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Hi everyone,

I live at Nancy in France, and here the chemtrail activity has been enormous. I would say that here we have 10 or 12 chemtrails per day in such a little town!

But I'm intrigued because since 1 or 2 weeks, there are no chemtrails at all in the skyes!!
Are they finally over?
Is this another proof of the falling opressing structures?

I'd love to know about the situations in other cities around the world!

Namaste to all.

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This is the first day in quite a few days that I have not seen any chemttrails in the sky over south west Washington state,,It is only 5:00 in the afternoon and usualy theres five or six trails slowly spreading over the sky by this time on a normal day...
No chemtrails in 8 days. Clear skys here in southern US. Verry little clouds too.
They sprayed the sh_t out of SW Washington state and over Portland Oregone from about 9 AM non stop till after darkthey were double timen them...
im pretty sure ive not seen any chemtrails since mid oct. maybe they are really over? a sign that things really did happen behind scenes in oct?
here in Calgary AB Canada..i used to see them all the time..but lately haven't so much.. it used to be quite noticeable..

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