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Global Research, August 9, 2011


Britain saw its third consecutive night of widespread burning of properties and looting as riot police failed to contain gangs of masked youths marauding several parts of the capital, London.


There were reports too of violence fanning out to other cities across Britain. And some commentators were even suggesting that the British Army might have to be redeployed from Northern Ireland to help restore order. Armoured police vehicles are now patrolling London streets amid calls in the media for the use of water cannons and plastic bullets.


Politicians, police chiefs and the media have reacted to the chaos by labelling it as the result of “mindless criminality” that has seemingly sprung from nowhere. ‘The Rule of the Mob’ declared the rightwing Daily Telegraph. ‘Mob Rule’ is how the more liberal Independent put it.


Home Secretary Theresa May stridently denounced “unacceptable thuggery”. London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Tim Godwin vowed that culprits would be tracked down and brought before the courts. He appealed to Londoners to identify individuals caught on CCTV and amateur video footage.


Nearly 500 arrests have been made so far and police numbers in the capital have been tripled overnight to 16,000, with officers being drawn in from other parts of the country.


Although the arson attacks on commercial and residential premises do have an element of criminal spontaneity by disparate groups of youths, it is simply delusional for Britain’s political leaders, police forces and the media to claim that it is all a matter of law and order.


The burning issues that need to be addressed to explain the outburst of arson, looting and rioting are endemic racism endured by Britain’s black community and, more generally, the deepening poverty that is increasingly racking British society.


Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his summer holiday in Italy by flying home to London to hold a special “emergency security” meeting with other Cabinet members.


Speaking outside Downing Street today and visibly vexed by the unfolding chaos, Cameron condemned “pure and simple criminality that must be defeated”. The government, he said, stands with “all law-abiding citizens”.


Opposition Labour party leader Ed Milliband and the Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson are also making hasty returns to the capital from abroad to deal with a crisis that seems to be spiralling out of control. The British Parliament is to be recalled from its summer recess later this week so that “all parliamentarians can stand to together” to face down the sudden disorder.


The disturbances – the worst in almost 30 years – began last Saturday in the rundown north London inner-city area of Tottenham. That followed the shooting dead two days earlier of a young black man by police officers.


Mark Duggan was fatally shot by an armed police unit as he sat in his car. Police claimed that the man was threatening to use a gun. However, family and friends of the 29-year-old victim strongly denied that he was armed or involved in any criminal activity. The death is the subject of a police inquiry, but it has emerged that only two shots were fired in the incident, both by police officers.


Sinisterly, BBC news reports on the killing have invariably showed what appeared to be a family photo of Duggan taken before his death in which he is seen holding up his hand up in mock gangster style.


Angered by what they saw as a gratuitous police shooting and lack of immediate answers from authorities, the mixed black and white community in Tottenham held a vigil for the victim on Saturday. With tensions running high in the area, the peaceful rally turned into a riot against police, and several properties, including police cars, were attacked and set alight.


Since then, similar disturbances have now spread to other parts of the capital, including Peckham, Brixton, Hackney, Lewisham and Clapham. A Sony factory was reduced to a charred shell in Enfield in north London. In the outer south London district of Croydon – several miles from Tottenham – there was a huge blaze last night after a large commercial property was torched. Even the affluent, leafy borough of Ealing in west London saw upmarket boutiques and residences attacked and destroyed by fire.


The distraught owner of the razed family business in Croydon struggled to comprehend why his 150-year-old furniture shop had been targeted. Nevertheless his few words of disbelief had a ring of truth that the politicians and media commentators seem oblivious to. “There must be something deeply wrong about the [political] system,” he said.


Police forces are seen to be struggling to contain the upsurge in street violence, with groups of youths appearing to go on the rampage at will, breaking into shop fronts and stealing goods. A real fear among the authorities is the spreading of disorder and violence to other cities, with reports emerging of similar disturbances in the centre of Birmingham in the British midlands, and further north in Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester.


Inner-city deprived black communities in Britain complain of routine heavy-handed policing that is openly racist. Community leaders tell of aggressive stop-and-search methods by police that target black youths. The community leaders say that racist policing is as bad as it was during the 1980s when riots broke out in 1985 after a black woman, Cynthia Jarrett, died in a police raid on her home in Broadwater Farm, London.


In the latest spate of violence – on a much greater scale than in the 1980s – there is no suggestion that subsequent street disturbances to the initial Tottenham riots are racially motivated. The growing number of areas and youths involved in arson, rioting and looting do not appear to be driven merely out of solidarity for the young black victim of police violence last week, although that may be a factor for some. Many of the disturbances in London and elsewhere seem to be caused by white and black youths together and separately.


But there is one common factor in all of this that the politicians and media are studiously ignoring: the massive poverty, unemployment and social deprivation that are now the lot for so many of Britain’s communities.


Britain’s social decay has been seething over several decades, overseen by Conservative and Labour governments alike. As with other European countries and the United States, the social fabric of Britain has been torn asunder by economic policies that have deliberately widened the gap between rich and poor.


The collapse of manufacturing bases, the spawning of low-paid menial jobs, unemployment and cuts in public services and facilities have all been accompanied by systematic lowering of taxation on the rich elite. Britain’s national debt, as with that of the Europe and the US, can be attributed in large part to decades of pursuing neoliberal policies of prosperity for the rich and austerity for the poor – the burden of which is felt most keenly in inner-city neighbourhoods.


David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Coalition government has greatly magnified this debt burden on the poor with its swingeing austerity cuts since coming to office last year. Ironically, only days before the latest burnings and riots, British government spokesmen were congratulating themselves for “making the right decision” in driving through crippling economic austerity measures that have so far spared the United Kingdom from the overt fiscal woes seen elsewhere in Europe.


But as thousands of Britain’s youths now lash out at symbols of authority/austerity, breaking into shops to loot clothes and other consumer goods that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, the social eruption may be just a sign of even greater woes to come for the Disunited Kingdom.



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ANYONE who is judging this situation, listen to this for at least the first 5 minutes

...........then you decide, are you one of them or one of us. If you choose the latter, put on a hoodie, some baggie jeans, and old gym shoes and join the thugs......lead them to who the criminals are instead of condemning them for being confused!!!


There you go!!!! Kids who are not scum involved and just what the elites have planned.....turn against your neighbor and snitch on everyone causing a revolution!!!!

That is part of the problem!!!! People in the middle who wont do a thing to make a difference for everyone, just their own lives. Denounce destruction all you want and your half hearted wish of luck on their journeys, but peace is not getting anyone anywhere. Showering these enormous issues with love and light is becoming utter bullshit and not working. The poor get poorer, called animals and treated lesser than dirt. They are what we all should be doing instead of sitting on our asses and doing NOTHING!!!!!!   As for myself, I have disengaged from every governmental system I can.  No bank, no money, no job, refusal to pay debts in taxes and for anyone who dares approach me to try to collect anything, destruction WILL ensue!!!!  When the flames start here, I will be in the front lines fanning them on every front I can as only warriors would do, bcuz TIME IS UP.

paTricia T. said:

And then there is us in the middle that do not agree with either side because they merely reflect each other. Destruction is destruction no matter what mask it wears. But I do wish those  here at SOE  that chose to be a part of the aggressive revolution...well with that part of your journey.  Where I am, I am working towards some other things that are foundations for the future ...when the dust settles.  

2D...Bushtarian "your either with us or against us".   There are more than two many more sides than you could imagine.


"Human beings fear chaos as much as they fear darkness and we guide that both are teachings of illusion. Chaos is a natural occurrence and there needs to be some form of chaos to break down that which no longer serves. It is becoming more and more apparent that the way that human BEings have created their societies is incapable of sustaining those who are awakening. Whilst you work with restrictive monetary institutions, whilst you see each as separate and competition exists then there can be no support. We guide you to detach from the apparent chaos and stand back from the fear that is being planted by illusion and it is being planted."
The Galactic Federation of Light Council of Orion, August 11 2011.

Chaos is a natural process but it is illusion. We must detach from Chaos. My apologies for dancing with this materialist illusion and offending anyone with inappropriate bluster. This has been a very good discussion, thank you Simmy and Trudy.

In the middle
Not going left, nor going right
not seeing black nor seeing white
No emotions high no emotions low
No wisper and no shout
No thoughts in no thoughts out
I am in the middle ... of nowhere!!!

paTricia T. said:

And then there is us in the middle that do not agree with either side because they merely reflect each other. Destruction is destruction no matter what mask it wears. But I do wish those  here at SOE  that chose to be a part of the aggressive revolution...well with that part of your journey.  Where I am, I am working towards some other things that are foundations for the future ...when the dust settles.  

2D...Bushtarian "your either with us or against us".   There are more than two many more sides than you could imagine.


First, what simone said in her opinion clearly offended someone as that individual thanked us later. Neither Trudy nor I told Simone to leave. She had her chance to respond to her narrow minded thinking and towards others, hurtful. She opted to leave altogether, not even with so much of an apology for how she came across to another member here.  That was really a great show of love and light!!! 

Secondly, gets your facts straight, i never asked anyone to repect my opinion, in fact i welcome people to challenge it or correct me if i am wrong.  What simone was saying was not a personal attack as it didnt include me, but pertained to another group of people getting judged by ignorance and it is my biggest pet peeve. Why didnt you say anything on that thread? Why didnt you have an opinion? Why didnt you help the situation out? Were you just in the middle of the road?

You want to fight evil? Do it in all corners, not just where you pick and choose. Many people are called to speak for or protect the under-privilidged, disenfranchised, judged, oppressed, defenseless. Most of us who answer that call put families second no matter the cost, which to me is a greater legacy to leave behind than doing nothing. Some of us choose to speak up and some of us choose to sit on the sidelines and go along with the herd. Im not one of them.

As for the elite, they sure have won the hearts and minds of the compliant and apathetic as so many sit back and say and do nothing for fear of reprisal. This is a winning ticket for them.

I cant believe you have the nerve to  say "think outside yourselves please". Seems like you need to step outside your family comfort zone and start sticking up for the right things instead of being middle of the road, because it effects us all!!! Nobody said for you to throw your kids in the fray, but take a stand if you are so against evil.  When the global revolution comes knockin on your door, you arent going to have the choice of getting your kids out of the way of danger because rebels arent going to give a fuck.  As is happening in london and all over the world at this point, they see you with a house and all kinds of goodies and they will see you as part of the problem.


paTricia T. said:

Your right Nonya as it was both of your that attacked Simone on that thread. I don't know what Simone had said other than give  her opinion.  So that is the point actually. Both you and Trudy here are insisting that your opinions be respected and yet you take personal attack at someone else opinion because it offends you.  So why is that ok?  Why the personal digs?  One thing that is clear, the dark elite are doing a very good job at turning people against each other. 

You know what...I am here to fight the evil on this planet not to fight with you guys. 

Please stop fighting guys.  I love you all and love reading all of your opinions and posts.  I understand some things have been said and people are upset and hurt.  Everyone is entitled to that and their opinions.  As cliche as this sounds lets bump this post and just move  along.  


I see this happening all around me every day with all of the people i talk to.  You guys always remind me there is something better then the para-dime that has been constructed around us to enslave us. It really hurts me inside to see all good people searching for truth upset in anger with each other.  It is a natural form of expression from stress and the energies on this planet right now.  Love you all.



We are on this site to grow in our light and to grow in our resistance against the dark cabal. We all know that the world is about to burst. Then something unexpected happens. The powerful media have an immediate answer ready, the scumbags attacking our cities!

It's not for me to understand that there are people that I thought to have seen the light, and know who controls us .. they go along in the hysteria of the mainstream media.
You would expect that the line plotted for honesty and good life for all people on earth, now would be clear for all ...
... but no, they stunned and cling to their materialistic things, have their answer ready immediately ... and condemn it, what brought them through the hypnotic TV.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who did participate in this discussion *L*
Indeed we all are entitled to our own opinion, and it is through these sort of discussions you know where you stand in life...

Namasté and please do not forget WE ARE ALL ONE :)))

It is great to be back, glad to see you are all still here :-)



Glad Tony thought otherwise  :)))
Glad to see you Tony!

Tony said:

It is great to be back, glad to see you are all still here :-)



Hey! good to see you Tony! and yes much love to you all. :)

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