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This is Blossoms December newsletter I thought people might enjoy reading it.

Peace and happiness

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Everyone!

A little premature perhaps , but as this is the Dec newsletter I thought I'd better send out my Christmas Golden Rays now!

I cannot believe that the whole Oct event was just 7weeks ago. It seems like a decade ... and STILL many experiences and wonderful stories, photographs, videos etc come flooding into my inbox. It is wonderful! Take it from me ... Whatever took place on and around the 14th Oct is still going on and I feel the energy is just 'upping' all the time!

So many people waking up who were not even aware they were asleep! I don't know about you , but when I look upwards, as I often do (just incase) the clouds seem different. The very appearance of our skies feels like it is whispereing secrets of what is to come. Perhaps it depends on where as an individual we find our souls placement at this time. As my soul feels the beauty in the aboveness over my head its like my mind hears 'We are here Blossom, we are here!'. And maybe it's my minds conditioning speaking to me in that way. Maybe not. Maybe out there ... up there ... is our ship of assistance . Watching over us, sending a new level of Love into our beings. And maybe they lie in wait patiently, knowing that we as a race, are as expectant as new parents awaiting the birth of something wonderous that will change our lives ... forever.

I know many of us KNOW that they are there, for we can feel them. Many have experienced them in various forms. Yet, wouldn't it be nice to not only KNOW on the spiritual level , but to actually SEE them on this physical level. We are preparing for this day are we not? History claims this over and over.

In the days of waitng ... for this wonderous sight, which lets face it could be in two days or in two years ... why not make a supreme effort to 'act as if'. Lets 'imagine' (image in) we HAVE seen this GOLDEN CITY OF LIGHT and behave accordingly. Let's pretend that the change we are awaiting to happen is already well into its transformation and WE as a people are doing all we can in LOVE to make sure that each and everyone of us understands and enjoys the transition!

After all ... if Santa Clause can ride on a sleigh pulled by reindeer bearing gifts and spreading good cheer, then I reckon a craft propelled by crystal energy, bringing a vibration of Higher Love for us to basque in, can just as easily be accepted not only by the children but the parents that tell the children to believe!

Christmas ... as life ... is about LOVE. Let's surround ourselves and all those around us in it ! Lets ... Just lets !

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