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Here in Slovenia we are open people, and for the projects's for this world we train every day with spiritual master through the internet, and because we need more people i ask you if you interestet for this training. The spiritual energy in very high because our master is working on global projects for the release of spiritual information through various projects, and every one that come to this training have 1 hour 06.00am (utc +01.00 time) and depending on the member interests to this knowledge  and responze to change the old way of living the speed of transformation is 5x faster than the usual way when the person read and meditate and step by step change the negative behavior, so because of high spiritual power the transformation in very fast for every one that is open and interestet to this knowledge and in the same way for the pozitive energy that is flows to the every user that is connected to the internet in some specific page( energy do not know time and spece and is everywhere). So the strong  energetic upgrade is always present, and person gain on all levers: health, partnership, finance, and vision and later on special abilities. This transformation is happening for every one on the planet and from person to person depends how quick it is. So the options here are huge the person can do a lot of functions in our company's project it all depends on your energy level and skils. So if you are interester send me an email to 


Kind Regards 


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You must be dutch asking this, anyhow ;) ... is it free of charge, the training ?

 ;)) no, it has a price 500e per month ;)  not much if you the power. 


It is indeed a pittance compared to the amount of light you will received ...  


and if that is the case my dear friend I must refer you to another section : where you can put up your ad, success!!!

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