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Archangel Michael to Susan through Linda Dillon, The Council of Love, November 20, 2011.

Archangel Michael to Susan through Linda Dillon, The Council of Love, November 20, 2011

Archangel Michael to Susan through Linda Dillon, The Council of Love, November 20, 2011

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Archangel of Joy. Normally, my beloved sister, Gabrielle, claims this title Archangel of Joy, but she is it to me for the day, for there are many reasons above and below to be and to claim, and to anchor, and to breathe this sense of joy.

The unfoldment is upon you, and it is the unfoldment on so many levels. It is the unfoldment of love. It is the unfoldment of human potential, of star being potential, of divine potential, and unlimited creation.

The humans are moving forward. As I have said before, they are moving forward at the speed of light and the speed of love. You ask about what you think of (and what so many have termed) Disclosure. It has become one of those code words, has it not, that has taken on geopolitical meaning. That is neither here nor there. We all know what we are talking about in terms of creating general awareness of the presence of your star brothers and sisters amongst you.

Now this has been known for so long by everybody concerned. It is like an open secret, and it has been an open secret, not only for decades, but also for hundreds of years. If you go back to many of the original peoples, to the indigenous peoples, there was never any question upon that you were not alone. It is only with the rise of what you have thought of as cities, of industrialization, of technology, and the concordant growth of the belief in your own superiority (the superiority of not only of the human intellect, the collective human intellect, but the collective ego as well) that there came to be a belief that somehow the human race was not only superior, but they were in control and alone.

This is a very, very sad state of affairs for any being or group of beings to be duped into a situation where they are thinking that they are alone. Your brothers and sisters of the Intergalactic Federation and of the Intergalactic Council, who have known the destructiveness of war and the pains of rebuilding, have had an agreement in place for a very long time (as they journeyed to the planet) that they would not come in a situation that would harbor or create fear among the inhabitants of the planet.

Now initially, as I have said, the star brothers and sisters were welcomed. Yes, there were some darker forces, can we say, that were in fact eliminated or reassigned to another sector (a completely different sector) a long time ago. The forces that have been surrounding the Earth for over ten years, have only been those who come in peace and who come to assist in the shifting and the re-anchoring of love and of peace upon the planet.

They have come to witness and to participate and to fulfill their part of the role, as the unfoldment of the Universal Mother’s promise for the Earth to be a place where it can be experienced in physicality, in many different forms of joy, of love, of peace, and of course co-creation.

The time of ascension, of shifting dimensionally, of transdimensional movement and shift, has already begun and is well underway, as you, sweet Susan, are well aware. You do not know, often, which dimension you are in or where you are traveling, and that is all right.

It was anticipated that the assistance that could come from your star brothers and sisters prior to the shift completely taking place would be of enormous value. It would help to calm the waters and to help with the reconstruction and the re-creation of Nova Earth. Many of the errors and pitfalls that have happened as an outgrowth of the belief systems of the old third dimension of duality (of greed of lust of destruction of despair, of lack, of limitation, of pollution, of plundering) needed to be corrected prior to, what you think of as, the shift or ascension.

The idea of ascension and the plan of ascension have never been the abandonment of the third dimension, but rather the reaching of peace, harmony, and a relinquishing of those belief systems that no longer serve. So, it was a very gentle blessing and release.

That was the plan, and it was seen and foreseen that because many of your star brothers and sisters (in the outer galaxies particularly) had been through this, that they could be of assistance on every level (technological, science, philosophical, cultural). They want to be part of this shift.

Now because of the fear and the power positioning, shall we say, of governments and those in power (or those who have usurped power) there has been delay after delay after delay in the acknowledgement, recognition, and public acknowledgement of your star brothers and sisters.

So, the plan or the merger, friendship, treaty (whatever you would think of it as) with your star brothers and sisters, with those who have some from so far away out of an act of love, is to see what you construct with love. They do not wish to override or to be in charge of this construction or reconstruction of Nova Earth. They just want to be part of it. They want to participate; they want to offer their help. They want to be part of the miracle, and this is a gift of friendship. It always has been, but because of the fear factor, this formal, shall we say, acknowledgement by governments and powers that be has been delayed again and again and again.

Now there is fear on two levels and I will mention it briefly because it is important that people understand. There is the fear of what you would call the ordinary citizen. That is a citizen of Earth that has been anchored very much in the chaos and the belief systems of the third dimension, of the old way of being. They may have just begun, or may not have begun, to feel and to acknowledge consciously that there is a great deal of change afoot.

Now everybody knows that change is going on, but they are not quite sure what it means (whether it is good news or bad news), and there is a great deal of uncertainty. It is the fear in the populace that your star brothers and sisters have been concerned about, not wanting to invoke panic. Have you not noticed, my beloved friend, how recently so much of the populace has begun to declare themselves in one way or another? There is a new wind that is sweeping the planet, and it is the wind, not only of change, but it is also the wind and the breeze of unity. You are seeing that in various ways.

The second kind of fear has been by those who are in positions of power and control. Of course, their fear in acknowledging the star brothers and sisters is a fear of losing power and control. It is not really a very caring or nurturing position that these beings are holding, although there are elements of consideration.

Once the acknowledgement and the true presence of your star brothers and sisters is known, as you also know, the areas of what you think of as economy will be affected. They will be influenced by new technology, new metals, new processes for metals, metals that are not available on Earth, and science and technology that are not available on Earth. These are things that can resolve and solve many of the Earth’s crises very easily.

That was originally the core of the plan. Much of the physical issues of the Earth could be tended, and Gaia could be healed by this knowledge and technology, this science, as well as the human beings, by the way. There would be the elimination of many of, dare I say, moneymaking diseases.

There are those in power who do not wish to acknowledge the star brothers and sisters’ presences because of personal interests and gain. Now the Intergalactic Council ruled a long time ago (and they have reviewed and stuck to that ruling) that they will not intervene or declare themselves in ways that will create populace fear.

Having said that, you are coming very close to the time when so much of the assistance that they could give you will be lost or moved. Now, does that matter? Yes, in fact it does in the grander plan because this is about building unity. It is not just unity upon the planet, but it is unity throughout the universe and unity of all.

There has been a plan put in place (that I spoken about two months ago in your time) that there would be a “surprise” announcement coming from the political arena (yes, it would need to be simultaneous in many countries) of the “sudden awareness” of starships being within the Earth’s atmosphere.

So this would be a news flash, as it were, and there would be much hubbub and official acknowledgement and welcoming. Those who are in political power are aware, even those who believe in the worst scenarios, know that these beings do come in peace because they could have easily made aggressive actions upon the planet a long time ago.

So, that has been the plan that has been on the back burner for a few months, at least – for an announcement to come “Oh look, now we have noticed that we have visitors from afar”. Now the political powers, the nations that have agreed to do that, have jockeyed back and forth and have hesitated back and forth.

What you have been reading about is the idea (or the plan actually) that the star beings will make themselves known, but not the full force of their ships and not the full force of their presence because that would be an initially overwhelming awakening for most of humanity. They will make themselves known visibly and in a very friendly, non-aggressive way. That is what you have been reading about. Now, is this a certainty? Not yet, there is still some latitude for the eight governments, what you think of as the G-8, to come to the forefront and make their announcements, but that time is growing very short.

Yes beloved one. Do you have questions about this?

Susan: We are all wondering how we might receive the galactics’ announcement. Will they verbally announce themselves rather than just showing themselves in our skies?

AAM: It would be both.

S: How might we receive their verbal announcement? Will they use worldly channels, or will it be handled in other ways?

AAM: No, if this plan goes forward (and you still have to understand that this a fall-back plan that is being considered very carefully by the Intergalactic Council), there would be what you would think of as a news broadcast that would show up simultaneously on all TVs, radios, communication devices all at once.

It would be an announcement, and you would see the visibility of a few of the smaller ships, but not the mother ships because that would be too overwhelming. So, you would have an announcement that would be carefully worded and culturally sensitive to where it was being broadcasted. What you think of as the dignitaries or the cultural attachés, although they do not operate in that way, would make themselves known.

There are many ground troops that have been arriving since October and that are already in place, as you know. It is not that your Earth has not welcomed them (15,000 to 20,000 ground troops are in your country alone). It is not that their presence is not already underway; it is. This would be a more formal process.

S: Is NESARA still on track to be announced before the end of the year and the actual implementation of it in January or February, or has that been delayed as well?

AAM: No, we would not say that has been delayed. This question was also asked of me, yesterday. NESARA is underway. There may be some, what we call bridges or pre-NESARA arrangements that would be both quasi-public and private to assist in the equalization of money, abundance, finances. You see, these are connected because the world economy is NESARA and, what you think of as, the infamous Disclosure are not dependent on each other, but they are interrelated.

When the star beings make their presence known, the world economy will stop being a world economy, and things that have had value or high value will change very rapidly. So, the monetary system, the sharing of wealth, and the availability of what you think of as resources are interwoven into one universal plan.

When we talk (and there is much emphasis on what did the star beings bring, what does the government do, who does what, and where is the money), my beloved friend, I bring you back to the first principal. The first principal is that this is the restoration of the Universal Mother’s plan of Earth, of the planet Earth, of Gaia being a place of love, of the physical incarnation of love through the fifth and into the seventh dimension.

My peace initiative that I have been involved in for a very long time is to anchor that sense of peace and to anchor that peace not only between nations, not only between star fleets and Earth, but also within people’s hearts. When there is peace and when there is the restoration of love, then the equity, the sharing of resources, is a given. You cannot have one person shivering and starving in a hut while another lives in a mansion of gold.

It is not that we wish to strip people of wealth. There is infinite abundance in your universe. That belief in limitation has come from the human realm, not from the universal realm. NESARA (and that is another term that has become politically charged), is the understanding that as you shift realities, there is enough for everybody. There always has been.

It is the change of heart and the translation of that change of heart into action of sharing that is the heart of NESARA. So yes, this is underway. It is already underway in smaller ways, nongovernmental or global ways, but it is already underway.

S: Beautiful answer. Thank you very much. Can you tell us what we might expect to happen on 12.12.11, or how can we prepare for it best?

AAM: It is, again, the expansion of the portals. The purpose of these portals is the opening to greater love and the opening to more balance in every sense of the word and in every meaning of the word. So, what you are doing is preparing for 12.12 in much the same way as you prepared for 11.11.11. It is a broadening.

Now one of the things I will tell you (and you will be happy to share with your friends and I am happy to share with my friends) is that when I have spoken to you about the portal of 11.11.11, I have emphasized that it part of a process that has been going on for about 23 years.

The portal of 11.11.11 was the opening for humans. The emphasis of that portal is very much for humans, for humans truly to begin to transcend and fly through the interdimensional doorways that are wide open. They did not close on November 12, and that is important to realize. Those doors, those portals are still open and available. Different people are receiving the energy at different rates, not according to delays, but according to their own plans, their own unfoldment, their own soul contracts, and their own desires.

So it not that some (as I have noticed from afar and in my peace initiatives) are more privileged, or better, or more ready than others to run through the portal of 11.11.11. It is that there are different speeds at which people are moving through and different issues that are being addressed, but all are equally welcomed.

Think of those lines as standing for different things. Think of the lines (the 11.11 lines) as love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, balance. Think of the dots in between each of the elevens as the portals, as the holes, as the wormholes, the transdimensional doorways that you are walking through.

Now the 12.12 is an expansion of this for the human beings, but it is also (and I have not spoken of this before until today) a two-way doorway. Many of your star brothers and sisters will be walking through that doorway onto Earth. Many of what you have thought of as the saints, prophets, wise ones, shamans, and ascended masters will be walking through that doorway onto Earth.

You will be joining them in the fifth dimension (that is where you observe them most clearly), but as you are moving through the dimensions, you will begin to have that sense. Your vision is changing. Your perception has already changed. That is why we are answering and emphasizing that it is so important, Beloved Susan, to be grounded during this period of time. In preparation for the 12.12, we have talked about meditation, prayer, and ritual. That continues to be important, but I also would like to add another triad of joy, of excitement, of peace.

S: Thank you. Can you tell us what the average light worker might expect to feel on 12.12?

AAM: I want to be clearer this time, because I do not wish to get people’s expectations up, (but I really do).

You cannot say that if there is a grand party, a celebration in a family of someone’s achievement, or passing, or birthday, or marriage, that everyone in the family is going experience the grand occasion in the same way. That will never happen, but every person in the family (and we are a family, dear heart) will experience the occasion in ways that are meaningful, deep, and profound to them.

I will say (and I am glad that I have added my triangle of joy, excitement, and peace) that it will be more peaceful It will be more joyous, and it will be easier. I do not want you all getting nervous about what is or is not occurring. I can tell you that you will be joined by a great deal more people. You will be joined by many more star brothers and sisters and joined by many ascended ones.

This is a very big party; this is a very big celebration. It is the send off for the next year. We do not want you to be thinking that this portal closes on December 13. It does not. It is open and growing in expansion. It is the hallway that is open to the end of 2012.

So, yes, we want you to spend time; we ask you spend time; we invite you to spend time in meditation with us. Join with us because this is a unified undertaking. We are in partnership; we are in sacred co-creation. This is not us doing it for you. It is not you doing it alone. It is all of us together again, finally. Do you know how long we have waited?

S: Yes, forever.

AAM: Yes, forever. So if there are irritations that arise during your meditations or your day on 12.12.12, then look at it and smile and bless it because you know there is either residual within you, or you are doing it for the collective, or you are doing for your brothers and sisters, or the person down the street, or the person in Africa. It matters not. You are going to have far more assistance available to you during this next opening or widening of the balance portal. Let us put it that way.

Your vision will change. If you think your vision has been changing in the last few months, get ready. It is being amplified and shifting. If there is one thing you do on this day, please make sure all your chakras in all of your bodies are wide-open and balanced, spinning at full potential. Do not balance and close. Balance, open, and leave them open. This is a penetration of the heart, but from the heart, it is being communicated to all parts and pieces of your expanded sphere.

You will feel the spaciousness, as if you could throw out your arm and reach across the planet, and you can. There will be this feeling of wanting to create a cozy little sacred space for yourself because the enormity of what is transpiring makes you want to feel that sense of sacred, cozy space. Do not criticize yourself for wanting that. If you feel like you need to retreat that day, then retreat. If you feel that you need to be among the masses that day, then go and Occupy Wall Street or wherever you live.

It is a good day to be in groups because this is the quintessential group process. Do not judge it. Follow what your heart is dictating to you because your heart is telling you the absolute truth. I have given you my bright, blue flame of truth. I have placed it directly into your heart, and it is guiding you.

Your own heart is guiding you. Your own soul is guiding you. What we are asking you, beloved one, is trust yourself because if you are not trusting your sacred self how can you trust us? We trust you completely. This is not a by degree question. We trust you, and we trust you because we know you, and we love you.

Trust yourself, and know that you are exactly where you need to be, and are doing and feeling what you need to do and feel on that day. If it is a day of solitary reflection that is fine, or if it is to be at the raucous gatherings, that is fine.

Make sure of two things: your heart is open, and you are grounded deeply in the heart of Gaia. We cannot emphasize how critical that grounding is at this time. It is Gaia’s ascension. You are standing on her. You absolutely have need to be in balanced tandem with that energy.

S: Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your words.

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