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Ok that was really weird.. I just tried to post this and I lost connection to the internet and I have cable.. Huummmm..

anywho.. I tried my hand at automatic writing tonight for the first time and got a little info.. I ask who I was talking to and they gave me the name "Mai" then I asked which dimension she was from and she said "5".. Then I asked if I was a star seed and she said "Yes".. So I asked where I was from and she said "Nimbus".. Any I deas?? Is there a planet named Nimbus???


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probably. hahah there are thousands and thousands of planets
maybe you can ask her which star constellation you are from
hehehe.. That is for sure Reb.. Next time I try I will ask them which constellation I am from and see what I get..

Alternate explanation for Nimbus:

The Nimbus family of clouds is one of the highest cloud families, including Strato and Cummulu Nimbus. They're the 'wisps' you see on a clear day.
Thank you Spiritual and Ullan... I have been trying to find info on this and all I come up with is stuff from star trek!! LOL!!! Maybe one of or many channelers could confirm this for me? :o)


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