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Well i got a video game ( Fable 2 , lol ) and for the past couple of days ive been like sucked into it and very distracted with everything. I havent meditated in a week, havent listened to the solfeggio freq, im also getting pissed off at people for no reason now...havent even been to this site lol.

Just saying i never relized how easy it is to get sucked in and not see what else is going on around you and how easy it is to forget about everything spiritual and become obsessed with materialistic things.
I also feel like that now i need to buy more games and waste more time. So now i have to get back on the path i was on before and break free from this distraction. And that movie "2012" and "the day the world stood still" i think we should all be boycotting them because there only purpose is to fill us with fear about 2012 and not embrace the ascension. Anyways, other than just gonna say hello to everyone who i havent talked to in a while ( if you read this ) and i guess ill c ya guys on Vent.

Light and Love to you all, I love you all!

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Ye u are right its very easy to get distracted by this kind of this :\ Soo be carefull :p
I wouldn't worry about the "2012" "The day the earth stood still" or any other of the pretty much all disclosure movies that seem to be coming out. Hollywood is just taking it all the way but you can also link all the actors in the upcoming films to non other then MAJOR Obama supporters. As for being distracted it might just be how you look at it. Were still allowed to enjoy things we've collectively created and be happy for the experiences that present themselves. Fable 2 is all about possibilities isn't it a game where you chose your destiny. In a way you can directly link it to the now moment. Besides its probably prep for all the super powers you are going to be getting anyways, because thats what the big picture is starting too look like to me. A giant planet filled with every day super heros.
Yes indeed, danger lurks at every corner, so you are actually playing a video game REAL LIFE! Image ;-)) ! I had it as well, the moment you start to neglect the spiritual approach, or the inner peace, the ride gets more bumpy again and you start to lose every natural connection. And I felt the same like you did; irritated, very short in answers. And I felt a big fool when I found out what was going on.
And about those movies; indeed, they are no doubt created by the illuminati. It just has got to be. The coincidence is just too big. I mean, wake up, a story with "bad" aliens coming down to earth to save earth but to destroy us? And then the 2012 disasters? At this time of all times? No coincidence at all! And I saw the trailers, movies even look like as if they have been filmed and produced in a hurry. So people, get you strengths and light together, because such movies will influence people. And it will not be in a way that we nor the FoL would like them to be influenced. But we can play the game with their cards: with such movies , they will create plenty more possibilities for us to start the debate on the 2012 topic as we want to see it/create it, and the discussion about extraterrestial life. Use their cards, but follow your own strategy! Namaste.

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