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Hi i have had a download from my higher self and i have come to a decison and an urge from within to create a leaflet to distribute to try and open people's minds up and to get them to think differently to realise there is alot more to life then going to work and making money etc...
Have a look at the work i have done so far and see what you think? any other ideas would be great :) also i want to put a link to a website on there but nothing too "out there" if you know what i mean then i would lose them straight away - need to find a website that just looks at things like why are we here? or where do we come from? etc .... any suggestions would be great need to take little steps first :D


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Hi Rinze here i have copied what i have wriiten here;

Do you have an open mind? Or are you still asleep in this game we call life?
Have you ever thought who I am? Or where do we come from? Why are we here?
Are we alone in the universe? How is it that the planet we live on is perfect to support life – which we are slowly destroying!!
The above are all questions that we should all be asking but do we? Most of us just care about going to work doing our regular 9 till 5 making lots of money and spending it but is life truly about this?
Why even when you spend your money there is not true happiness from within. This is because we are not here to be materialistic we are here to experience life for what it is not to be lead to believe that money is everything WE ARE EVERYTHING our friends and family are everything the ones you love – we all have two basic emotions LOVE and FEAR do you not find it peculiar that everything you see on the TV or media causes fear? WAR, SWINE FLU, ECONOMIC CRISIS!!! It is done on purpose so we can’t live in LOVE. Imagine if everyone lived in Love this world would be a much better place.
I think it is time for change we are more powerful then we are lead to believe by our governments we are all made to feel little and led to believe they can make our lives better well I’m sorry but they don’t care about you!! We are all numbers that create money for them we are slaves and we don’t even know it!!
Take a look at this following statement that I have found it puts everything into perspective and shows you just how simple our lives really are;
“Life is like a ride in an amusement park and when you go on it you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds are, and the ride goes up and down and round and round, has frills and spills and is very brightly coloured.”
“And it’s very loud and its fun for a while, some have been on the ride for a long time they begin to question is this real? Or just a ride?”
“And other people have remembered and they come back to us and they say hey don’t worry don’t be afraid because this is just a ride”
“And we kill those people shut him up look at my furrows and worry look at my big bank account and my family this has to be real? But it’s just a ride but we kill those good guys that try to tell us something you ever noticed that? (Ghandi, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, JF Kennedy) they let the demons run amok, but it doesn’t matter because it’s just a ride and we can change this anytime we want its only a choice no effort no work no job no savings of money just a choice right now between fear and love,”
It has been proven that if you get the most powerful microscope and put a person’s hand underneath that once you get past the skin and muscles you come to atoms then molecules (which by the way everything in the universe is made of) then you come to ENERGY!! Energy just like electricity that you have in your home, so what does this mean if we are energy? This means that we are all infinite energy that can never be taken away and goes on forever!! So anyone that is scared of death do not be afraid our bodies are just our vehicle and when we “die” we just leave this vehicle like when we get out of our car when we have finished using it – we are all spirit and we are just living in this world for an experience and to learn, have you noticed that the same problems might crop up in your lives? This happens because you haven’t learnt from it once you do that situation will never arise again!
We need to change our way of thinking if you’re a negative person negative things will happen to you, if you’re a positive person good things will happen to you it’s about the way you think try it I assure you your life will get better if you are positive search for “the law of attraction” on the net or watch “the secret DVD”.
Also thoughts about others just realise that we are all made from the same stuff:
- We are all the same
- Nobody is better than anyone else
- We are all equals on this planet
- Do not judge others – try to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.
- Try and understand why people do and say things
So many divisions have been made for us so people do not work together imagine if we worked together as one we could do anything we wanted!!
I’m not here to ask you for money, I’m not preaching I’m just providing an insight into what life should be about but as we all have free will and choose our own decisions in life it’s up to you to either take this information on board or discard it. I am just a messenger someone that has had enough of what is going on in the world I want to make a difference I just hope people read this and it makes them think about life in general maybe this is the first page in your next life chapter and I hope I have helped in some way 
Remember have an open mind anout everything you hear and see, as a race we are so easily manipulated always go with that you feel from inside always listen to that inner voice it is usually always right 
For all those people that have read this whole message thank you very much and I hope you will take this message on board good luck on your research there are hundreds of really informative websites on the net.
I will start you off on this one: (i need some suggestions as i don't have any start off websites for people to look at I dont want to give them the whole hog and for them to think this is all crazy stuff and make believe lol )
Hi Tshoeve,

Thanks for your response and the note you have added which i have now written on to the leaflet :)

I just feel very frustrated at the moment and this is what i want to do try and reach out to people and make them think differently.

I'm surprised i havent had much feedback from the people on this site?

Would love to hear of some more ideas and if anyone could provide a "newbie" website for me to place on my leaflet would be great and very much appreciated.

Or if you don't agree with what i'm trying to do would like to hear from you.


Tshoeva said:
An idea iv been toying with for a while - is the slaves one ...
Where you are talking about 'we are slaves ... the gov dont care about us' etc ...

I would add something like:
"The best type of prison, is the one where the captives dont even know they are prisoners...We are all numbers that create money for them we are slaves and we don’t even know it!! "

Very good ideas ... i would say becareful on how you word certain things ... the text directly below that has some good metaphores etc, just careful with wording .. or like you said youll scare everyone off ... it will be too different from their current belief system ...

Ill be back to discuss when i have more time .. doing this has been a vibe within my life for a while now ...


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