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Hi! As long as the Palestines use victimhood and reverse discrimination.To achieve their ends of a state or world without Jews.They will never have a country of their own.Using the sex act as a weapon.To over-populate themselves back unto their homelands now oucciped by Israel.Will not produce a country free of the Jews.Taking the bible quote literally on both sides with,"Be fruitfull and multiply."Will not result in a outcome that favors either side.In order for the State of Palestine to exist.A way of life in action.Towards themselves and each other.Must be enacted with unconditional love and a positive mindset.Towards each other and themselves as well as especialy for their Israel neighbor's.If their way the palestine's isn't a unconditional loving life.Any statehood or world though achieved.Will be short lived without a unconditional loving way of life.
I am all for it. High time Palestine is reinstalled again. The world now knows the true identity of the jews and the zionists and how they see them selfs as the choosen ones, unconditional love isn't in the books of the jews yeah only in their tora ... and only for themselves .. I think there are enough islands to find for the making of a new israel some where in the pacific and then nobody gets hurt and can live freely!!!

Well we all have seen where to the zionists are capable of... Norway a 32 year old man a freemason killed over 90 people...

Norway, the country where the 1993 peace talks between Israel and Palestine took place, said on Monday, July 18 last that the Palestinians have the right to request the UN to vote on an independent Palestinian state. It said the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre during a press conference where the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was present.
If Norway agrees with UN plans relating to Palestine, it isn't possible that these are Muslim terrorists.

The arrested Norwegian Anders Breivik Behring, a right-wing nationalist, conservative Christian, Mason, and he is also "critical" toward Islam. He is a third degree of Master Mason of Lodge St. John Masonic Lodge Norwegian Olaus TD Three pillars (three columns). We are dealing with a so-called Christian Zionists.


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