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Busting Loose From the Money Game - Mind-Blowing Strategies For Changing the Rules of A Game You Can't Win

Book Review by Maricel Piercey, Author of 'Complete' A Tale of Awakening

"If you haven't already read (or heard about) Busting Loose From the
Money Game - DO IT! I highly, highly recommend this book - the concepts
the author conveys are absolutely paradigm shifting in regards to your
relationship with money (and truly, anything else in your life)
including all the belief systems you've ever been taught and held
staunchly to (including for those trying to live 'The Law of
Attraction') in this 'Game' called life. In my opinion,it is by far, in
terms of how you'd really like to experience your life, the most compelling and completely myth shattering material."

You guys, this book literally takes all you've ever learned about
manifesting your desires, ie. attracting abundance, better jobs, loving
relationships, etc., to a whole new level - turning the whole 'Law of
Attraction' principle literally, on its head. Felt compelled to share
the information with you all. I highly recommend clicking on the link below the actual review to give
you a better idea of what the author's concepts are - absolutely worth
it. This, coming from one who walked the 'Law of Attraction' on pretty much, a daily

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