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(NaturalNews) We all need to get behind a new movie effort by Jeff C. Hays,  creator of the film "Doctored." This new film, called "Bought," looks like it  will be the most powerful, hard-hitting documentary we've ever seen about the  dangers of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. With 70 percent of the U.S. population  now on prescription medications, we are reaching a critical phase of human  survival: if we don't wake up as a species and realize that vaccines and drugs  are only making us sicker and more dependent on the "sick care" system, we are  doomed.
Visit to watch the trailer and, if you  wish, make a small donation to help the filmmakers reach their goal of $150,000.  In truth, it's going to cost more like $750,000 to make the film, Hays told me  recently. But $150,000 is enough to get it off the ground and get things  moving.
I have committed Natural News to publicizing the film once it's  completed, and we intend to help this movie get viewed by ten million people or  more.

Help wake up the world to the dangers of vaccines and drugs

It's time  for the world to wake up to the devastating dangers of vaccines and prescription  medications. Autism rates have skyrocketed, yet the medical establishment  continues to inject our children with mercury,  aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG -- all admitted ingredient....
Seventy percent of our population is on medication, but our  population is sicker than ever. If prescription medications made people  healthier, America would be the healthiest nation in the world, but it's  actually one of the sickest.
Prescription medications are not just  killing Americans in record numbers, they're also distracting people from the  real solutions to lasting health: nutrition, regular exercise, sunlight,  avoidance of toxins, fresh foods, superfoods and natural, holistic therapies  like chiropractic care and massage therapy. Due to the influence and power of  Big Pharma's marketing machine, people have been suckered into the false belief  that the answer to all their health problems is just a pill away... and then  another pill... and another... until they're taking a chemical cocktail of ten  prescriptions that are crucifying their liver and kidneys (while causing  cancer).
The pharmaceutical industry is a mass death machine, and  we've got to blow the whistle on it in a big way. This film,  "Bought," would deliver a crushing blow to the pharmaceutical monster and help  wake up potentially millions of people to the truth about the dangers of  swallowing synthetic patented chemicals as a "lifestyle."
Watch the  trailer at:
If you are able to  contribute something, please consider making a donation of $35, $50 or even $75.  Each level gets you either a DVD, a book, or both.

To be released Spring, 2014

The release date for the finished film is  April, 2014. The producer, Jeff Hays, already has a strong track record of  getting films completed, and he's going to get tremendous support from Natural  News where we'll release sneak peek previews, clips and behind-the-scenes  news on the film's progress.
If you're wondering whether I'm in the film,  the answer is that I would be delighted to participate in the film, but that  decision is up to Hays. And regardless of whether or not I'm in it, this film is  so important that I'm going to publicly support  it all the way through production and release.
When important projects  like this come along, it is our duty as advocates of healthy living to support  those who are willing to invest their time, energy and effort into such  worthwhile projects. I wish I had a million dollars to sign over to Hays right  now, but we just don't roll with that kind of cash (and we just completed a $10,000  donation or storable organic food to the tornado victims of Oklahoma, by the  way, which finally shipped out a few days ago to a food bank  there).

Those of us who tell the truth are never going to have the  billions of dollars that drug companies make every year. But we don't need to: we've got the truth on our side, and truth is more powerful than all the  money in the world.

Help Jeff  Hays tell the truth with the upcoming movie "Bought." Watch the trailer and  make a donation, if you wish, at:
There  are only six days left! At the time of this writing, only $55,707 has been  raised. The goal is to reach $150,000. Help us get Jeff the money he needs to  make this film, and we will all benefit as a result

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