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ASHTAR ~ Bio-Environmental Terrorism ,Planetary Holocaust in the Gulf by Cabal and Petitioning the FOL for Divine Intervention'' - June 1,2010.

"Bio-Environmental Terrorism, Planetary Holocaust in the Gulf by the Cabal and Petitioning the Federation of Light for Divine Intervention"-- Channeled June 1, 2010

    Transmission-Channeling received from Lord Ashtar:

     “In the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and Federation of Light, wanting to comment upon this recent Environmental disaster that has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. As this horrendous situation has continued to go from bad to worse, it has become very clear, in the old Earthly tradition of ‘business as usual,’ that those in very high positions of power and influence do not really plan to solve this problem, as much as their P.R. representatives are attempting to put out the usual recycled disinformation [B.S.] to the contrary.
     For anyone on Earth who has studied and researched thoroughly, as this Channel, Michael, has, as well as what we, your ‘Friends Upstairs,’ of the Federation of Light have shared with him and many others of our fellow Channels and contactees for the Federation of Light, for many decades, you are aware of the historical fact that the oil companies (and the other ‘dark alchemists’ of the petrochemical cartel, in league with the
companies, with the backing of the power elite) have been basically guilty of mass  genocide and other horrendous crimes against humanity.  They have suppressed any and all forms of what would be termed ‘alternative exotic hyper-dimensional  technologies,’ which would not only very affectively and quickly clean up the Earth’s environment, but would totally ‘Energy Emancipate’ the entire human race and also would powerfully heal and eliminate every so-called disease known to man.
     It is a fact that numerous evil tactics have been used by this dark cabal that have allowed them to stay in power.  Yes, these crimes against Earth’s humanity, of suppressing these very wonderful opportunities and greater energy freedom and sovereignty, have included murder, blackmail, threats and intimidation.  Also, they have dispensed massive concentrations of disinformation, to keep the rest of the masses from knowing about the many numerous
from Nikola Tesla until only very recently. And talk about ‘insult upon injury,’ the cabal then took these very same technologies which should have only been used for humanitarian and uplifting purposes and ‘back engineered’ them into highly classified black op projects for total world control and manipulation of the entire Earth human race.
     This channel feels, as do all of us up here aboard our Merkabah Light Ships and in the Higher Councils of Light, that it is long past time of allowing these evil tactics to be allowed to continue.  We feel that with the new Cosmic frequencies that have lately been manifesting all over the planet, that all such hidden agendas will now be much more easily exposed and ultimately brought to an end, and that inevitably, very soon indeed, these very suppressed technologies will be forced out in the open and the people of Earth, newly liberated and sovereign, will be able to openly develop and create numerous technologies in the upcoming Golden Age, as Mother Earth also finishes her planetary Ascension.
     But, it is still just a few short years off before this becomes the accepted norm for the entire planet, and by then, not only will the old planetary cultural quarantine be long over, but everyone will be able to openly travel to and from other worlds of the Federation.
     However, for right now, in this immediate and serious ecological disaster in the Gulf that is only intensifying every hour of every day, we of the Federation of Light are concerned about the eminent upcoming hurricane season, and the possible consequences that could result by use of the very toxic solvent known as Corexit 9500.  As this channel has read, because of Corexit 9500’s extreme toxicity level, when it is mixed with the warm waters of the Gulf, its molecules can simply change from a liquid to a more gaseous form.  Yes, I will now verify that this concern is well founded by Earth scientists, and yes, as has been stated, that as this gaseous state is then absorbed by clouds, that the gas can then be released as what would be termed ‘toxic rain.’ This could lead to much more disastrous and catastrophic consequences, which could also end up helping to destroy all life forms, from humans to animals and plants and all organisms living in and above the Gulf.  And this, in turn, could soon easily spread to other areas further away--and ultimately around the entire planet within weeks or months--that is, if it is not stopped right away. But I want to also state for the ‘Cosmic and Planetary Record,’ that as this channel read in the very recent e-mail [COOPRADIO: The New 9/11: BP’s False Flag operation in the Gulf to wreck the Environment -- Leuren Moret] I will officially put this whole thing in a much clearer perspective.  Yes, on most levels--or rather on a majority of levels, of the cabal or power elite, this whole incident was just merely a combination of greed and refusing to adhere to what would be termed ‘safety guidelines and cautionary regulations,’ which would have prevented this very disaster from occurring in the first place.  So there was on these levels, at least no covert or evil intent for this to have become what is has.
     But, on another, much higher, level within the very upper echelons of the power elite, there are those who have always plotted and planned, in their evil intent, to use whatever they can to literally exterminate over two thirds of Earth’s humanity, as in a planetary holocaust, whether it be through the toxic chemtrail aerosol spraying program, or mass deadly vaccinations, and any of the other many hidden agendas of the power elite.  These older, hard core negative reptilian, shape-shifting human-impersonating heads of the 13 ruling family dynasties at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid of ultimate power have been desperately looking for ways to speed up the ‘Global 2000’ plan of planetary genocide. This has not been going as fast as they had wanted, partly because of the fact that we of the Federation of Light in Guardian Action around this planet have been very closely monitoring these various evil plans and agendas, and neutralizing them.  We have been doing this not only directly from our ships, but also by personally beaming down to sit invisibly within the very boardrooms of the Illuminati corporate heads. This, by the way, for us or any other Being of Light, is not a very comfortable thing to do, to be in the presence of so many dark reptilian--luciferian, and what would be termed very toxic evil satanic energies that they have been conjuring up for many ages.
     After these various ‘anonymous and unannounced visits’ to these Illuminati strongholds, in which they thought that these meetings were always unable to be ‘penetrated’ on either a physical or so-called ‘psychic’ level, we have recently made clear to them, the fact that, while we do not normally engage in what would be termed ‘invasion of one’s privacy and sovereignty’--which they engage in all the time against the mass population through all kinds of ‘big brother’ tactics through black op monitoring and surveillance technologies-- that we are able to do so when necessary.
     Well, as I and other fellow space brothers and sisters up here have told this channel, which he has shared with many others, ‘Yes, big brother is monitoring you--but guess what, Big Space Brother is also monitoring them!’  And like the old expression, ‘two can play the game’--but for two very different reasons and outcomes.
     We of the Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy want to make sure that the cabal will not succeed with its plan for total world control and with the various plans for planetary holocaust.  So, under our Federation Laws that are referred to as the Galactic Pacts, we are allowed to closely monitor any and all activities that would be termed dangerous for Mother Earth’s well being as well as basic survival.  And this especially is true when the intent is to destroy, control and/or manipulate all life upon Earth.  This becomes even more important and urgent, and of a high priority, when those in high positions of power, whether they be on Earth or any planet throughout the universe, are plotting in absolute evil and when they have already been warned by us many times in the past, of how what they are doing is totally against Federation’s--as well as God’s--Universal Laws and sacred principals, which also allow peace and progress not only on Earth, but anywhere throughout the universe. This is also one of the reasons that we (and those of you fellow Volunteers presently in Earth embodiment when you were up here with us as a part of and members of our Higher Councils of Light and helped us) formed our Federation of Light, also known by many other names: Intergalactic Confederation, Galactic Federation, Universal Alliance of Peace, etc.
     In so many of the earlier ‘false flag’ events, such as that referred to as 9-11, as this channel knows, as do many other fellow channels and contactees of our Federation also know, that during that cabal-staged event for more control and to create more F.E.A.R. [False Evidence Appearing Real] over the masses, we did literally physically beam up out of those buildings seconds before they were brought down by the cabal, a majority of the people who were inside.
     This particular event was also allowed, though, by us, for it was a major planetary wake-up call, and a call for Truth and Accountability, that has backfired upon the cabal. This caused the majority of Earth’s population, like a sleeping giant waking up, to refuse to be willing go along with these numerous hidden agendas and the ‘conspiracy of silence’ that the power elite have been desperately attempting to force upon everyone and everything on Earth.  And, sadly, as we have stated many times, we can, with ‘unbearable compassion,’ forgive the power elite for all their crimes--and attempted crimes--against Earth’s humanity.  But we cannot allow for them to any longer ‘run ripshod over humanity,’ and we have, as stated, ‘Officially Cosmically Given Notice’ to them; we have given them the Final Ultimatum.  That is, if they continue with these various plans and plots to control and/or destroy the Earth in any way, that they, these souls who have with evil intent continued to attempt such destruction and death, that ultimately their very souls will be ‘Recycled thru the GodHead to be as if they had ever existed.’  And we must now begin to step in much more overtly and make our presence, we of the Federation, more overtly known--and make known our Authority, as given to us by God and the Spiritual Hierarchy, to stop any and all plans that threaten all life upon Earth.  This is also why that, very soon, mass planetary Divine Intervention and World Wide Evacuation must officially begin, just as this channel has very clearly and in detail described in his book [Prepare For The Landings!--go to], and just as we had channeled earlier through Lady Tuella when she was in Earth embodiment back in the early 80’s [Project: World Evacuation by the Ashtar Command].
     But, to specifically refer to this most recent event in the Gulf, this event was actually ‘initiated or targeted’ by these hard core power elite minions, in their insane lust for total power and control, and still fanatically plotting as ‘denial spirits’ that they have always been since they helped incite the original galactic Luciferian Rebellion. They, or rather the black ops that they control, used what would be termed a form of negative ‘psychotronic energy weapon,’ similar to the type of weapon system used to bring down the Minnesota Bridge a couple of years ago [see channeling about this in ‘Channeled Material’ section of]. This literally, as in a form of ‘exotic sabotage,’ as compared to just a more mundane form that most on Earth have suspected, caused, nevertheless, a weakening and manipulation of the more normal, but inadequate, mechanical oil system that was in place.  They took advantage of the already sloppy condition that was irresponsibly not being kept up to regulations in the first place.
     So, as was described as part of the heading of the e-mail, of this being the newer ‘9-11 False Flag,’ it is in a sense accurate to refer to it as such, because of what these die-hard fanatical Illuminati heads are still plotting to do, and that is the total death and destruction of the entire planet and all its life.  In other words, as in the old adage, ‘If we can’t have it, neither will the rest of humanity be allowed by us to have it.’  This is their fanatical and arrogant response to our Official Warning to them, to ‘cease and desist’ with any and all plans that they have been plotting to fulfill for total world control, or, as we like to refer to it, the ‘old world odor’--because it ‘stinks to High Heaven.’ Their plans, had, of course, also involved martial law and the activation of those 800 concentration camps, many more staged 9-11 type events to attempt to induce much more F.E.A.R. into the human race, and the establishment of a fascist one world system, controlled by a central computer and the dreaded forced ‘mark of the Beast’ upon everyone living upon the Earth.
     Well, at least that has been their ultimate plan.  But there is an old saying, ‘There’s plans, and then there’s life.’  Just recall, as in the Biblical story of one--and actually many--city(s) that was ‘prophesied that it was to be destroyed by God’ because of how evil the inhabitants were, but as it turned out, it was spared and not destroyed because the people ‘became religious’ and mended their ways, God spared them, and this ‘prophecy of God’ was never fulfilled.   Well, in these earlier times, when the masses changed or rather altered their ways and consciousness, which were originally destructive to the Earth, and when we also, of course, helped to influence and Overshadow them, this caused another actual time line to manifest in place of the other time line, and this caused those ‘prophecies of God’ of the past to be proven inaccurate.
     Consider that the late 3rd/early 4th century Council of Nicea members altered and covered up so much about Jesus’s life, just like the more modern Warren Commission on the Kennedy assassination, which covered up the true facts of the Conspiracy, or the Condon Report that explained away most UFO and ET Reports, or the more recent ‘9-11 Commission’ that covered up the true facts of 9-11 for the power elite with whom they were connected.  They had to answer to these very same power elite now in control of the planet--up until now, and they were determined to manipulate all historical events that documented and verified how we had Divinely Intervened many times back in those earlier times.  Of course, the Truth is still there to be able to be discerned by someone who has developed a strong sense of Discernment and ‘Cognitive Deductive Reasoning.’
     What we also did in those earlier times was to create a new time line and those original ‘Official religious prophecies of God’ did not occur. So, too, this power elite would want all to believe that all the present ‘Revelation Prophecies’ must and will occur as described in the New Testament, and that this is set in stone by God and cannot be changed or altered.  They would have us believe that somehow God or Divine Intelligence is so extremely ‘rigidly anally retentive’ that God cannot, just as He/She did back then, alter the entire ‘fabric of the Time/Space Continuum’ and create another, entirely different time line that is much better, more ‘Cosmically User Friendly’ to everyone and everything living and existing upon planet Earth in a much bigger and more powerful way, that transmutes and alters any and all plans of the cabal.  We are the Guardians of Light, who will make sure that God’s new and real plans will occur as Divinely Decreed and Petitioned by those of you who, as stated, are still members of our Councils.
     But this was exactly what these same ‘religious priests,’ who were controlled by the power elite then, were stating, to forget about saving your city and environment, that it must be destroyed because it is ‘God’s Will and absolute plan.’  But now it can be just as then, when many turned from their ‘evil and wicked ways’ and altered their consciousness and PETITIONED AND DECREED AND PRAYED TO GOD AND HIS HEAVENLY HOSTS.  We are the ‘Angels of the Harvest of the Celestial Host,’ who uphold God’s Divine Laws and have the Authority.  Yes, a MANDATED AUTHORITY is also given to us by our Creator, to change the time line again, as in ancient times, to ALSO PROVE SOME OR MANY OF THESE MODERN DAY PROPHECIES ALSO WRONG.  For all Prophecies are only warnings of events to occur--only if that original time line fulfills itself, but if a new time line replaces the older one, then another series of events instead occurs--just as it did in earlier times.
     We know that for many the New Testament, as it was in earlier times, with the earlier teachings of the church, is the absolute and final word of God.  But, as stated earlier, we know God, our Radiant One, to be much more powerful and evolved and flexible and forgiving and compassionate and Transformational than the God that so many very traditional religious people of Earth think of.  And we know of God’s power to change and transform--and this includes as many time lines and parallel levels of reality as needed to heal and transform all life and consciousness, with the least amount of pain as possible, to bring joy and beauty and the ‘Cosmic Law of Grace’ and the upcoming Golden Age of peace.  And not just for a mere ‘thousand years’--this was just another attempt to put a ‘spin’ upon the real Truth by those in the Council of Nicea. It is meant that Earth will finally experience its Ascension and become FOREVER a Higher Dimensional World of Light, that it will never go back to a lower vibrational frequency of being a karmic training school as it has been, and that it will never have to experience again all the suffering that the power elite forced it to go through up until now.
     It is for this reason, as stated, of what the cabal has done, to attempt to continue to create more suffering and total destruction to Mother Earth and all life, which is just one more reason that I AM personally calling upon all of those of you who are our Volunteers in Earth embodiment, yes, our Emissaries of Light, that even now still represent our Higher Councils.  Since the majority of you who are here in Earth embodiment, prior to taking embodiment this one last time to finish up helping us liberate Mother Earth from the hands of those who have controlled and manipulated her with unmercifulness, greed and exploitation, since you are still Representatives in the Higher Councils, it is time for all of you to officially ‘Rise to the Occasion,’ to sincerely and powerfully Officially Petition, Decree and Invoke through the Divine Will of God our Creator, that Divine Intervention will very soon be allowed in this situation in the Gulf and the surrounding area.  For as I sensed this channel’s own thoughts of deep concern yesterday as he thought about this very thing, know that by even one of you being willing to ‘Cosmically Petition’ us, as in numerous past situations, we of the Federation of Light have made the official decision to Intervene and neutralize numerous extremely toxic and deadly dangers that were and are threatening all life upon Earth.  And it becomes even more powerful when ‘two are standing together’ and then others join their ranks, and on and on and it builds up for even greater MANDATED AUTHORITY for us to then take immediate and powerful action!
     This channel has shared with many others of the time years ago while living in Florida, that he very passionately and sincerely called out to us, and in a sense he did ‘Cosmically Petition’ us, when he observed the heavy concentrations of those very toxic chemtrails, that the cabal had sprayed in a grid pattern over his backyard.  As he then observed late one night, after being telepathically summoned to ‘go outside and take a look at the night sky,’ a large and very bright green fireball suddenly shot across the night sky, which was, of course, one of our Merkabah Light Ships specially designed for transmuting and eliminating all kinds of atmospheric pollution.  In this case, as he was told by those aboard the ship, that just as in much earlier years when massive green fireball sightings occured over New Mexico and Nevada back in the ‘50’s, which was when much nuclear testing by the government started up, that our ships manifested many times as ‘green fireball’ sightings as we transmuted and dropped the very extreme radiation levels to much more bearable levels.
     It is also true then, that numerous of our earlier contactees of that early ‘flying saucer’ era of the ‘50’s did, in fact, also ask us sincerely and passionately--yes, they, too, ‘officially Cosmically PETITIONED’ us to please step in to allow help and Divine Intervention to occur--and it did, also partly because we were monitoring the extreme levels of radiation that were being manifested through these nuclear tests, and we were given MANDATED AUTHORITY, on the BEHALF OF THE ENTIRE EARTH HUMAN RACE AND ALL LIFE FORMS, AND FOR MOTHER EARTH HERSELF.
     Also, as I personally told this channel many years ago, when he was just a child, while he was watching President Kennedy’s news conference on the Cuban missile crisis, and I etherically popped in to stand near him, nuclear war will NOT be allowed by our Federation, even though the world leaders would hold this ‘specter’ of a possible nuclear accident or some extremist group obtaining a nuke suitcase and detonating it, over the masses’ heads as just another F.E.A.R. tactic for control and manipulation.  As this channel also knows, as I confirmed to him, many [thousands] of times our Federation Light Ships, otherwise referred to as UFO’s have come down over many military bases to either shut down and/or neutralize certain very perilous and dangerous situations.  These would have been disastrous if we had not directly and powerfully intervened, as in a benevolent show of force, and would have ended up destroying much life and Mother Earth herself.
     As this channel has also observed right after his own Official Petitioning to do something about the very toxic chemtrails, he has observed many times when chemtrails have first manifested all over the sky, and then one or more of those ‘lenticular’ (saucer shaped) clouds will manifest. These are, of course, our ships, either in the etheric and/or physical presence hidden behind this ionization, while we clear out the sky.  Or, he would see the chemtrails still visibly there, but the very extreme toxic effects of all these deadly petrochemical poisons from the ‘dark alchemists’ were now lessened or transmuted as compared to before. Of course, as in all situations, we have to allow humanity to learn from its mistakes and to take as much responsibility as possible for its actions, morally and ethically, and the karmic laws must be answered to.
     But at the same time, these new and powerful Cosmic Energies are coming forth, which contain that termed the ‘Cosmic Law of Grace,’ as more and more souls on Earth have Awakened and asked, with deep heartfelt sincerity and forgiveness, to allow Divine Intervention. This is also a sign that most of humanity has truly learned its karmic lessons and now passionately desires to be sovereign caretakers and Guardians to Mother Earth.  We hear these pleadings from your heart flames, these desires and dreams for joyous and wondrous Transformation and a return to beauty and freedom. Yes, these are a form also of ‘Cosmically Petitioning’ the Higher Forces of Light to now step in and stop those forces that do not value the truly sacred principles of life and creation.
     But now that I have spoken personally, and also I speak on the behalf of the entire Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy, I ask if you would now SPECIFICALLY FOCUS UPON THIS SITUATION IN THE GULF and each and every one of you will now reach out to us and specifically decree for us to now take action. Then this can now become an Official Mass Petition for the entire human race and all life forms and for Mother Earth herself, which will also end up causing a more immediate end to the suppression of those alternative exotic hyperdimensional technologies.
     I know that this channel has already asked me yesterday as he was getting ready to receive this transmission-channeling from me, that ‘if’ or rather WHEN we will Intervene, could it be done in a overt state, of our ships physically appearing over the Gulf area and can it be observed and realized by witnesses that we are indeed stepping in now to HELP clean up this mess?  And I will reply that yes, perhaps this could be arranged--but we also know that to announce ahead of time that we are definitely going to do so, just as if we would also accurately prophecy of the exact date that mass planetary Divine Intervention will occur, that this would also be a chance for the cabal to attempt to manipulate it into a ‘negative alien invasion’ scenario, which is the last thing we want to occur.
     So, without giving an exact date of our arrival, I will tell you that as we do receive a massive ‘Cosmic Petitioning,’ this does give us a much needed and required ‘MANDATED AUTHORITY’ of the highest priority to more overtly intervene in this disaster within the Gulf.  This very action of ‘making the Call,’ of taking the extra effort to ‘Cosmically Petition,’ is also actually an indication of the person’s personal desire to take greater self responsibility and of their compassion for humanity, rather than the desire to escape from any responsibility, which is the ‘spin’ that those agents of disinformation within the UFO community have attempted to state in regard to us intervening.  This, of course, does not mean that we are going to ‘solve all your problems’ for you or not allow you to take as much responsibility as is possible.  This has always been our concern, of neither making it ‘too easy’ nor ‘too hard’ for our Volunteers.  We always strive to inspire and Overshadow our Volunteers to take whatever appropriate actions and responsibility which are necessary to fulfill your missions.  And in regard to so many whom we have been monitoring who have individually and sincerely come up with numerous and innovative ideas to help clean up this mess, we also note that most of these ideas have been ignored by the officials, not only because there is no profit to be made from such actions, but because those in power do not really want to solve this problem, especially if it means having to face responsibility for their actions, which will also force the end of the suppression of those clean and advanced technologies which will definitely not only energy emancipate everyone on Earth, but will ultimately cause the end of the corrupt corporations and cabal once and for all! So, bottom line, we have monitored and observed literally millions and in fact, billions of souls right now on Earth who want to do something, but are being blocked by this same old ‘good ole boy’ patriarchal group of power elite and all the bureaucracies and red tape used to keep others who really do want to make powerful change blocked from taking very powerful and effective action.  And I, for one, and the entire Federation of Light agrees with me, that it is time to end the reign of the cabal and their destruction to Mother Earth and all of life, and to stop their attempts to block the sincere desires of the heart from being fulfilled.
     I gave my word ages ago, that when I was given the responsibility under our great Commander-In-Chief, of our entire Intergalactic Confederation, to fulfill the modern plans for this upcoming and final planetary Divine Intervention and World Wide Evacuation, that this time, unlike those much earlier and smaller and more emergency planetary Divine Interventions, that this time every soul on Earth would be ‘Accounted’ for.  That is, that all souls would have a chance to not only ‘make it off the endless wheel of karma,’ but would also have enough time to make their own personal Ascension, just as Lord Jesus the Christ/Sananda/Yesua did over 2,000 year ago.
     And, as this channel also received that greater ‘technological confirmation’ of His ‘Ascension and Resurrection’ by fellow Volunteer Andrew Basiago when he was a child and part of that top secret classified ‘Project Pegasus,’ I confirm that he (Andrew) did indeed not only physically travel through time, but also that his mission for being a Volunteer in Earth embodiment from the Federation was to, as Archangel Michael likes to say, to ‘go on his Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Mission of Light.’ It was destined that by infiltrating these type of classified black op projects, he would be able to eventually be one of the many ‘Whistle Blowers’ whom we have protected with our new ‘Cosmic Silent Witness Program.’ But, unlike those witnesses against mundane criminal Mafia years ago, these ‘Cosmic Whistle Blowers’ are not supposed to be silent, but instead speak out boldly and passionately to expose and ultimately put an end to the misuse of this type of technologies, and force it to be declassified and given to the public where it should have always been available instead of suppressed just for the power elite.”

     [Note from Michael: For those wishing to hear some of my interviews with Andrew Basiago, go to, and all of my “Cosmic Connection” shows are archived for one’s listening convenience later. The “Cosmic Connection” show that was broadcast on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, 2010, was specifically about Andrew sharing with me and the audience about how he watched a classified film of a process referred to as “Chronovision,” in which the technologies of Project Pegasus actually video taped the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus 2000 years ago, and they also videotaped the false flag of 9-11 over thirty years before it actually occurred]

     “As we come to the end of this transmission-channeling, it is with great passion of my own that I have shared with you all of not only just a few earlier instances of cases of Divine Intervention, and how these were made into a definite case of ‘MANDATED AUTHORITY.’  Those of you who are Volunteers in Earth embodiment, you still officially represent our Councils--and you are so very unlike your so-called ‘elected’ earth representatives, who are mostly all just ‘puppets for the puppet masters,’ and do not really represent you in the ways that they should.  You also are representing the people of Earth and are ‘Cosmic Intermediaries between Heaven and Earth’ and can act upon our and their sincere and passionate requests and Petitions and Prayers and Decrees.  These are and always have been ‘Required Intergalactic Protocol Procedures’ of the Federation, which still respects free will and the desires of the heart, and allows us to then Officially act upon the best interests and desires of an entire human race.  And we have monitored these sincere desires, and as more of you now more consciously and boldly specifically Petition us to take specific and focused action in the Gulf, there will be a definite and specific outcome that will begin to reverse the more potentially destructive affects of this before it can continue to worsen, as it would most definitely do if we did not step in immediately.
     So make the Call, Cosmically Petition us, and one day, as you all stand before our Councils once again, and are looking back on this moment, you will remember of how and what you wanted and attempted to do to solve this great ecological disaster in the making.  And you shall review the fact as well, as we have discussed in other recent channelings, that there is a group of those of you who are in fact, ‘Consciousness Future Time Travelers,’ whose ‘Higher Oversoul Future Selves’ [kind of like that old ‘Quantum Leap’ T.V. show, but much more advanced, using Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies] have recently started to merge back into this past-present Time Line.  Let me confirm that you are all indeed beginning to alter and change the old time line into a different time line, which is why we have also stated that ‘the future is not set in concrete.’  That is also the reason that any ‘Religious Prophecies’ are open to be changed and are NOT the ‘absolute final word of God,’ just like those Biblical cities that were prophesied to be destroyed, but were not. So too, now, each of you will one day look back on whether you did ‘Officially Rise to the Occasion’ and fulfilled these ‘Galactic Protocol Procedures.’
     One final word is that the two very evolved souls known as St. John of Revelation and Nostradamus are both working together and with us to powerfully alter their own prophecies, so that not so many souls would have to suffer or even go through so much trauma during this new Time Line change and the Transition of Mother Earth from the old denser 3D planet into the Higher 5th Dimension.
     And, as this channel likes to say at the end of his ‘Cosmic Connection’ show, ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Skies!’
     This has been Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and for the Federation of Light signing off.  Blessings to you all! Adonai Vassu Berrogus!”      

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Very well spoken indeed Ashtar, and I am doing my part because I have already written my message on the White House's website to allow the galactic federation to step in and contain this disaster in the Gulf, I even told some friends to write a letter to the president also. I am fed up of the elite, the galatic federation needs to stop them now !!!!

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