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I finally, after 21 years of life had my first visual energy experience, I turned the light settings in my room to about 10% light and 90% darkness. I started by bringing my hands about a foot in front of me and sort of made my view fade out a bit is the best way I can describe it. Then I brought my pointer fingers very close together and brought them about 4 inches apart and repeated this over and over like this website told me. I was seeing something that looked like a clear layering around my fingers, then I started doing this with all my fingers. Back and forth, getting very close to touching at the tips but not quite. I could see the energy connecting, then when I pulled them apart slowly about 3-4 inches apart ...... CLEAR AS DAY i COULD SEE A WHITE AURA.!

This to many may seem trivial but for me it was revolutionary, I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this and had results or has advanced techniques that myself and everyone else could benefit from?

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OOooo, ive been interested in seeing aura, infact im going to give it another go now, ill post the results shortly.
I'm going to listen to the Aura track from ISO first.

I listen to it last week. i found the track very intense, i felt strong energy flows from this the first time. After wards, i was looking for my Aura. i couldn't conclude, but i feel like i could see some kind of layer, an invisible layer that seemed to be about 1 inch from my skin.

I will try again now, and i will do the finger technique too. will post results shortly.

I think, and its just my amateur opinion but I think that, that layer were seeing is an aura but our skills arent developed enough to see the color were emmiting ? Anyone want to help us out?
Bishop let me know about that session
Ok, well,

the aura mp3,
since finishing listening to it, i feel very calm and very relaxed.
Very soon i started feeling heavier and more relaxed. My heart rate slowed at first.
about half way through it became really quite intense. my heart rate quickened and i saw energy flows. The energy flows continued. My hands started to throb a little, and tingle. and finally calmed off a little towards the end. its a great track!

So i take off my head phones and slowly open my eyes.
I feel sedated. My vision is a little blurred, and double if i really relax my eyes.
Im looking for my Aura, and lights are down. but Im not really sure i see anything :(


My fingers were still tingling. i found that when i brought my finger tips together, they would tingle more so, like static electricity. I brought just my index fingers together, the energy felt very strong, and when they touched, i felt a small jolt like a static shock!

So i didn't see my aura, but that sure was a new one for me!!

Bishop thats sweet, im definently pickin up an mp3 player, I cant listen to the tones loud in my house cuz my roomates get mad and think im crazy. I know what you mean by that tingling though cuz I went and tried the aura thing again to make sure I wasnt seeing things and this time I felt almost a pull from finger tip to finger tip. Bishop try bringing your pointers together but dont let them touch. Leave like half a centimeter, then bring them out like an inch then back and then slowly bring them away like 4 inches and sorta do the half closed blurry vision thing. That worked best for me, at about a foot or so from my face while I laid in bed. Also I think its beneficial if you have a white wall behind those fingers off in the distance of w/e room your in, makes it easier to see the aura. Best of luck Bishop, I hope you nail it

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