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Are there any other forums of this nature with heaps more members and posts?

Anyway, I've been seeing this REALLY REALLY bright star in the sky to the east. I live at latitude 27 degrees south. It rises sometime after dark, and it's winter down here.

one night i swear is MOVED like a ufo, (i've seen at least 2 of those), bright orange lights, but anyway this one that i think is a star, the first time i saw it a few weeks/month back, it was so bright but didn't move, and as it was cold i went inside. the second time, some days later i swear it moved to the right and then back again and then VANISHED completely. just last night it was much higher in the sky but didn't move. they might have all been different points of light, i wonder if it's Jupiter or something. definitely the brightest thing in the sky.


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Hi Isaac,

See this post on this forum not long ago:

Posted by kosi on July 29, 2009 at 8:53pm in Extra Terrestrials/UFO's
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any ideas on the very bright star seen in the eastern sky 5am seen from australia can still see this star after sunrise.ive never seen a star out after sunrise so any ideas.

The funny thing is, I live in South-Africa , Johannesburg and I think I week ago or more...I saw this bright star to into the sky, very very bright and I was thinking maybe it is a planet because it is a little big for a star. (It is also winter here) If yesterday morning when the sun was rising I could stil see it.
Here's a star chart for the southern hemisphere in August (pdf format, if you don't have acrobat reader you can get it free from Adobe):

Jupiter is over there right now, it should be very bright, but it should not flash like stars do, and the only thing that could make it disappear is if a cloud goes in front of it. Its harder to see clouds at night, if they aren't bright and white, but if you don't think it was that, maybe it could have been a ufo. I'm not in the southern, so I can't verify as I've never seen it, but you should also be able to see Canopus in the south, which is said to flash in many different colors (like Sirius does).
This is also very interesting to read:

Here is a partial sentence from that article about a bright star:

Indeed, it is no coincidence that Mark Vidler in his book The Star Mirror:
The Extraordinary Discovery of The True Reflection Between Heaven and Earth reports:
"All the pyramids of the Old Kingdom have a shaft oriented to the polar region in the sky.
This is one axis of the ‘mill wheel' of the heavens and the arrival of a brilliant star
at this point suggests that the heavenly axis is ‘heating up.'"

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