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Hey Adam, a couple years back I had tried for months on end to do this and or lucid dream, I finally achieved a couple lucid dreams by holding my nose while dreaming, and then when i breathed in and was able to through my nose I realized I was dreaming and had this almost euphoric feeling and then I was in control and able to do wtv I want, which ended up just running off my balcony and start flying but it was so real and amazing just like being awake.

And maybe this could lean more towards astral projection, when going to bed one time and remaining still trying to enter these states, I started to feel my legs slowly lift upwards almost weightlessly and I knew that I wasn't actually moving my real legs because that would cause strain real quick, and I also felt like my head was more where my neck actually was to make up for my astral feet i guess that were lifting in the air, but I think the fact that I noticed this got my heart pumping and I just got snapped back in. This was a really cool experience heh :)

But I have got to the vibrational state quite a lot usually not to intense though sometimes it can feel like a mediocre earthquake, and sometimes I have had clear as day images and scenes come into my 3rd eye I guess after remaining still for a while, it's pretty neat since I've never had much of an imagination yet getting these completely clear images come through and sometimes I can control them somewhat to move how I want.

So ya those are my experiences with astral/lucid dreaming I haven't put enough into it in the last year which is disappointing but I am going to change that I want to start doing this more, it is what made me look more into the spiritual side than just all the conspiracies I used to look at :), thanks for the topic.
Hi there

I'm pretty sure I've astraled before, went through the weird vibrating electricity feeling then there's a ringing in your ears sometimes. Then you feel a strange pulling sensation at your forehead and it's almost as if you're literally being "sucked" out of your body.

One thing to be careful with is that the astral world can seem unreliable for inexperienced people. You need to devise a test to make sure you're actually APing and not lucid dreaming. My method is to put a card face down on a glass table, then if you AP check what the card is. Keep a mental note of what it is, then go to area 51 or the Earth's core, observe and make a mental note. When you wake up, you can check the card as confirmation of whether you were on the right "plane" or the wrong plane/LD. Sometimes you'll end up APing in a different "reality" so to speak, or you'll end up in an LD which is a different thing altogether, so you need to be careful about that.

Good luck with it!


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