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Ok I read Blossoms latest message from the GFOL and just wondered what peoples thoughts were on the hole Truth thing.In the message they say "There is not one TRUTH"Blossom then says "What is the point of following and searching for THE TRUTH if there isn’t one?" and they respond "THAT is the point........Searching for it."
Now I like this idea a lot that as they say
"The Truth within oneself is the TRUTH for the self at that given time. And we know there is no time. It is just a passing through if you like, a journey, a place where one is learning of what is suitable to the soul. You have touched on this with the honourable White Cloud we are aware. For it is that your Truths change as you become more knowledgeable. What was once sensible to you … as you grow in awareness … is no longer the case.” It is the same idea that is demonstrated in our science were once we had spontaneous generation now we have mold spaws and bacteria and who knows what in the future.I just wondered what people thoughts and interpretations of this 'No Truth but for The Truth within oneself' is?

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Dear Mike.

I read the channeling not too long ago myself, and it would seem that the GFOL are indeed taking a different approach. Rather than telling us what is going to happen and when they are going to do it, now they are challenging us to come to our own conclusions. This leads me to believe that they have realized they cannot force anyone to awaken, but they're going to do their best to nudge us all along the way.

As for the Truth within Oneself being the Truth as it exists in the moment? This is the same as saying that Truth is not an objective but a path, the path to enlightenment. The same as Ascension and Enlightenment not being a goal, but a process and a journey, to be lived to its fullest and never truly completed.

To journey for the sake of the journey, and not in haste to arrive somewhere, that is Truth.
The thing about truth, we keep looking for the truth everywhere, Well if we believe we have to keep looking and searching we will never find it. You must know truth, what is truth? it is you it is inside you it is inside everyone everything. To know the oneness to know your are god, to know that you are love that is truth, now you must feel and recognize that truth.

You are not your words you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, and you are not your mind. You are Awareness.

Heres a tip start by feeling your breath, then your heart, then your brain, then the rest of your body then try to feel your own energy field, then try to feel the essence the aliveness, the joy, the love inside you, Then start feeling your environement, then feel expand to your town then to your city, then expand to your country then expand to the world, then expand to the galaxy then expand to the universe. By then you will find your truth.

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