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Now, I don't know if this even is true, so if it isn't, please let me know, but I read somewhere that "times are changing" when it comes to ascension, that now people can ascend along with their bodies, while they used to have no choice but to leave their bodies behind. I'm not sure where I read it, as it was a while ago, so like I said, I'm not certain of the validity of the claim, but it left me wondering: If it is true, what would be the benefit of ascending with our bodies? Why would it be better to ascend with them than to do it without them? Well, except for the fact that we'd leave a whole bunch of bodies lying around if we were to ascend without them, of course.

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Reb said:
does anyone watch bleach?
maybe it'll be like that, there is the normal physical body and the etheral body where you can do lots of amazing stuff

we asians have had lots of fables and ancient legends like these

A great many cultures in present and past have or had similar legends and beliefs. The Egyptians believed, for instance, that while they were asleep their 'Ka' or soul/spiritual essence, roamed the earth freely, connected to the body by a thin string. This is remarkably like the process of astral projection. The reason they have been embalmed and mummified is simply because the deceased needed an intact body for his or her Ka to be connected to.

Many cultures in the East have developed philosophies based on meditation and out of body experiences, this being seen as a mental rather than a physical pursuit. In general it is believed that a focus entirely on the physical dulls the senses to the mental prowess. In Taoism, it is believed that one can gain immortality through a balanced regimen of physical and mental exercise in equal measure.

So generally speaking, yes, a great many cultures have a deeply routed belief in out of body experiences, astral projection/walking and mental or psionic abilities.

I don't believe in coincidence.

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