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Ashtar Leads: Portal Activation Meditation Now, Including: Firing Up the Grids of Love for the Sun, Every Man, Woman, and Child, plus the Heart of Mother Earth! State of the Planet Address

Ashtar Leads: Portal Activation Meditation Now, Including: Firing Up the Grids of Love for the Sun, Every Man, Woman, and Child, plus the Heart of Mother Earth! State of the Planet Address: Feeling Urgency of Missions, Ascending Mother Earth, Making Sacrifices!

Lord Ashtar

channeled through Rev Janisel of Sananda's Eagles
Begin now through September 22, 2012

Greetings once again! Ashtar here. You have many portal openings which lie before you and, as these gates open, they let in the higher dimensional energy that is transforming your world. However, as you have experienced, this energy sometimes produces effects that you perceive as a disruption to your `normal' way of being.

I assure you, your `normal' way of being is changing very rapidly and soon the chaos, the aches and pains of the body, and all the other and varied maladies you are experiencing will be more in the flow of these energies and you and the planet will have risen to a higher frequency. Until that very short amount of your time transpires, we are asking the Eagles (and everyone reading this) to use the most potent Force in the multi-verse, and I of course speak of the energy of LOVE, to offset some of what is transpiring not only with the planet herself but also within the hearts of Earth mankind.

And as you approach your anniversary date of 9/11, which, by the way, affected every hum an heart on your planet in one way or another, many hearts will be feeling heaviness and possibly anger. So the Eagles are being asked to address these hearts in your next meditation.

For the first five minutes, you are asked to send the energy of Love to your sun.

For the next five minutes you are asked to send the energy of Love, through your intent, to the heart of every man, woman and child on your planet.

For the final five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send the energy of Love to the Heart of Mother Earth herself.

That's it for this week. I AM Ashtar, ever with you.

Project: Eagle Triad (Ashtar's Trinity)
** Channeled, Current, Cosmic, Charging the Grids! **
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From Ashtar's State of the Planet Address - Part I
by Ashtar
channeled through Rev Deb of Sananda's Eagles

You see, many of you… and in this term I speak very generally… have had a sense of 'urgency'. Many of you have had a 'feeling' that you might not quite be able to put into words. And many of you have felt a 'heaviness', perhaps even lost your temper? But you see, that is because it is now the time. The Awakening Process is done. Those who have refused to awaken are not out of the picture. They will be allowed to continue sleeping. Some might even have a little bit of an awakening later on, however, their missions have been suspended. Does this tell you anything? You may continue with the work you are currently doing, and you may continue shaking these people if you wish, however, now is the time to shake those that have been saying they are here to awaken others. Are you ready for the shaking?

There is SO much that I wish to come in and share with you, and there is so much that I am not allowed to share. But you see, if this planet is to heal, do you honestly think she can do it with life on her? She has to go into a cocoon state. Do you realize this? Yes, you will see Heaven on Earth… you will just 'take a vacation' first. Some of you will not be able to tolerate the vacation, so you, too, will go into hibernation. And one morning, you shall wake up, and you will find a whole New Earth. And you will wonder, "Hmmm… how did this happen? I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention." You have been told that the evacuation is not going to take place. Believe it…LOL… if you wish. And you shall wake up one morning and go, "Hmmm… I haven't been very observant lately." Do you understand? Why would she still be in orbit in this galaxy if she were not needed? And if you don't know what 'she' I'm talking about, do a little bit of research, OK? We shall have a fun time… for those of you that choose to remain awake. And that shall also be the time that some of you choose not to come back… because the party is really happening onboard. And when it's an etheric party, why come back to the mundane? But that's not going to happen today, it's not going to happen tomorrow.  It just depends on how busy you get, doesn't it? How many hibernation chambers do you really think we have? We would MUCH prefer to have the BIG party. The more that can enjoy the ride instead of sleep through the ride, the better. And that is your job. And, yes, there has been times that information has been given that this is not going to happen. However, please come to the understanding that this has been in flux for quite some time. Things have changed. The count is in. The statistician has now given the report. Do you want to fly while you're wide awake, and enjoy the scenery… or do you want to sleep through it? That's your choice. For only those that are dedicated, and those that assist, are the ones that will have the most fun on the trip. We have quite the celebration awaiting.

I have one more question to ask you. And this is another one of those questions to not answer verbally. Here is the question: If I were to tell you that, in order to save humanity… to do your job… you would have to wake up tomorrow without sight, without hearing, or without speech, would you DO that? If it was a choice, WOULD YOU DO THAT? If I told you that you could leave tomorrow, without doing another thing, and humanity would be devastated because of that… would you do that? Would you leave? If I told you that on the morrow, when you woke up, you would leave… you would go Home… you could come onboard and live onboard ship with us, but the planet would be destroyed because of that… would you do that? These are the final questions that I'm going to ask you because it's time for you to make these decisions. Please bear in mind, I'm not telling you that you're going to wake up tomorrow and be taken onboard ship, but these are the choices that you have to make… because if you do not get busy, you might as well leave. The time for what you refer to as 'personal sacrifice' is done. Your 'self' is not important, but you CAN be thankful for one very important thing… not being asked to hang on a cross in humiliation and pain. Now, you might think that's a vile thing for me to bring up now, but you see, that was the price of ascension 2000 years ago. So what do you think the price is now? That is said out of love, that is said to wake you up. For the Lightworkers that are going to be working are awake. Now it's time to wake up to clarity, to know a little bit more about what it is that you are to be doing. Do you understand?

LOVE EACH OTHER! ASCEND THE PLANET! Can you do that? Can you? Very good! Have fun… for the fun is just beginning. My brother Sananda has been saying that it's been fun all along, but you see, the sleeping ones have awoken that are meant to awaken. And if they haven't, they've been replaced. So you see, now is the time for the clarity that each and every one of you has asked for. Do you understand? Do not dispise me, for I LOVE you.


Project: Eagle Triad (Ashtar's Trinity)
** Channeled, Current, Cosmic, Charging the Grids! **

We welcome you to the Ashtar's Trinity family with open Starship hatches! Come aboard to work on a project that encompasses both Ascension and the Space Brotherhood.

Joining Ashtar's Trinity means being a member of a growing global spiritual family. Simultaneously, it consists of connecting with two other individuals, together forming a *Trinity* (i.e.; a team of three).

Those of all Spiritual Paths are welcome! The involvement consists of doing three 5-minute meditations each day. Every Sunday, the meditations are sent out -- via our yahoo list -- for the following week. Currently, these are written in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. Italian is coming soon!

The instructions for our meditations are channeled -- through the body of Rev. Janisel -- from Sananda, Ashtar, Archangels, St. Germain, and others of the Higher Realms who are assisting us in this endeavor.

More information about Ashtar's Trinity:

For Our Purpose and Mission:

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