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Atlantis Returns & the Law of One: Equinox 2013, news at the ideafrontier by Meredith Murphy

Atlantis Returns & the Law of One: Equinox 2013, news at the ideafrontier by Meredith Murphy

Dear Friends,

A joy-full hello!

Like many of you, I have found it challenging to put into words some way to express the fuller level of what is taking place in our lives and in our world.
I've experienced the deeper interest in life on Earth that Archangel Michael spoke about recently. I created workshops about conscious channeling and creating work that expresses our heart's desire, as asked.

And yet I felt somehow that the quieter current underneath it all was still mysteriously flowing beyond the scope of my conscious mind saying what is it, what it means, what to expect. I embraced this, because mystery is so much of life. I remained curious, interested, attentive to my experience as many of us are, patient, trusting and wondering.

The energies have been building toward the Equinox. The head pressure is nearly constant, although not bothering. It's so wonderful that our bodies have tempered enough to handle this so gracefully! Lots of solar activity to boot.

Today though, more clarified aspects of what's unfolding began to emerge for me. What I understand now begins to open up this mystery, and incredibly! I see -- it has to do with an experience of fusion.

We are becoming part of a group mind. I can see the indicators in hindsight -- the articles I've been inspired to write about the incredible harmonic activity that takes place when we come together.
We are beginning to know a fused consciousness, a unified consciousness and when I received the title for the Equinox Event, "The Re-instatement of Love," I still didn't see it. But I do now: it's the re-instatement of the Law of One.

I received a huge transmission today which I will share with you shortly, I need time and space with it before publishing it, so I can absorb the energies and integrate enough myself to be sure I'm correctly translating the material.

It speaks of the return of Atlantis. It was spurred by many of those powerful connections Michael speaks to us about. The coming together with friends, where we experience profound upliftment and sharing and energetically we are weaving new patterns of light.

And after having been in contact with many members of my Earthly Soul Family this week I felt the clarity coming, and I opened to channel and received the transmission I will share soon.
In this message, one of the key themes is how we are, each of us in Divine Timing, retrieving our own templates of being from other lifetimes -- past and future -- into this form of presence, and in doing so reassembling the Law of One.

This sounds so simple, but this is a BIG DEAL.
Energetically, I see now that the Creation of the Firmament is the Fusion of Consciousness!!!!! THAT's what UNITY feels like. The underlying structure of reality transparently apparent.
And so. This Equinox, is no ordinary event.
As we would expect, after 2012...for here we the midst of the galactic center.
But now it is clear that what is emerging is about to blow our minds. (And how wonderful that will feel, to just knock out the boundaries of thinking and clear the mind to function in new ways in the New Reality!)

So I don't know what exactly we will create together at this Equinox Gathering, on this Earthly first annual International Day of Happiness* but I am recognize that we will be assembling part of the new matrix of this fused consciousness and that energy will be exchanged, transmitted and received through our willing collaboration and participation! And I'm excited to receive the fullness of your being, and to be activated by this!

I invite you, to come.
To enter into a shared matrix of LOVE.
To join in building the energy, as you call upon your higher self and this bridge to your Soul Presence and then the I AM THAT I AM.

And to center there and be with me and everyone else on Earth who does this too, calling forth the fullness of our being.
And with our Family of Light, the beloved guides, angels, Archangels and Star Beings who share this journey with us, and the dolphins and the whales, the Shambhala and Telos Masters, the Tuatha de Dannan and the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, for the answering of the CALL to the Law of One, the re-instatement of Love as a experiential unified field.
Click here to register for the Equinox Live Channeling, Matrix of the Law of One event.

I'm so excited and happy!
How wonderful to have met. To have connected. To have come through so much of this time together and now, to remember THIS.

Love & Happiness bucko!


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