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BG:  Welcome to you. I would firstly like to open my heart in Love to you ... DONE! ... and secondly, inquire about the beautiful magenta Pillar of Light that was captured on a photograph recently. ( See blog post This, for me, is so similar to the image you showed to me way back in 2011 when you first brought it up. Would you please confirm as to whether this is what you were speaking of ... or something else?

  FL:  Firstly we send Love in an abundant form to each one of you. We find it necessary to consider that which we address in terms of accuracy ... and we are bursting forth with our signature in this way. So yes, indeed we would say that this is the beginning of that which we were speaking of.  
BG:  Meaning that there will be many more?  
FL:  As we promised there would be. Yet take into consideration the fact that this 'image' was captured in the blink of an eye. We would foretell that the Pillars when they arrive ... shall remain and travel ... in an array of rainbow Light ... and as with your fireworks when alighted ... there shall be an outpour of 'ooh's and ah's!
  BG:  Well, it certainly would be a delight to actually see them after all this time, that's for sure! Anything more you would care to speak of about them?   FL:  We spoke of them greatly way back when ... and nothing has changed regarding the form(at) they are to undertake. As one glimpses and becomes washed over in their beauty ... one shall also experience the FEELING of codes rushing through the brain. This of course shall be activating that which has lain dormant as we have also spoken of.   BG:  So, may I be as bold as to ask if these Pillars of Light are part of The Event that you have been speaking of?   FL:  Indeed that is correct ... for have we not stated that this is no ordinary affair? It is of a MASTER PLAN and therefore not something one would expect from any amateur display. We have spoken too, that which shall take place regarding your awakening. It shall be one thing after another that is presented ... what a sight for your hearts to indulge upon/in/through.  
BG:  Thank you. As you probably know, my grandson came into the world this week. Could you speak to us about reincarnation etc. 'after' the Event, as many have asked about that. How will all that work out?   FL:  We would say to you that is a very complex discussion. For again it will depend on where any one soul 'IS' within their journey. For when The Event has taken place dearest Blossom ... it will not be that one has arrived at their journey's end. The soul's path continues on as it always has and always will. Yet what we would say is: THE EVENT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE AN INCREDIBLE SHIFT FORWARD/UPWARD WITHIN THE SOUL'S GROWTH. When you consider all that it has experienced so far ... and all that it has accomplished ... one cannot help but pride oneself in its evolution of soul expansion through/as/of Love. Yet ... this Event is the graduation perhaps. The recognition of accomplishment for all works well done. It is ... we would say ... with words being inadequate once again ... a reward for all that has been achieved. A BOOST for the system. A revaluation of who one is and how well they have travelled. Remembering too, that many, many lifetimes have been embarked upon in order to arrive at THIS VERY MOMENT IN TIME. Oh, how we desire to express more profoundly ... yet we are unable. We say that you are to experience a sense of euphoria ... and in that FEELING OF IT ... you shall KNOW of humility. You shall KNOW of LOVE in its TRUTH and how it FEELS inside the soul self to LOVE ALL AND EVERYTHING at the same time ... without judgment. SIMPLY ... KNOWING LOVE IN ITS HIGHEST FORM. This is what is to come to you dearest souls. And in that moment ... all that is not of LOVE in its purest form shall be forgotten. You have KNOWN of this FEELING before ... yet you have been unable to access it. When it returns you shall remember it instantly and HOME shall come to you ... whereas, for so long our dearest bravest souls upon Earth ... you have felt that you were so far away from it.   BG:  This indeed sounds wonderful ... as you say ... beyond words. I SO want to push you for a time frame ... because such excitement is building within our chats together and therefore I am ... rightly or wrongly ... assuming that it will not be long now ... yet with all respect ... and from experience ... we could be doing this all over again the same time next year!   FL:  Indeed the concern for many as to the 'WHEN' is a matter which has caused much controversy in our council conversations. We do our very best to keep you 'up to date' without giving the game away ... for this you know is against the rules. KNOW in your hearts that this is to take place ... as many of you already do. Hold fast to the FEELING OF TRUTH that the resonance of these words stir up within. Hold on fast also to the LIGHT that is YOU and continue to shine it from your BEING as you communicate with others ... For this is the way it is ... and shall continue to be.   BG:  Thank you. We sort of got off track regarding the reincarnation question. Is it too detailed to go into right now?   FL:  It is too detailed to go into at any time ... let alone regarding 'after.' Yet we shall do our best to give you some information to satisfy the appetite. What we are to say ... some shall find too much to cope with.   BG:  Ooh er ... here we go! Hold onto your hats!   FL:  For some souls who have travelled far and allowed their BEing to progress to a particular enlightened stage ... they will have no need to leave their Earthly body ever again. For the body HAS TO accompany the soul.   BG:  Sorry to interrupt ... yet ... now, on Earth ... it doesn't have to ... as the soul leaves for elsewhere when the physical body 'dies'. So are you saying this shall be different? For some. Yet in future ... for all!   FL:  For NOW ... it will depend, as we say, on the souls positioning. So what we are meaning is ... the body HAS TO accompany the soul as both become Lighter ... for they shall travel together as they continue to progress.  
BG:  I have a feeling this will stir up many questions for people ... so can you clarify this a little more? What you are saying is 'after' The Event ... SOME will NEVER leave their physical body again. In other words ... never die ... and SOME will ... according to the state/place their soul has reached 'after' The Event.   FL:  This is correct. SOME will still feel the need to leave the physical body and return ... due to belief systems and also due to 'their need' to 'start over again' with a clean slate. It is an individual's choice ... and one chooses according to the understanding of THEIR TRUTH in THEIR TIME. So for some ... that circumstance shall be viewed and acted out as it already is ... now. For others however ... they shall remain within their physicality and become 'At One' ... Mind, body and soul in harmony ... and the outer appearances shall ... in time ... reflect the inner Light. That is left purely to one's own imagination. Yet if you think of it in terms of 'One's Light expanding in brightness through Love' ... then picture the image one shall portray and display in honour of that.   BG:  Sounds marvelous to me ... So ... no more diets!! Yeeha!!   FL:  Yet, are not many discovering the need for more Light food ... and finding that their systems require and desire only that which is of nutritious feeding to sustain the Lighter body they are 'blending with'?   BG:  I believe so ... sadly I am not one of them ... ... ... YET! I'm working on it.   FL:  If we may recap then ... and summarize today's 'chat' ... would you not notice that 'LIFE' shall continue on ... in some ways ... very much as it is now ... DEPENDING ON ONE'S CHOICE TO CHANGE ... AFTER THE CHANGE! For indeed a CHANGE shall take place within all ... yet the decision is to be made as to whether or not one chooses to change because of the change ... or remain in the same mind set ... even though they have to acknowledge that a CHANGE certainly DID take place. For those who choose to accept and acknowledge we say ...   BG:  Hold on .., let me guess ... 'hold on to your hats'?   FL:  Immediately correct. For the excitement within the soul shall have one in such 'High spirits' ... that the desire to sleep shall be only occasional and done so when absolutely necessary. Yet there will certainly be more desire to return to the meditative state in order to recoup energies and 'fly away' for a time to places one was not able to do so before.
  BG:  Now, I could be wrong ... but that last sentence to me ... is one I would like to discuss in the next channelling ... for I FELT that you were inadvertently (Struth, I sound so intelligent!!)) speaking of transporting ourselves elsewhere?   FL:  Correct ... yet indeed Blossom, that is for another time when we are not at the end of a session. So we take this last opportunity before the dates of your Christmas holidays ... to offer to you our DEEPEST LOVE. We SO enjoy these times with you ... and have FELT so much LIGHT and LOVE from you ALL. It has made us swell with happiness to receive from you ... this LOVE ... as it grows Brighter in each and every moment from each one. Dearest SOULS ... WE LOVE YOU. WE HONOUR YOU. Your work on Earth shall be rewarded in a way that you cannot comprehend ... until the very moment when ... IT ALL MAKES SENSE. Does that make sense to you Blossom?  
BG:  Oh yes. Thank you so very much. It is always such a pleasure to talk with you and we shall keep our eyes to the skies ... just in case those Pillars of Light decide to make an appearance.   FL:  It would be advisable to do so.  
BG:  Steady now Neddy! That's the kind of statement that has got you into trouble before!   FL:  We then... leave it there ... as we take our leave.
  BG:  Okay Cool ... Merry Christmas ... TO ONE AND ALL. HO HO HO !!! In Love and Thanks.

Blossom Goodchild, Dec 19th 2013.

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Seriously, you are still reading crap fronm this harlet??


The Solstice Gateway of 2013 – 12/21/2013 by ContraMary

Posted by admin in Ascension, Raising Consciousness

Ascension update, Creating New Earth, Raising Consciousness, Solstice Rising

Winter Solstice 2013The Winter/Summer Solstice Gateway will take place this Saturday, December 21. The 12:12 Portal and Full Moon gave us the energy to prepare for this Gateway.

Between the Portal and the Gateway, we have taken another step in clearing the old 3D attitudes, beliefs and patterns in preparation for this giant leap forward into the New Earth and New Life.

And in these last few days, take a good look at how you’ve shifted in just a week! With the Portal, for those who actively took part in it, we received more Soul Codes and further activated our Soul DNA.

This has allowed us to have a heightened sense of Awareness that showed us where we’re holding ourselves back, has merged us more with Soul and has propelled us further in order to step through the Gateway fully ready to embrace Who we, in Truth, have always been, but have denied ourselves of that Sacred Truth.

The Gateway takes us into next year, when it is about merging fully with Soul, being completely clear of the old; duality. Do know, however, that depending on where you are in your clearing, that this is not a deadline, but rather an opportunity to move forward in a huge way.

Whether you are ready to fully embrace the New depends on how much of the old you have cleared. No worries; know that wherever you are is perfect.

The Gateway will be open to walk through any time after the Solstice as well, so take stock of how ready and clear you are. At the least, the Gateway will put you in touch with what still needs to transform.

You may still be feeling the physical manifestations of transformation. If you still are hanging on to the old, you may be experiencing pain.

This pain is the resistance to change.

You may still have expectations that the New looks and feels a certain way, you may hold judgment for others who you perceive are different from you, you may still be blaming circumstances and others for your inability to move forward, you may feel as though the Earth and Her lifeforms need saving (they don’t, for everything is in Divine Order and is in a state of transformation), you may still feel limited, victimized and cling to “the way it’s always been done;” whatever you notice and perceive as separate is where you are encouraged to let go.

Can you allow things to be just the way they are without the compulsion to rescue, control or fix? Can you be with others who vibrate differently than you and still maintain your own Peace and vibration?

Can you have Compassion for all others without telling them how to feel better? Do you still think others can heal or help you, because you don’t believe you can do it yourself?

Have you let go of attaching yourself to anything or anyone outside yourself who/that you think you need? (This doesn’t mean you push people away; it means you accept others, love them and honor where they are.)

As you let go, you open yourself up more to receive refined and lighter energies, thereby helping you shift into the New. Can you imagine how free you will feel without the judgments, attachments and expectations you have for anyone or anything outside yourself?

Imagination is as real as what you experience in life on Earth. And what you can imagine, you are that. Eventually imagination becomes form.

Because we are holding so much more Light, we are seeing what is emerging from our subconscious. What a gift this is, for then we can release them, if you choose, and replace with Soul Essences (Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, etc.). Thus New Life is created.

While it is essential to release the old, it is best not to dwell there, for then you get caught up in self-pity and nothing changes.

So place attention more on what you are creating; not on what you perceive you are without. We are being called to step into our mastery; to be sovereign (knowing truly the glory of Who we are in Divine Truth and acting from this Truth).

As we step into our mastery, and this Gateway helps us do just that, we merge with our I AM/Higher Self/Soul/Source.

We allow our emotions to transform into unemotional Agape Love. We are the Compassionate Observers, in non-judgment or attachment to right/wrong, light/dark, this/that, us/the

m, etc. and we see and understand and accept that everything and everyone in our lives is for our highest evolution. As we step into our mastery, we also see that each one is serving Divine Will in their own unique way.

We see our lives as a perfect expression of Divinity and every thought and feeling and act is Love. Folks that have been doing the work of letting go and facing difficult choices as they arrive, may receive new purposes or an expansion of the purpose they are currently expressing.

The masters (us) will feel fulfilled, will have no expectations and will accept What Is without “wishing it was different,” without judgment or comparison and are open to things shifting moment to moment. As you trust your guidance and honor your Path, you rise in Self-Love.

And from this place you give of yourself in a way that you have never been able to give before. You give without expectation of receiving anything back, for that is conditional.

Unconditional Love is Source Love and so as we let go of how our gift is received, we give more and in the giving we receive more.

We, through this Gateway, have our New Blueprint (far more expansive than our Original Blueprint) more anchored and we empower it throughout next year.

This New Blueprint enhances our mastery, our mission and gives more understanding to being multidimensional. We are being asked to step up into our sovereignty and mastery.

Through this Solstice Gateway, we have a powerful opportunity to be Soul-driven. It will affect us on all levels. It marks the end of the old and the beginning of the New. Here is a suggestion for stepping through the Gateway into the New: Create a Ceremony.

This may include candles, crystals, your Guides and Angels…whatever you’re guided to do. You might create a circle of crystals and candles (the Winter Solstice is actually the “return of the light”) and sit in the middle. Bring in the Light to infuse you and your circle.

Close your eyes. Before you see the Gateway. It will appear in a way that is perfect for you. When you are ready, step through. Notice who is on the other side greeting, loving and congratulating you. Make a commitment to be all that you are.

You may be handed a scroll that is your commitment to being an ascended master. Sign it and then allow your experience to take you to wherever you’re guided.

When you are done, give thanks and write down your experience, which anchors the energies. See you on the other side!

~ Kara


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