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We communicate with our galactic global family in Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English!
Can you spare a mere 15 minutes per day to send out intentions to light up the grids for the ASCENSION of GAIA, and all of her inhabitants? If so, we would love to have you be a member of our PROJECT: EAGLE TRIAD family. Write to us at janisel(@)
Lord Ashtar
channeled through Janisel (janisel(@)
To Begin TODAY, And Continue Through June 30, 2013

Ahhh…the times they are a changing. Greetings, this is Ashtar! Change is definitely in the air, as you say, but most importantly in the heart, and your upcoming Solstice will, as is always the case, bring even more heart openings and codes of awakening into your collective consciousness. As you know, these energies are not downloaded on only one specific day that you have specified on your calendars, but rather over many of your days. For that reason we are asking the Eagles to continue with the following meditation for a period of two weeks, rather than your accustomed one week. And of course we will be working with the energy of Love, as that is the energy of Balance and Healing and which brings Grace for the integration of these energy downloads. Therefore, let us begin.

1) Complete your protocal by connecting to all Project: Eagle Triad Members.

2) Ground Yourself.

3) Connect to and pull energy from the GOD/SOURCE GRID. Pull it firmly around your Being. You will remember we have suggested that you visualize this Grid as a net that encircles not only the planet but also all upon her.
* The GOD/SOURCE GRID: It is a Grid established by your conscious acknowledgment that `Something BIG' is coming. You can't quite describe it or put your finger on `what' that `something' is but you feel it throughout every cell of your Being. That `something', that Energy, that you feel to be coming is, my friends, quite simply `Creator' or `God', however you wish to express it. And so it is this Source Grid or God Grid to which you are connected, and it is your conscious connection to this grid that helps ease the integration of its Energies into the mass consciousness of Earth humanity.

4) You are asked to send, through your intent to do so -- FROM THE GOD/SOURCE GRID THROUGH YOU -- the energy of Love to the planet, for this Solstice is a very important time for her as well as yourselves.

5) You are asked to send, through your intent to do so -- FROM THE GOD/SOURCE GRID THROUGH YOU -- Love to every life form upon and within your planet, neglecting not the sending of Love to those humans upon Earth which you have judged to be of the `dark agenda', for it is the Power of Love that will turn the `dark' to `Light', is it not?

6) Lastly, and very importantly, you are asked to spend the last five minutes of this meditation sending Love to yourself and to your Self, for being the magnificent Beings that you are and always have been; for being those brave Souls who ventured forth into the lower densities and are now bring the Earth and all her sentient lifeforms back into their rightful station. And so it is!

I send my Love to each of you. I AM Ashtar. Adonai



Lord Ashtar
channeled through Janisel (janisel(@)

As I said before, I've come in to clear things up. You see, many people have asked the question concerning Divine Intervention, or whether everything is 'pre-ordained'. So I have come in to answer that vital questions. You have the Creator, Who has set in motion this universe and other universes, and through time, the universes have gotten bigger and more comples. And as things get established and set, the Creator has what you might refer to as a 'method behind the madness', for you see, there IS a Divine Plan that all of that all of the chaos revolves around. Now, some have referred to it as the Divine Blueprint, some have referred to it as the Prime Directive, and there have been many, many other names for this. But you see, before any one Being is born upon not just this planet, but any other planet, or any other plane, there is a Contract that is made with the Creator.



We shall take a person, this entity, as a singular entity,  to make it more simple. We shall say that this entity goes to the Creator and says, "I wish to be put upon planet Earth." Well, the Creator has other Beings around that check things out and says, "What do you wish to be on planet Earth?" And this Being says, "I wish to be a human." The Creator looks at one of the assistants and says, "Do we have room for one more human?" And the assistant says, "Yes". And the Creator looks at this Being and says, "And where do you wish to be born on Earth?" And let's say this Being says, "Well, I've never been to Arizona." So the Creator looks at another Being and says, "Do we have room for another human in Arizona?" Well, once they pick a specific location, sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no… depending on the Lesson, which comes next. Now, the Creator looks at this Being and says, "OK,  we have room in Arizona for one more human. Why do you wish to go?" Well, that Being has to give a reason as to why it wishes to go. It may be to learn poverty, it may be to learn pain, it may be to learn tolerance. It could be that this Being wants to learn how to live without arms and legs, which would teach many lessons. Once the 'prime' reason is stated, the Creator then establishes a Contract with this Being, and the Creator will say, "Now, in lieu of me allowing you to go at this point in time, I wish for you to teach this one, this one, this one and this one the following lessons sometime during the course of your life." That is entered into the Contract. Then, the Being looks at the Creator, and says, " Well, if I have to meet up with this one, this one, this one, and this one to teach this, then I have this Being, this Being, this Being and this Being in these past lives of mine that I wish to connect with to help me with this." And thus it is written in the Contract.



Now, this Being that making this Contract with the Creator can say, "OK, now, I have had past lives with this person and this person, and I see now that they are married and they are hoping to have a baby soon. I wish to contract with them." So the Creator asks another assistant, "Is there an open contract for a child in this one and this one's Contract?" And if it's established that those have a Contract for a child, then that being is put in that slot. It is very intricate, it is many levels, it is many steps, but you see, what ends up happening is the Contract that is made between that Being that wishes to come to this planet and the Creator, is a set Divine Plan. The Creator says to this Being… this mythical Being, mind you, in this example... He says, "You will be born. You will breathe in and out until I tell you to stop. You will get together with these four Beings that I have contracted you to get together with, and you will teach them the following lesson. And for you doing that, I will reintroduce you to these other four Beings that you have had assistance with in past lives, that will come in and assist you." This is after checking with their Contracts to make sure that is OK, too. And then the Creator looks at that Being and says, "Now, I will give you this angel, this angel, and this angel to assist you for this amount of time, and then I will give you this angel, this angel, and this angel to assist you after that." That is in the contract. Then the Creator looks at this Being and says, "When do you wish to die and what do you wish to die of? For your life there has to end sometime." So then they negotiate this. Once that is established, then the Creator looks at this Being and says, "And who do you wish to have there to greet you when you transition?" And that Being picks exactly who they wish to have there, and after all these Contracts of all these Beings are checked out, then it becomes the Divine Blueprint. THEN it gets turned over to me. (smile) You see, there are what you would refer to as 'massive computers' that are used to access any and all of this information.
Now, it is like this. Athena is our 'bookkeeper'. She makes sure, through all the records of all the Contracts, that everything is done. If Athena comes to me and says, "Oooh, this person has these four people that they have to teach this lesson to, and they're across an ocean from each other.", it could be that what I do in order to make this work, is I go pick up those four… when they're asleep, perhaps… and I bring them across the ocean to this one, put them together in a room upon a ship, let them learn their lessons, and then return them. For, as long as the lessons go in their sub-conscious mind, it is learned. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Sometimes the Contract is that this person has to break this person's leg… something that simple. Then they have to be in the same place at the same time. Well, then that is when we use a little bit of 'persuasion' every now and then, to whisper, "Rosie [Janisel]… move to Sedona." We can send you teachers, we can send you what you might refer to as subliminal help, we can sometimes make sure that a magazine ends up in front of you that you might pick it up and read it and make a connection. For those of you that ask the Father for 'signs' and 'symbols' for letting you know if you've made the right choice, sometimes we do that also. But you see, it is a far-reaching job. And there are many of us that do this, it is not just one or two that does it all. There are many, and the angels help tremendously. You see, sometimes it's nothing more than us asking the angels to implant a message for us. Sometimes it is us telling an angel to make sure that you do not get on a certain airplane, or onto a certain highway at a certain time. It is really very simple. It is like working a jigsaw puzzle… we have a bunch of pieces and we have to make sure that they all fit in the right spot together.
Now, we have many volunteers at this time. Their Contracts did not work this way. We were talking about the 'average human'. We have some volunteers that were born into their bodies and more or less went through the same process, however, their Contracts are a wee bit more extensive than that. Their Contracts more or less stipulate that they will get together with certain people at certain times to 'join forces', maybe do a bit more work together than just one could possibly do. We have some that their Contracts began when the body was small but not newly born, some where the Contracts began when the body was full-grown [walk-ins and braid-ins]… as we did the other night. But you see, it's just a very intricate Game. Now, there are lot of Beings that take offense at the use of the word 'game'. We are not using it to say that anyone is 'playing' , or that your life here is worthless, or it's 'just for fun.' For you see, if any of you play
chess, the most thrilling, the most intricate game of chess can take years, and a lot of thought, and a lot of strategy. And it is not necessarily done for 'fun'. This is a Game that is very important. It is a Game that has a final outcome. And it is a Game that is very worthwhile Game. For you see, when you play this Game, you learn everything, you gain everything, but you lose nothing. And, technically, in this Game there is no winning or losing… it is all in how you play the Game. You may be asking yourself with this contract information: 'Is Ascension a Given?'… it IS, even on the different levels, it is. But you see, you want to learn the most you can before the time comes. For when you learn the most, you gain the most. There are many that bide their time. They allow the world and everything in it to do everything while they do nothing. That is their choice. But you see, it gives them a long wait. When you are 'doing' things, your 'time' <grin> tends to go by more quickly. When you're doing things, you accomplish your ascension, in one form or another, much more quickly than if you just allow others to do all the work. Therefore, there are some of you, that are reading this, that might decide to take time off. Well, when you take time off you're also taking a chance that you're going to miss the best in what ASCENSION and this planet have to offer. We shall see. <grin>

JANISEL: But there's a time this Game is going to end.


JANISEL: And we'll start all over.

ASHTAR: We shall see. <grin> I will say, there is a Game always going on somewhere.


We communicate with our galactic global family in Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English!
Can you spare a mere 15 minutes per day to send out intentions to light up the grids for the ASCENSION of GAIA, and all of her inhabitants? If so, we would love to have you be a member of our PROJECT: EAGLE TRIAD family.  Write to us at janisel(@)

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