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BP Embraces Exxon’s Toxic Dispersant, Ignores Safer Alternative



It has been confirmed that the dispersal agent being used by BP and the government is Corexit 9500, a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, IL. Their stock took a sharp jump, up more than 18% at its highest point of the day today, after it was announced that their product is the one being used in the Gulf. Nalco’s CEO, Erik Frywald, expressed their commitment to "helping the people and environment of the Gulf Coast recover as rapidly as possible." It may be that the best way to help would be to remove their product from the fray. Take a look at some of the facts about Corexit 9500:

Dispersal of the oil does not eliminate it, nor does it decrease the toxicity of the oil. It just breaks it up into small particles, where it becomes less visible. It’s still there, spewing toxicity at an even greater rate (due to higher surface area.) But now it’s pretty much impossible to skim or trap or vacuum or even soak up at the shoreline, because most of it will never make it to the shoreline. Instead, that toxic crude oil AND the dispersant will be spread all over the ocean’s waters. This is why introducing such a product into the crude oil as it comes out from the pipe is a very bad idea for the ocean.

BP’s use of Corexit 9500 on the oil before it rises to the surface seems to be a deliberate attempt to mask the poison, to cover up that it continues to flow out from the ocean’s floor, while making it impossible to recover. In short, BP and Exxon want to spread the toxic oil throughout the oceans of the world, pollute everywhere, rather than allow it to be seen coming to shore where BP would have to pay for its containment and clean-up. It’s our job to keep them from getting away with sweeping this ugly mess under the surface.



Here is a material safety data sheet on Corexit9500

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This is realy unbelievable ... there is a dutch company with the equipment to clean the ocean. They made an invention, they produced gigantic arms who are put aside a ship, the size of the ship doesn't matter, who insists the oil together. At first they put a line out, so the oil does not go to float, then collect the oil with these cleaning arms and then suck it up and bring the oil into other tanks.
They said they contacted BP about their invention, and put along the results of the invention, but no respons :(
In all respects, the Dutch are experts in the field of water :)))
This could make it sink to the bottom and end up with the toxins being soaked up through the bottom of the ocean and kill all ocean bottom life as we know it then BP would say they done there part in cleaning up but in the long run it will never be cleaned up because if people believe all is good and eat the seafood the toxins would then spread even father than just the ocean . Seafood will never be safe again or any sea life for that matter. But this is just my thought or feelings on the matter . And I feel even those who think this does not effect them need to wake up 95% of the seafood around the world comes from this spot. If you think of drilling as some one sticking a needle in your vain and draining out the blood then this is what it is doing to mother earth they are trying to suck here dry for something we can do without . Love,Light & Blessings To All
Yes it could be

paTricia T. said:
Ok, I understand this is a real SCI Fi thing to say...but what if there really are fish people aliens??? A race of beings that live under water? Could this be a part of the illeet war?

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