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their goal is not to cull the human population but transform humans into borgs... and have them migrate across the universe

Carolyn The Pleiadien said:

Yup they are now slowly revealing themselves that's why i say weve come to this fork in the road, evolve, empower,  unify in love,  and break our chains or be on the brink of extinction. Sounds apocalyptic i know but its a serious as you can get.

you're absolutely right, carolyn.

  • exopolitics is just another one of nsa's projects
  • the new age movement was founded by the illuminati
  • channelled messages about jesus / sananda are all meant to subliminally program the gullibles for the second coming of christ, the saviour.... which is rubbish

Carolyn The Pleiadien said:

Many involved in the ufo/new age/disclosure /ET Contact/Lightworker communities are Dracos trying to mislead, deceive and disempower. Discernment is key. Beware of any or all of those who tout false profits and saviors coming down from the heavens to rescue us. Our Star family and benevolent Cosmic bros and sisters don't involve themselves with that nonsense

Carolyn The Pleiadien said:

the picture shows also arms outstretched with horned hands..... not good !!!


Carolyn The Pleiadien said:

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