay? Telling military commanders in Iraq to prepare their troops for withdrawal within 16 months or sooner? Spreading a distinct message of working for peace? Readying a comprehensive economic recovery package that will actually help the people instead of the major corporations? These are only a handful of things Barack Obama has already done being President for only 48 hours.

There has been much speculation about Barack Obama. Is he part of the Illuminati? Is he not? What is the truth? For many, this question wasn’t even thought about in the beginning. Then comes the Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski stories. Now the pessimists had something to attach Barack Obama to. But what if those stories were false?

Let me say this. NO-ONE knows the whole truth about anything. I don’t care who you are. Knowing the whole truth about a certain situation is impossible when it comes to something that is outside of yourself. People always speculate and then write about those speculations. There are two types of speculations: an optimistic one, and a pessimistic one. Is it not better to think optimistically opposed to pessimistically? I guess only you can answer that question.

The Law of Attraction states that what one thinks about the most will manifest. This goes all the way down to your feelings and emotions. Most people already know that. My point is this. When it comes to Barack Obama, is it not better to view him optimistically opposed to pessimistically? Think about it.

*Barack Obama – An ET Perspective*

It has been quite some time since I have heard from my Galactic Federation of Light ET contacts. To be exact, it has been almost 3 months. I knew something was happening up “above”, and I thought whatever it is, they don’t want me to know yet for unknown reasons. Then came the Presidential Inauguration; and that night brought me a surplus of information from my ET contacts. The following is what I was told.

1) President Barack Obama is a lightworker.
2) January 20th officially placed this planet on the path towards the Golden Age of PEACE and LOVE.
3) The message I wrote a couple of months ago about the Illuminati being completely out of power and useless by February 1st 2009 is still correct. This WILL happen.
4) NESARA has dramatically been changed. The “N” should now be replaced with a “G.”
5) The worldwide financial crisis will NOT bring a severe depression in any country. There has been “behind the scenes” activity to clear up this worldwide financial situation.
6) 2008 marked a change. 2009 will mark a new era!

That is all I am allowed to say and elaborate on for now. Focus on the positivity and always be optimistic. The dark on this planet has been defeated and the light will start to shine in all aspects of life on this planet. Don’t worry about anything. Just sit back, live your life and be happy, and watch what this year will bring. It will be unforgettable.

Awakening Humanity is a newly formed online community that focuses upon informing others about the truth of the world. Awakening Humanity is an activism movement whose goal is to awaken humanity as much as possible. Anybody is free to join.

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why is NESARA now GESARA?
Good lets throw out this piece of trash system and start doing things right in fact why wait until February first lets change the world for the better right freaking now!!!!!
thanks I will be there now
January 26 is a Solstice and I read on many sites that a plenty of Energy will be sent on that they to the Earth, perhaps the crucial steps will be started concerning Gesara and other things.

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