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Hey guys,

I've got inspired by the vid of Hari:, and wrote this little poem.
Hope you like. =))


Well, I will show give you a number.

Seventy sextillions:

This is the number of visible stars in the Universe.
It's about 10 times as many stars as grains of sand on all the world's beaches and deserts.

But you still DONT BELIEVE there is life outside your planet...

Aren't you stubborn?

For even knowing your chances of being struck by lightning are 1 in 4.260.000, you keep walking in the rain.
For you BELIEVE with this low probability a lighting will not strike you.

For even knowing your chances of being involved in a plane crash are 1 in 11.000.000, you keep flying in airplanes.
For you BELIEVE with this low probability the plane will not crash just when you are there.

For even knowing your chances of being attacked by sharks are 1 in 93.800.000, you keep swimming in the sea.
For you BELIEVE with this low probability a shark will not attack you.

Aren't you stubborn?

For you live in 1 of star systems,
and you still DONT BELIEVE there is life outside your star...

...but you STILL BELIEVE a lightning will not strike you,
...and you STILL BELIEVE your plane will not crash,
...and you STILL BELIEVE a shark will not attack you...
...even with this high probability...

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sadly there are a few friends of mine who think being stubborn is a virtue. LOL
I agree besimi.

But as we have talked before, its not our duty make judgements. If the people of the world dont want to see things so obvious, that is the way they chose, right? Everything is in the divine plan, so everything is alright! =)

But of course it doesnt mean we should let the things happen and dont do anything about it. There is one fundamental thing we can do: be examples to them. Without judgement. Just be yourself and your light will shine upon them. And when its the time, they will wake up, there is no doubt about that, because they are also beloved ones, they are also One With All... =)

Light and Love besimi

besimi said:
You know Ique:):) we have been lied,manipulated,brainwashed ,controlled for so long time by:religion,kingdoms,governments,education,media etc. so is hard for a poor human being to even think right for himself .
If it happen and CNN NEWS says did not happen ,it DID NOT happen
If it did not happen and CNN says happened .it DID happen. you know people aren't waking up too fast.
There are billions of stars and all stars are Suns.Yet for people only arround our Sun life exist.
It is tough but ,sheeple will be waking up slowly but surely soon.when the truth starts comming out even faster
i liked that

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