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6. March 8th.

Once again I greet you and send you Golden Rays from all of us on planet earth. Today I leave it to you (I think I’ve said enough for a while) to say that which you feel you would like us to know…

In continuance from our agenda when we spoke in the day gone by, we desire to inform those of you who are on ‘alert’ to conjugate thoughts and as ONE bring us into being. Materialization will be aided greatly by such efforts.

So the thought I kept having regarding organizing a mass visualization was ‘you’ sending it through.

Indeed this is so, and yet you dismissed it when you realized it had been done before our proposed arrival in the end months of your previous year.

Yes I did. Which was odd because it was a strong feeling. I will get on to it, but I will say here and now, that I am not assuming that you will arrive on that given day. My feelings are … and these ARE just mine … that it would be appropriate for you to come before the year is over, as I have mentioned before. After that, I think we all pretty much would have got over the fact that you said ‘now or never’, even though there is NO time where you are, I KNOW you are aware of our time limits. So, down to business ... this feels good … is there anything in particular you would like to suggest regarding this visualization?

Of course we would say the sooner the better, and yet we wish to allow for the news to spread. The more involved … the merrier the outcome. We are showing to you now Blossom of a vast vessel that is coming into view in your skies. The mists that surround it are lifting and dispersing to reveal us. You see colours of rainbow beauty but of a much richer vibration. It is for one to FEEL the PEACE that this occasion shall bring. As if your world ‘stops’ whatever it is doing and feels the change in vibration that will take place as we come together in glorious union. Imagine and FEEL only Love of the purest level as you look at this picture in your minds. Strengthen this image on a daily basis. Do not allow it to be just a ‘one off’ as you would say in your world. Let it be a continual thought until it is so TRUE that you will see it with your physical eyes. This is your part to play people of earth. We, as you ... desire to set your world ‘ A-LIGHT’. To show you a LIGHT that you cannot even dream of, because of the density that has submerged you for so many eons of your time. Together as LIFE we have chosen this pathway into the new world. It was agreed for it to be this way. For it to happen when enough of you on the earth plane were in alignment with the self and the grand plan.

As I am writing I begin to see that so much of me has always ‘hoped’ you would arrive. My thoughts have been of hope rather than reality. Perhaps if we all try to bring this visualization into a KNOWING, then it will assist the plan greatly

We say also that by ‘bringing us in’ there will be more of an acceptance, on a level that is difficult to explain.

Odd ... I am getting a feeling from you that is difficult to put into words also. ‘An agreement of acceptance’ would that be right? … Mmm … neither of us seems sure how to word it.

We are aware of the same sentiment. It is …

A knowing within each one of us, that we HAVE to be ready. It cannot take place until then. We want to be ready, we say we are, but it is within the soul. It is for the soul to say yes isn’t it? I am feeling this so strongly. It’s no good saying yes on the outside. It has to be a yes from within. From the agreement we made about ALL THIS before we came. When we volunteered.

Do you see at this point how we are ONE Blossom? We have merged with you in a deeper sense in this moment where you and I are speaking as ONE. It matters not who is displaying theses words for they are from the ONE. From the greater part of US. … Which IS ONE.

I’m experiencing that really exciting feeling, keep going … keep going…

Therefore … when we ask if you are ready, it is of great importance that the readiness is from your heart not your heads.

And to me, I think this readiness is what I was speaking of yesterday. Of the hearts yearning, as if it is literally calling out for you to come. I see now … I was a little confused , if not concerned, that maybe I was feeling this way because the world was so desperate for your assistance. But now I understand that it is my heart speaking for my soul. It is the KNOWING of this agreement that is coming together in readiness. As if our hearts must speak to you. Our hearts must call you to us … not our minds, not our fears. It is the connection of the oneness magnetizing you here. That is what the merging is that you speak of. Not necessarily a merging of physicality (although I believe that will come) but a merging into the oneness of our souls. If we draw you into our energy, to merge with us, not as individuals but ONE, then you become ONE with us. It is so difficult to express this feeling you are giving me. For so long now I have been saying ‘I don’t get it ‘ … but I think suddenly I do. (By George she’s got it ... and all that … don’t ask!). … I’ll let you get a word in edge ways … sorry… a bit excited!!

Yes, you have indeed ‘got it’. You had it all along. You ALL have it. It is a matter of recall. A matter of understanding through remembrance. This is why so many of you ‘follow’ our words, because they are reminders of the pathway to the TRUTH. We have merely been leading you back to what you already KNOW. And what is so joyous is that you KNOW you already KNOW!
It is up to you to allow our presence. It has always been up to you. This is what has been spoken of. Bring us in by the pull of your heart strings. You have the power to anchor us here for the time that has been arranged. The armies on ground level are graduating from their training days. More and more are recruiting for this mission of LOVE as they awake from their deepest sleep. Gather strength. Gather forces of LIGHT. Invite us to your planet on a different level of understanding from what you have previously known.

I have such a feeling inside right now. And yes … holding back the tears. Tears because I can ‘feel’ that I’ve ‘got it’ and I SO want to hold on to this understanding. I TRULY hope that those who read this ‘get’ what I am getting. I hope that the energy you are bringing has the power to get through to everyone. Maybe many already ‘have it’. I didn’t. Not like this.

We are showing you a swirling ball of energy. Imagine the energy that you are, becoming the colours of this ball, and KNOW that because of the upliftment of your planet … which YOU helped bring about Blossom … we can now entwine into this same ball of energy , enabling us to be present in a manner that many of you can ‘get’. The more of you that ‘get it’ the more of you will see us, and the more of us will be seen. We graciously accept your invitation.

It’s in the post! Welcome to the party. I shall set about arranging a worldwide visualization. If the word spreads like your last message then we can’t fail. Struth Ruth … (who and where is Ruth when you most need her!) …. Here we go again it seems. It is now March … by my calculations you have 10 earth months … if nothing by then , I will consider myself bonkers , find a tree and hang upside down from its branches, sucking lollipops whilst singing ‘I talk to the trees… that’s why they put me away!’! Thanks for today oh wise ones. I will sort my head out as to how to go about this and then go about it!. In Love and Thanks.
(Feel a little embarrassed about the praise of helping bring about the upliftment of the planet … yet it flowed forth, so therefore, I accept with grace. Thank you.)

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"We graciously accept your invitation". That's encouraging :)
As do I!
What a marvelous time to be alive!
They are once again building up peoples hopes with promises.
Stop the promises and just show up, no need to tell us you want to come, just come.
No forewarning, no advanced warning through a channeler, just stop the waffle and show yourselves....
im having a hard time with the GFOL after i saw brads channel about the gfol it says it is a group of imposters with thier own agenda and they say they are of light but result in darkness, only to show false light
Andy (UK) said:
They are once again building up peoples hopes with promises.
Stop the promises and just show up, no need to tell us you want to come, just come.
No forewarning, no advanced warning through a channeler, just stop the waffle and show yourselves....

Hahahahah Andy i think you are like me you dont know what to believe anymore! take my advice dont hope too mutch
i dont know what to believe anyore
ive already seen them from far away. the one i saw really looked like an exploding star, very very very bright

so i am ready.

i would like to see them close up ^_^

i extend my invitation to them too!
giovanni said:
im having a hard time with the GFOL after i saw brads channel about the gfol it says it is a group of imposters with thier own agenda and they say they are of light but result in darkness, only to show false light

This is NOT the Galatic Federation of Light (GFOL), which is believed to be a group of imposters.

This is the Federation of Light (FOL), different entities altogether :) These guys have heaps more energy and speak of truths that only the soul know's.

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