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The “Ancient Solfeggio” Ascension Frequencies are frequencies that can start your ascension process. This information was sent to by an individual named “Ravi.”

Basically, there are six Holy frequencies in Detail:

0:00 to 1:30 Helps “Liberate Guilt and Fear” - associated with releasing emotional patterns.

1:31 to 3:00 Helps “Undoing Situations and Facilitates Change” - associated with breaking up crystallized emotional patterns.

3:01 to 4:30 Helps “Repair DNA / connecting all the strands” - associated with Transformation and Miracles.

4:31 to 6:00 Helps “Connecting / Relationships” - associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships.

6:01 to 7:30 Helps “Awakening Intuition” - associated with intuitive states, non linear knowing.

7:31 to end Helps “Return to the Spiritual Order” - associated with a pure love frequency: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order.

These frequencies are available in various forms called “The Holy Solfeggio Frequencies” over the internet but don’t seem to work effectively. So, Ravi created this file to help people easily reach the higher densities. He has tried these and he knows for sure that they work. The best commercial CD available for this is called HOLY HARMONY by Jonathan Goldman with Sarah Benson, but should be used after you finish with the beginning of ascension from the one Ravi created as HOLY HARMONY could overwhelm you.

DO NOT COVERT THIS TO MP3 FORMAT AS IT LOSES ITS EFFECTIVENESS ONCE CONVERTED TO OTHER FORMATS FROM ‘.WAV’ FORMAT. IT WILL NOT WORK IF IT’S NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL .WAV. FORMAT. Try and listen to it with out tinkering the equalizer as this changes the frequency’s effectiveness. Keeping the audio options in flat would be advisable.

I fell asleep with my head set on for about 3:hr's with the frequencies on a loop.I didn't mean to use it that way but it happened, since then I can't seem to see the bad in anyone. I have been able to look into people's eye's that I talk to and feel and see their pain. In some way it feels like I lost my EGO, no more fear just love. I have been seeing things when I close my eyes,it takes me about 5:mins of my eyes being closed when I begin to see shapes and a humming starts on the right side of my head. The last time I did this I was in bed. I saw a out line of a person like a halo of a body reaching out to me with its hand,it was about 3 feet away from me and I felt like we were both standing up. It's hand had only 3 fingers and it poked me on my right shoulder.Hard anuff to make me jerk back into my pillow.I felt like my jerking back had something to do with the disconnection, I was right back in my bed.I have told no one untill now.....Im glad there is a web site like maybe you guys can keep me from going crazy, let me know that Im not alone out here.I have many more things that are happening to me since but I won't get into that right now.By the way, I still listen to the Frequencies every other day for about 40:mins.

The Love You Withhold Is the Pain you carry always.

Be Safe All and Goodnight...

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Ooh, I gotta try sleeping with the frequencies on. That sounds really interesting.

And I also see shapes of people when I close my eyes, especially after listening to the frequencies. I saw a shape of a person with a golden aura and he was looking at me with big dark eyes. It was a profound moment, it looked like he was trying to reach out to me too, but I got a little scared and opened my eyes. I have also been able to understand people a lot better, and I can understand their motives.

You aren't the only one experiencing this kind of stuff :)
Glad to hear the file I created is helping a lot of people in a positive way toward Ascension.

Please remember to ask your higher self / soul to let your DNA be healed and to activate all your chakras, when you reach that moment of peace after listening to the frequencies...

this is the simplest momentary access you get, to speak to your higher self / soul without your conscious kicking in.

Love & Peace,

Ravi Raju

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