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on aug 13 2009 around 2:30pm est.. my brother and I was here with me. talking about the stuff thats going on and how we all must change our way of thinking .. because it is not working anymore.. much more than meets the eyes.
we got quiet for just a short time.. like 5 sec.. and all of a sudden.. WE heard something that we cann't explain.. it was two rings of a bell .. the first tone was a little louder then the second..and the sound of the tone was very soft tone.. to me not of metal but sort of out of glass was the tone that we heard.
i slowly turn and look at him.. to see if it was me or both that heard it..his face was total..blank.. then i knew that he did heard something too.. so i ask him if he did and he told me the samething as to what i did hear and then he explain to me what he did hear. it was the same for both as to what we just heard but cann't explain it at all. this is't the first time for me.. but anyways for him it was.
im just lost as to how to what happen at the time..
thank you.. king ken

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When i was young it happened to me. At night, i thought it was the tv first but it was off. Then my mom said she heard it too and didnt think anymore off it than a prank. We had a church close to where i lived.

2 weeks or so later, my half brother had died in an accident. And my mother sort of knew that it was an omen of sorts. A warning... heads up to say. Coming from a family of healers and such...
We have many stories.
But i wanted to share this with you since you seem to have experienced the same as i did.
And i didnt have any close relationship to my half brother at all. I had seen him once but was young and barley remember.
So i didnt got hurt any. Didnt know him, didnt have anything to do with him.
But i lost something that could have been. Not saying the same thing will occur with your "bells" but now you know what mine were. And i have never experienced it again and for that matter, i hope i never do again.

Love be with you and your family.

So my final word to you is. Dont hesitate to do, what you can do now!


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