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Global Research, August 9, 2011


Britain saw its third consecutive night of widespread burning of properties and looting as riot police failed to contain gangs of masked youths marauding several parts of the capital, London.


There were reports too of violence fanning out to other cities across Britain. And some commentators were even suggesting that the British Army might have to be redeployed from Northern Ireland to help restore order. Armoured police vehicles are now patrolling London streets amid calls in the media for the use of water cannons and plastic bullets.


Politicians, police chiefs and the media have reacted to the chaos by labelling it as the result of “mindless criminality” that has seemingly sprung from nowhere. ‘The Rule of the Mob’ declared the rightwing Daily Telegraph. ‘Mob Rule’ is how the more liberal Independent put it.


Home Secretary Theresa May stridently denounced “unacceptable thuggery”. London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Tim Godwin vowed that culprits would be tracked down and brought before the courts. He appealed to Londoners to identify individuals caught on CCTV and amateur video footage.


Nearly 500 arrests have been made so far and police numbers in the capital have been tripled overnight to 16,000, with officers being drawn in from other parts of the country.


Although the arson attacks on commercial and residential premises do have an element of criminal spontaneity by disparate groups of youths, it is simply delusional for Britain’s political leaders, police forces and the media to claim that it is all a matter of law and order.


The burning issues that need to be addressed to explain the outburst of arson, looting and rioting are endemic racism endured by Britain’s black community and, more generally, the deepening poverty that is increasingly racking British society.


Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his summer holiday in Italy by flying home to London to hold a special “emergency security” meeting with other Cabinet members.


Speaking outside Downing Street today and visibly vexed by the unfolding chaos, Cameron condemned “pure and simple criminality that must be defeated”. The government, he said, stands with “all law-abiding citizens”.


Opposition Labour party leader Ed Milliband and the Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson are also making hasty returns to the capital from abroad to deal with a crisis that seems to be spiralling out of control. The British Parliament is to be recalled from its summer recess later this week so that “all parliamentarians can stand to together” to face down the sudden disorder.


The disturbances – the worst in almost 30 years – began last Saturday in the rundown north London inner-city area of Tottenham. That followed the shooting dead two days earlier of a young black man by police officers.


Mark Duggan was fatally shot by an armed police unit as he sat in his car. Police claimed that the man was threatening to use a gun. However, family and friends of the 29-year-old victim strongly denied that he was armed or involved in any criminal activity. The death is the subject of a police inquiry, but it has emerged that only two shots were fired in the incident, both by police officers.


Sinisterly, BBC news reports on the killing have invariably showed what appeared to be a family photo of Duggan taken before his death in which he is seen holding up his hand up in mock gangster style.


Angered by what they saw as a gratuitous police shooting and lack of immediate answers from authorities, the mixed black and white community in Tottenham held a vigil for the victim on Saturday. With tensions running high in the area, the peaceful rally turned into a riot against police, and several properties, including police cars, were attacked and set alight.


Since then, similar disturbances have now spread to other parts of the capital, including Peckham, Brixton, Hackney, Lewisham and Clapham. A Sony factory was reduced to a charred shell in Enfield in north London. In the outer south London district of Croydon – several miles from Tottenham – there was a huge blaze last night after a large commercial property was torched. Even the affluent, leafy borough of Ealing in west London saw upmarket boutiques and residences attacked and destroyed by fire.


The distraught owner of the razed family business in Croydon struggled to comprehend why his 150-year-old furniture shop had been targeted. Nevertheless his few words of disbelief had a ring of truth that the politicians and media commentators seem oblivious to. “There must be something deeply wrong about the [political] system,” he said.


Police forces are seen to be struggling to contain the upsurge in street violence, with groups of youths appearing to go on the rampage at will, breaking into shop fronts and stealing goods. A real fear among the authorities is the spreading of disorder and violence to other cities, with reports emerging of similar disturbances in the centre of Birmingham in the British midlands, and further north in Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester.


Inner-city deprived black communities in Britain complain of routine heavy-handed policing that is openly racist. Community leaders tell of aggressive stop-and-search methods by police that target black youths. The community leaders say that racist policing is as bad as it was during the 1980s when riots broke out in 1985 after a black woman, Cynthia Jarrett, died in a police raid on her home in Broadwater Farm, London.


In the latest spate of violence – on a much greater scale than in the 1980s – there is no suggestion that subsequent street disturbances to the initial Tottenham riots are racially motivated. The growing number of areas and youths involved in arson, rioting and looting do not appear to be driven merely out of solidarity for the young black victim of police violence last week, although that may be a factor for some. Many of the disturbances in London and elsewhere seem to be caused by white and black youths together and separately.


But there is one common factor in all of this that the politicians and media are studiously ignoring: the massive poverty, unemployment and social deprivation that are now the lot for so many of Britain’s communities.


Britain’s social decay has been seething over several decades, overseen by Conservative and Labour governments alike. As with other European countries and the United States, the social fabric of Britain has been torn asunder by economic policies that have deliberately widened the gap between rich and poor.


The collapse of manufacturing bases, the spawning of low-paid menial jobs, unemployment and cuts in public services and facilities have all been accompanied by systematic lowering of taxation on the rich elite. Britain’s national debt, as with that of the Europe and the US, can be attributed in large part to decades of pursuing neoliberal policies of prosperity for the rich and austerity for the poor – the burden of which is felt most keenly in inner-city neighbourhoods.


David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Coalition government has greatly magnified this debt burden on the poor with its swingeing austerity cuts since coming to office last year. Ironically, only days before the latest burnings and riots, British government spokesmen were congratulating themselves for “making the right decision” in driving through crippling economic austerity measures that have so far spared the United Kingdom from the overt fiscal woes seen elsewhere in Europe.


But as thousands of Britain’s youths now lash out at symbols of authority/austerity, breaking into shops to loot clothes and other consumer goods that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, the social eruption may be just a sign of even greater woes to come for the Disunited Kingdom.



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Allthough not directed too me, I feel any  how dear Simmy the urge to answer you..

We all have our cross to bear ... I was  beaten up 3 years ago by three Turkish men ... Why? I had a young turkisch boy ( 15) explained about the values ​​and norms in the Netherlands! And that he should treated my daughter no less worthy,

I end up in the hospital and when it all came clear to me I didn't feel any remorse about what happen ...I was beaten up in a terrible way, my face was upside down ...and I was angry as hell... I am a singer and my appearance was gone my teeth were broken and me was me no more...

For 1 year I lived in anger, I was so bad in my mind I could kill this man, this turkish man who beat me up.
And don't think these are or were just words, this girl was very very angry... I could just live up to my words, allthough that was my feeling for a very very long time... then salvation came in ... and respect for all what is living and knowing that we humans come in with defects!! On a start level we are all equal, but through evolvement some think to become more then others... we don't , we are all equal ... WE ARE ONE ... and don't you ever forget that my dear  Simmy... 

I am truly sorry for your horrible experience, Trudy. If that had happened to me (or even more importantly, to the ones close to my heart) I don't know if I'd be able to forgive them like you did. I hope I would. I admire your strength and your loving heart for been able to do so.

I know people that 'go wrong' have more than just themselves to blame but, as I said, I'm not perfect and certain things still make me very angry. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I do.

I'd just like them to have respect for other human beings that are also trying hard to make a living, because those are not their enemies. Like it was said before, if they had a cause and protested against the government, institutions and the elite and make themselves heard without physically hurting another human being or destroying their hard earned businesses, I would be 100% on their side.

I know we are one, but sometimes it is hard to accept that the boys that beat my son's friend and the men that beat you are part of me...

PT, with all due respect, who are you to police what people say. Let her speak. She is not calling anyone names or being disrespectful in anyway. She has strong opinions but at times mine have been far worse. I was more rude to Simone than Trudy was and if that is the way Simone felt about gay people, she should find some haters forum to belong to. There was someone who got on that thread and thanked us for sticking up for them. What simone said was obnoxious and hurtful to those folks and Im glad that Trudy stepped in to say something because no one else did. Simone just left SOE showing she wasnt as enlightened as she projected herself to be and worse didnt have the balls to apologize and try to understand it in another way.

All of us are grown adults and we can handle ourselves.  Simmy is a good strong woman and can defend herself here as i dont think she will leave because of anything Trudy is saying.

paTricia T. said:

Trudy your friend I would like to remind you that this may be a good time to calm down. Your remarks are beginning to spark a bit of clashing ....I would really be sad to see another good person leave this site because of your emotional tounge at this time....I am talking about Simone...she is no longer here. You were very rude to her opinions. And now you are doing it with Simmy.

Can we all just flow through this please and have some respect for what others are saying.  If we the "enlightened" are behaving this way, we are no different than the chaos in the streets.

Love and kindness keeps a heart honest. 

Simmy thank you very much for the insightful answer :). It's now much more clear why you have such an opinion and I understand it too. Worries about the loved ones (especially the own children) can bring up totally different sides of ones personality.

But we should never let our fear turn into hate (although it can be very hard sometimes to not do so).

Duality wants to catch us and we must not let that happen :-)


All the best for you and your family, take care and don't let em infiltrate you with duality-thoughts, because that is what they want (in order to divide us)


Love & Light to you my friends

Simmy said:


You are a nice guy and I really don't want to discuss this any more. I am going to reply out of respect for you and maybe you will understand a bit from where I'm coming from.

I agree with you that my words come from a frustrated corner of my mind. They do.

I am super frustrated, and yes, it is because of fear. The only fear I have in my life: of anything bad happening to my son.

One of my son's best friends was beaten up on his way to the bus stop after school, a few months ago, by these same kind of people that are doing the riots right now. Why? Because he looked at them!!! There came an aggressive "what are you looking at?", to which he answered "nothing!" and there came the beating!! It was 3 against one. The boy is 13 years old. He is afraid to take the bus home now, doesn't want to go out. That makes me sick and extremely angry.

It's not love and light when this kind of stuff happens. I want to be the best I can be and I have this in my mind every single day, but certain things throw a shadow on my light. I'm not perfect and I never pretended to be.

PS: Trudy, you are a very brave soul. Keep going that path cause it is very admirable :-)


Thank you for understanding my view, even if you have a different view on all this.

What you've said: "Worries about the loved ones (especially the own children) can bring up totally different sides of ones personality." was spot on! That is where my worries and anger comes from; but not hate. I know they are victims as well as perpetrators. 

All the best to you too! Keep you head in the right place it is!!


Regarding the article of the daily mail that Simmy has Max Hastings

First of all who is this Max Hastings?!?!?!?!  I took one look at his picture after reading the article and it screamed another stuffed shirt cunt who has every right to cast judgement on those who have not. I have a few things to say regarding his putred, self indulgent opinion. LOOK AT HIS WORDS!!!!!............


"Most have no jobs to go to or exams they might pass. They know no family role models, for most live in homes in which the father is unemployed, or from which he has decamped."

    .......Really? Because working for those fucks on the throne is the ultimate way to go right? Exams to be passed only to teach these children more horseshit and ignorance that an entire global population of this world is ignorant to what the real truths are and how we have been duped!!!!

"They are essentially wild beasts. I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable"

    ....... Wild beasts? and what do you call those soul-less creatures that live in Windsor castle, that do nothing but create chaos and laugh at all the people who destroy themselves over material wealth? And you expect these kids to be part of the brainwashed herd that are "employable" to keep the creatures in the castle happy??!!!  Im glad they dont.

"They respond only to instinctive animal impulses"

"feral children"

"My dogs are better behaved and subscribe to a higher code of values than the young rioters"

   .......Someone needs to take everything this guy has and send him to live in poverty for about 20 years. What a prick. Anyone who deems the under class of people animals should be thrown under the bus and smashed into oblivion. These words are absolutely deplorable!!!!

"They are products of a culture which gives them so much unconditionally that they are let off learning how to become human beings."

" the dependency culture is a tragedy for those who receive something for nothing."

"They are an absolute deadweight upon society, because they contribute nothing yet cost the taxpayer billions."

   ............what are they given unconditionally? benefits? hand outs? Yeah, thats the answer to everything. The US does the same bullshit. We reward every stupid woman who pops out a baby, everything, all benefits and for every kid, she gets more. The elderly get mere pennies to what these women get. And what is the outcome? More children undeserving of a cruel and judgemental world who will treat them like scum and will look at them as never being more than a burden to society. Did those kids have it coming to  Does anyone from government bother to tend to each and every one of these welfare recipients to make sure they live more productive lives?!!!  Of course not because it doesnt make money for wall street!!!!!!!!!  This asshole who claims that its costing the taxpayers billions of dollars will also not have the integrity to say where the rest of the billions of the taxpayers money is going, instead he will point to what those in power have created to be nothing more than a 21st century serf society and turn other citizens against each other using tax payer money as the fighting wedge.

"Nobody has ever dared suggest to them that they need feel any allegiance to anything, least of all Britain or their community. They do not watch royal weddings or notice Test matches or take pride in being Londoners or Scousers or Brummies."

"Not only do they know nothing of Britain’s past, they care nothing for its present."

   ...........So, let me get this straight........people in the UK should have allegiance to their country? royal weddings? take pride in being londoners? scousers? brummies?  Someone please tell me this is not a joke, because the statement isnt even funny. I HAVE NO ALLEGIANCE TO NOTHING and I suggest everyone start adopting a similar attitude. I dont believe in flags, patriotism, i think my country is the scum of the earth, i think pure bred nationalities are stupid and borders between countries should cease to exist!!!!  If there were meant to be such divisions in our lives, the Creator would have put them there to begin with and when you fly in an airplane, YOU WOULD SEE THEM!!!! I applaud these young people for not wanting to know about britians past or present!!!!  What is there to know when it has blood stains of millions of people throughout history up til present day. Instead of cutting someone's head off like in times past for disention, now they lob bombs of depleted uranium and block food aid to poor countries. Yeah, thats a great reason to wave the british flag.

"The notions of doing a nine-to-five job, marrying and sticking with a wife and kids, taking up DIY or learning to read properly, are beyond their imaginations. will, first, bother to turn up; second, work harder; and third, be better-educated than his or her British counterpart."

    ...........thats right, work harder for the throne!!!  Way to go!!!!  A nine to five job and no time to pursue anything else because you should be busy making more children to be slaves to the royal faimly!!! Dont forget to be better educated than your british counterpart, because competition is everything!!!!!  Competition has always ruled society and has not once (except in indeginous tribes) been replaced with cooperation. Thats why all indegenous tribes have been virtually wiped off the face of the map and kept out of societies that this author lives in.

"British people who lack education because they have no will to learn, and skills which might make them employable. They are too idle to accept work waitressing or doing domestic labour, which is why almost all such jobs are filled by immigrants."

     ......... Yeah!!!  Everyone wants to wait tables!!!  Everyone wants to clean someone's dirty toilet!!!! Yeah, that would would give me the drive to become a better person!!!!!  Where are the well paid jobs to help the bigger picture???  They dont exist in paid form, they are known only to be unpaid "volunteer" work. Has anyone tried to take each and everyone of these kids aside and tried to see what they are interested in? NO. Has anyone asked these kids to work at an animal shelter for good pay if they enjoy animals? NO. A small example, but a poignant one as all of us are factory built with wanting to help or be needed. These kids are no exception, but no one gives a shit to find out, instead they are treated to unkind words of being compared to animals and shot at by MP rubber bullets!!!!

"They do not have what most of us would call ‘lives’: they simply exist."

     ..............Yep, "lives" of material wealth and perpetual servititude to the royals. Why dont you brits get off your ass and stop serving a monarchy that shouldnt even exist in the 21st century?!?!?!?!  No wonder all of you people are being robbed and torched!!!  These young people see you as part of the problem because you are all conforming to the core of the problem. Makes sense to me.

"And what of the schools? I  do not think they can be blamed for the creation of a grotesquely self-indulgent, non-judgmental culture."

"I never enjoyed school, but, like most children until very recent times, did the work because I knew I would be punished if I did not. It would never have occurred to my parents not to uphold my  teachers’ authority. This might have been unfair to some pupils, but it was the way schools functioned for centuries, until the advent of crazy ‘pupil rights’."

      ...........This is the way school has functioned for centuries. This is the way society has functioned for centuries. If you get out of line you are punished. Simple. Thats always the answer. Dont be surprised that this insane way of doing things is no longer working. As far as the blame of the schools......they shoulder EVERY BIT of the blame for their sickening display of compliance with whatever bullshit is taught in the school no matter the eroneous merits of facts that have been distorted thru the centuries and passed for truth. Learn about history the way the elites want you to see it. Learn about science when it is only thru the eyes of people who cooked the book's information content so kids would be herded into not looking further for the truth.....or be punished if they try. Teach them about religion and politics so they too can be trumpeters for a future of division and hate. FUCK THE SCHOOLS, burn'em down!!!!

"The breakdown of families, the pernicious promotion of single motherhood as a desirable state, the decline of domestic life so that even shared meals are a rarity, have all contributed importantly to the condition of the young underclass."

    .............This is classic. Once again, a way of knocking down the empowerment of women. In a slight of hand way,  saying that women are nothing without men and cant handle all the responsibilities without men. Typical for a patriarchal society. This guy is the biggest fucking prick and I'm afraid that most Brits stand behind what he says. My hope is that these thugs find his front door and we wont have to read his ludacris rants anymore. Sorry for all you Brits, but the UK and the US cant burn quick enough for me.

As for the rest of you who have bleeding hearts for the mom and pop businesses and for the people who work insane amount of hours to achieve your personal possesions, I FEEL NO SYMAPTHY towards any of you. We have had plenty of time to make a differce for everyone!!!  We have had plenty of time for millions of people around the globe to peacefully remove all monies from the banks and bring them down. We have had plenty of time to peacefully refuse to pay taxes and bring the controlling systems to their knees. We have had plenty of time to refuse to go to work until the wealth of this world is distibuted equally. TIME IS UP!!!!  Nobody has done a fucking thing to change the world, so now that it has reached its boiling point and patience for the disenfranchised has run out, its time for Rome to burn and I couldnt be happier.

My sister has been working for her entire life to earn what she has and ironically she has worked for the banking system. As nice as she is, she still has an inherent dislike for people who dont pull their weight. She is a lovely person in charachter but she too needs to have everything swiped from her along with her piers who have the same mentality (age group between 55 and 75 years old) (a smug and arrogant group in my opinion). No sympathy.



WOOOOORD!!!!!! I would not add a thing to that.

-->"Sorry for all you Brits, but the UK and the US cant burn quick enough for me" --> YEP, burn em down to the core!!


WE HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD!! (and we knew that it won't be like walking in the sunshine but hey, every birth hurts :)

GERD,  "walking in sunshine"  lolol !!!!  We had our time to be peaceful and make it like walking in sunshine. We didnt take the opportunity and the sun shines no more.

exactly like you say, now it has to be some bigger actions and I'm afraid that it won't be so peaceful as we all would have liked it to be...

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