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ASPARTAME,MSG,FLUORIDE, i try not to eat fast food,drink diet cola,or chew gum with aspartame in it {most of them do check the packet!}

do you ever look at the people who love diet cola or fast food in ignorance? yes ocasionaly i eat fast food,i dont drink diet cola ever cos of aspartame and now im chewing bubba hubba! cos it dosent contain aspartame,it causes brain tumors in extreme cases { aspartame},fluoride was used by the nazis on their victims to keep them calm{see david icke}

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Ow yeah completely. I have found myself eating more healthfully. This change in eating habit is happening to everyone, especially those who are in the light as we change toward 2012. many will find a new born passion in the ingredients and preparation of cooking food.

I have also started only drinking water (pretty much). it was a gradual change, but one I'm happy with now. My next step is to buy a water filter (with a screen filter). this is something i would recommend to everyone.
Your right about the fluoride, that stuff kills brain cells so helps in dumbing down! get rid of the crap in your drinking water!


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