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Are you ready for an ET First Contact event? This is the question we are asking
Humanity. So far, the response has been very positive. Our website
( was launched about 3 days ago, and as I am
writing to you now, our petition has had 777 signatures from people all over the
world. By the time you read this it will probably be way past that mark. We are
averaging about 250 signatures a day. But making this petition viral is our next
step to reach more people.

First Contact is an event that has been known to many on this planet for a long
time. It is no secret how past civilizations were contacted by ET beings many
times over, and received important information. Information such as what the
Mayans received to create their calendrical systems is some of the most
important, as it tells us how our consciousness will be evolving based on
nothing more then the universe educating us in this grand experiment. The
Egyptians received the same information. And other ancient civilizations all
mentioned having ET contact. This is no coincidence.

Now is Humanity's time! It is time to make your voice heard very firm and
strong. By signing our petition you are making your voice heard to all of
Humanity and the Universe that ET beings are real and that you are not afraid,
but are ready to welcome them when they decide to land our our beautiful planet.
By signing you are also saying that you know that a First Contact mission is not
a rescue or savior mission, but a mission to help Humanity understand who they
truly are and help assist us in raising our consciousness to a higher
dimensional plane of existence and reality: the fifth dimension which will see
our return to fully conscious beings.

So I ask to all my fellow brothers and sisters on our beloved planet: Are you
ready for an ET First Contact event? Our goal is to generate 1,000,000
signatures. If you support this message, please don't hesitate to pass this
message on to as many people that you know of! is a newly formed organization/project /movement
to raise the awareness of people to the truth about our world. We are dedicated
to teach others about what First Contact is and why it is happening, among many
other topics such as consciousness, etc. We aim to unite Humanity. We aim to
others the importance of love, peace, and joy. We aim to create a community that
can help change the world by educating the world.

Please spread this message as far as possible so that it may reach many!

To sign the petition, goto the following website:

To check out what the First Contact Now organization/project/movement is all
about and how to participate by volunteering or checking us out on facebook,
twitter, or our yahoo group, then goto the following website:

We are in exciting times. People are becoming more spiritually aware and as our
space brothers and sisters start showing off their ships to us in the night sky
more and more, it is our time to help ourselves by acknowledging this most
important truth: that our time to shine into a new era of life is now!

Thank you for your time and we love you all.

In Love, Light, Peace, and Joy always,

The First Contact Now Staff

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I already had the first contact like 2 months ago... :S I think theres no need to sign anything they already know we are ready... or not (?) ask them when is finally going to happend for me... ;)

Namaste <3

They are talking about et contact... Read my posts on Alien Abducteed I tell there what my experiences are dear Simone, Much love :)

Simone said:
What happened Antonela?  Please share!

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